Wetting pants during pregnancy
by jolene182, May 31, 2010
I am +- 17weeks pregnant with my second baby.  I am experiencing a lot of embarasing moments due to me wetting my pants.  I have no controll over my bladder and when the peeing starts it doesnt stop.  Is this normal or should I see my doctor.  I never had this problem with my first baby.
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by LosingMyMindInGA, May 31, 2010
Welcome to one of the not so great side effects of pregnancy.  It can be completely normal in pregnancy, especially subsequent ones.  I don't think it requires an immediate call to your doctor, but I would mention it when you have your next appt.  As long as you aren't experiencing any pain when you urinate (which could indicate either a UTI or prolapsed bladder) then it's most likely from the pressure baby is exerting on your bladder.  
by littlelulu77, May 31, 2010
well it seems like you have it bad it's called "pelvic floor" once you have a child it get's harder and harder to control those muscles! do u practice ur keegal excersises this will help. if u don't know what they r u can google it or ask ur doctor. just rememeber it is normal in pregnancy to have less control..
by LosingMyMindInGA, May 31, 2010
By the way, don't feel bad, I'm on pregnancy #6 that has made it out of the first trimester.  I have to stop and cross my legs when I sneeze so I don't pee myself.  And God forbid I have to throw up!!!
by Ashelen, May 31, 2010
Yeah it's definitely normal especially on pregnancies after #1. I'm on my second pregnancy too and during the first trimester I had the sneezy-pees and the throw-up-pees and even the tapered off for me until now it only *rarely* happens when I cough really hard. I threw up last night and didn't pee (I'm 33wks now) so hopefully it'll get a bit better with time for you too. Definitely ask your doctor but it's probably just a 'side effect' like the other ladies said.
by AnnieBrooke, May 31, 2010
Besides Kegel exercises, which are designed to improve the situation, for just general management of the problem right now, try making it a point (even using a timer) to pee every hour on the hour, and of course, wear Depends.  My doctor told me before my first pregnancy, when he saw how full my bladder was once on the ultrasound, that I should do that peeing-often thing, said it was not good to let it get used to being full because it could lead to incontinence problems later in life.
by waitingwithhope, Jun 01, 2010
I've had six kids so I know what you are describing. Kegel exercises do help, empty your bladder as soon as you have to go, drink a lot of water (it actually helps) and stay away from caffeine. Wear pads too. Good luck!!
by jolene182, Jun 04, 2010
Thank you all for the advice.  Is there anyone who knows the cough syrup recipe that takes Lennon's cough drops, honey, lemonjuice and liquorice?  I used it before for my daughter who suffers from bad coughs during the winter and nothing else helps.  Unfortunately I lost the complete recipe and I can't find it anywhere.
by Ljcc77, Nov 26, 2011
I am 31 weeks and find it that I am peeing my pants more often...  Even right after I empty my bladder. Before getting pregnant I suffered from  a bad bladder because I just am obsessed with water, and growing up just held my pee way too long. I thought it was a sport to see how long I could hold it for. Now, with my first pregnancy I cannot control it. I do my kegels and it just doesn't help. I'm gonna need full blown depends If this continues like this. I know this is part of pregnancy but I can't help to feel down about it. Maybe it will get better, but so far its showed me its getting worse. I'm going to my Dr soon and I will be discussing this with him once again, as now it's out of control. Help.