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My daughter who is 3 1/2 had been sick for about a week with a cough and runny nose, She was running for a few days a high fever. She had complained of some back pain and some burning when she took a pee.
I took her to the doctor on sunday morning and they did a urine test..and sent me on my way.
tuesday I called the office to see if the results were in yet from the test?
Doctor calls me back a few hours later and says that my little one has an infection (UTI)
She urine came back -cloudy,traces of blood,keytones,pus, and a protein level of 30.
She prescribed Bactrim(sp?) for her for 10 days. And said after the 10 days to have her come in and have another urine drawn and then to have her scheduled to have a U/s done on her back to look at her kidneys(not sure of the name of the test) and another test where they shoot dye into her kidneys to see if they were damanged at all(again not sure of the name of this test)

This is her first ever  UTI? I'm getting all worried here because the doctor who is new is just very casual about it all.. Shouldnt blood work or something be done in the meantime?
My daughter has gerd,ezcema (eczema),bad food allergies, and asthma so she is always sick.
I had always thought uti's or bladder infections were common?
Any help is greatful!
Thanks :)
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i might not have posted this in the right section??? sorry if someone could direct me to the right forum?
My dd had a bladder infection when she was about 1 year.  Her dr did the same thing - urine yest, antibiotics and a repeat urine test after about a week.  She also had the U/S done.  While UTI are common in older kids/adults - it is quite uncommon when they are that young.  So the U/S is to rule out any underlying causes that could be more serious.  Our tests came out just fine and she hasn't had another one since - and that was a couple of years ago.

I hope the tests go ok with you as well!!
I have a 2 1/2 year old and have been thru a similar situation.  She had 1 UTI when she was about 5 months old.  At that age, the symptom that appeared was a fever.  We treated the infection with a course of antibiotics (sry, don't remember which one), and similar to yours, she was scheduled for an U/S and a VCUG.  

The U/S was to look at the anatomy of the kidneys (to see anything irregular or any signs of damaged), and the VCUG (dye test) was to check for kidney refux (when the urine flows backwards into the kidney, instead of out).  The U/S was a quick and easy procedure.  The VCUG can be a little more uncomfortable, because they have to put in a catether, etc, but if done right, it's not painful.  I think it's pretty standard to have these follow up tests done.  Chances are your daughter will check out just fine, but it's a good precaution because you want to know if there has been or is any future risk to kidney damage.

In our case, it turned out my daughter does have kidney reflux (Grade 3, on scale of 1-5).  I was sort of freaked out in the beginning, but we've just monitored it, and it's not been any big deal.  Luckily, she hasn't had a UTI since.

Like I said, it's probably nothing, and the tests are just to confirm that.  Best of luck to you!

btw, my kid is always sick too, but I'm pretty sure it's just from attending daycare :)

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