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Uterus rupturing at 8 weeks
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Uterus rupturing at 8 weeks

Has anyone had a uterus rupture? Mine ruptured at 8 weeks and my doctor hasn't really given me any good or useful info about it? I've heard of it happening late in pregnancy but not early. Has anyone had this and if so were you able to have a successful pregnancy? My doctor has told me not to try but then she said if I do try wait 6 weeks???? I basically would like to know if anyone has gone through this, I feel like I can't get any info on it. I really want children, and I am only 29. I am looking to see a specialist soon. Maybe they'll have some answers...Thanks for any help you can give me.
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This might sound stupid, but I am new to this site, so whats an RE????? and thank you for your reply.....
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Thanks for the response, the website you listed was helpful. My doctor doesn't seem to know why it happened. I did have previous ectopic and maybe the surgery weakened my uterus. I am just keeping my hopes up that I can have a successful pregnancy all the way to term. I am keeping my fingers crossed. I will keep you posted.
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I just read your reply on another thread and I'm just amazed that you've been able to maintain your positive attitude!! I would definitely consult with an RE at this point, if it were me. Sorry I don't have any answers to your question, but just felt compelled to reply.
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This is something I found about ruptured uterus's.,1511,882,00.html

However as I've tried to look up information it seems that it is rare for your gestation.  Have you tried to speak to your doctor about what happened more in depth?  Do they just not have answers for what happened or are they lacking the ability to answer more questions you have?
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I agree, it is time to see a specialist.  I hope you have a healthy full term baby in your future.
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Thank you for the terminology, it really helps when I am navigating through the site.
As soon as I hit my six weeks I plan on going to an RE. I have a follow up with the surgeon who did my surgery on the 26th.....Wish me luck.
I also want to say thanks to everyone who and might still respond to my concerns. It really helps to know there are other people who have gone through similar situations. I don't feel so alone.
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A fertility specialist is a Reproductive Endocrinologist, or RE.

Here's some more that may have you stumped:

2WW Two-week wait
A/F Aunt Flo (your period)
BBT Basal body temperature
BCP Birth control pills
BD Baby dance (sex)
BFN Big fat negative
BFP Big fat positive
CD Cycle day
CM Cervical mucus
D&C Dilation and curettage
DPO Days post-ovulation
EDD Estimated due date
EP Ectopic Pregnancy
FSH Follicle stimulating hormone
H/B Heartbeat
HCG Human chorionic gonadotropin
HPT Home pregnancy test
HSG Hysterosalpinogram
IUI Intra-uterine insemination
IVF In vitro fertilisation
LAP Laparoscopy
LH Luteinising hormone
LMP Last menstrual period
LPD Luteal phase defect
M/C Miscarriage
OPK Ovulation predictor kit
PCOS Polycystic ovary syndrome
PG Pregnant
SA Sperm analysis
TTC Trying to conceive
U/S Ultrasound

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