Vaginal appearance changes after childbirth
by ImpatientBaby, Oct 05, 2006
"Natural childbirth" 10 months ago -- Should the appearance of my inner vulva, urethra, vaginal opening be so different compared to before the birth? The urethra is about 1/2 inch higher up. The vaginal opening, which used to be a small (0 - 1cm) opening which I could clench shut at will, now takes up the entire cleft, no matter how many Kegels I do.

Basically, it looks like what used to be my inner vulva were completely ripped away by the baby. The inside of my vagina is now the outside: bulges of flesh covered with mucus membranes. What happened to the skin that used to be there? There is a lot more mess in my panties. Water gets in when I bathe (seems unhygienic).

I have never seen this discussed in any website. Is this what is meant by the vague items like "you may lose some vaginal muscle tone"??!! More like had my privates replaced by completely different ones. I feel freaked out and alienated from my body now.

I did have what the doc described as a 2nd degree tear, which she stitched and okayed at the checkup later.
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by specialmumma, Oct 05, 2006
i felt similar, its like a "road Crash" so perfect before..I know about the bath too when i stand up i "leak" where water has got in...(SORRY TMI) i thisnk it happens to us all, even the celebs that dont have arranged c sections ;)  Just another thing us women have to put up with
by 2songbirds, Oct 05, 2006
I know mine definitely changed appearance down there as well. Once after going to the bathroom, something felt different while wiping. I used the TP to feel around. I finally got out a mirror and looked. OMG< the horror! It looks like some of my vaginal wall is falling out of the opening. It's still kind of like that. Both of my babies were big, and I tore even with the episiotomy. I think they have a surgery now called vaginal reguvination (sp?). I 1st heard about it on Dr Drew on the discovery channel. I think after all my babies, I'll be checking into that. So, you're not the only one
by nanis, Oct 05, 2006
OHH,Don't get me started.I have two kids.And my WHOLE BODY is not the same.I weigh the same,look the same(with clothes on) but man.First my boobs are no longer perky,there not to the ground or anything but not the same.My stomach,well looks like a map with all my streach marks.Can't wear 2 peice anymore.And second my girl down there has not been the same.Imagine 2 vaginal births,1 cut,1 tear.I am very neat down their & do my kegals but won't be getting brisilian at spa anymore.I do it my self.I know (tmi) but thats what happens when your a mom.My dh does not mind & after 12yrs. yes ladies I said 12yrs. of marrige (oct 8)he has never conplained.It just *****.Anyways,I'm sorry if I horrified you 1st timers or ttc'ers but that is my mommie badge & would not change it for the world. nanis
by sherryroberson, Oct 05, 2006
Oh man! I was soooooo hoping for a VBAC. But seems to be some down side to both c-section and vaginal delivery. Whewww. I really wanted to have a VBAC b/c the c-section was awful for recovery. But dang, seems my vagina won't look the same or probably feel the same during intercourse afterwards?? That's kinda scary!
by emcy2, Oct 05, 2006
Yes you are going to look different, but if you have internal flesh hanging on the outside I would visit a doc and ask for some surgery, this is called prolapsed in cosmetic surgery hospitals and it is treatable.
Also sometimes when you have had stitches,extra skin grows around the wound,and hangs out this too can be cut but is best left at least six months after child birth to be treated, they cut off any excess then re stitch.
keep doing kegels, they do take time ladies
by AshleysMom, Oct 05, 2006
I hear you ladies.

I didn't think it was possible to have a sagging A cup but I have acheived it.  One of my boobs even hangs lower than the other and looks like a goat teet.  My stomach doesn't have stretchmarks, but it looks like a Sharpay (sp)when I bend over.

Let's not even talk about the private parts.  Let's just say slender tampons don't quite work any longer.  My husband doesn't seem to mind though.

I'm seriously considering a boob job.  If breast cancer didn't run in my family I'd do it in a heart beat.

Anybody else considering getting work done?

Is that really why all the stars have c-sections?  I thought it was so they could have tummy tucks at the same time.
by Mertek, Oct 05, 2006
I have often hear the "nine months up, nine months down" in terms of recovering from the weight gains in pregnancy, and in my experience it has taken a bit longer. I imagine the same would apply for the vaginal area.

I would say that I didn't notice any significant change after having either of my children, and I have asked my husband both times if it is any different. He says no (whether or not he is humoring me remains to be told).

It is terrible that you are going through this, I think it would be good to talk to your doctor about it, or at the minimum bring it up at your next pap visit.
by jd1419, Oct 05, 2006
I also have some problems with that area also.  It has beeen two years since my last delivery.  I am switching GYno's next month (mine retired).  I am going to have her look at my scar and see if anything can be done with it.  It does get very irriatated from wiping (tmi).  I hope that something can be done.