Urgent! Baby is not urinating much! can she be dehydrated?
by faye83, Jul 07, 2010
So its 7pm and I just realized that I have only changed her diapers twice today. One when she woke up and then after she pooped (a lot) in the morning. The one she has right now is not even wet or anything, maybe a little pee but that's it. Her lips aren't dry, her head hole isn't sunken and she is as cheerful as ever (maybe a little sleepy, or maybe its just me). She has been drinking (breastfeed) as mcuh as she has wanted and I'm about to give her some water too. Is this normal? (especially since these past couple of days the  heat has been HORRIBLE and we dont have an ac unit at home, just a fan) Or do you girls think I should take her to the doc??
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by melimeli, Jul 07, 2010
you should call the advice nurse just to be sure.. you didn't state how old the baby is.  My daughter got dehydrated on her first birthday, it was extremely hot out and she kept throwing up everything she drank.  I tried to convince my dr but he was no help then I said that's it I am taking her to the ER and they had to poke her a bunch of times in order to find a vein the dr. said another 6 hours and she might have died.  She stayed overnight on and IV and then was released.. but she was throwing up and not keeping anything down.  You may want to get some pedialite..   call the nurse just to be sure...
by faye83, Jul 08, 2010
omg thats terrible! im glad shes fine now! my baby is 3 months. fortunately after her dad came from work she peed a LOT lol! and the heat wave is gone. so, PHEW! thanks for your advice, i'll have it in my mind next time i think shes dehydrated!
by have 2 kids, Jul 08, 2010
I'm happy to hear your baby is better!   I noticed she is 3 months old- I don't think you are supposed to give infants water.  Did someone tell you to do this?