What is the earliest possible day you can ovulate after AF?
by michellejune, Dec 23, 2006
I know the standard is like 10 to 15 days after AF but is it possible to ovulate earlier than that if you have a 4 or 5 day period?
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by IaoAbri, Dec 23, 2006
The length of your period doesn't matter(how many days you bleed)as long as you have at least a 21 day cycle. You start counting the days to ovulation after you stop bleeding. If all is normal you shouldn't ovulate before day 10(if you do then your LH phase is abnormal and it becomes difficult to become pregnant). I'm sure the other ladies can go into more detail on that aspect because I myself was unaware of that fact until I started visiting this site. Anywho, the best of luck to you and lots of sticky baby dust!!!!!!!
by michellejune, Dec 23, 2006
Well that is good info to know! I have felt crampy for 2 days know like I am ovulating but I'm on cycle day 10 now. My doc told me not even to BD til after day 11. I have this awful feeling I will miss my window but I haven't even detected an LH surge yet and test daily.
by CODNER5, Dec 23, 2006
Count day 1 when  af started,usually between day 11-16 I was told.(doesnt matter when af ended)
good luck, and I am sure your 'feelings' are jsut your body getting ready to ovulate.
by IaoAbri, Dec 24, 2006
She's right day 1 of your period is the first day of your cycle, but ovulation(unless I'm wrong) doesn't happen until after the bleeding stops is what I was meaning to say. Sorry if I confused you.
by mum2beagain, Dec 24, 2006
I concieved on the 10th day (or maybe a day or so later if the sperm lived for a couple of days) but as I am having a boy I suspect I concieved on the 10th day.
by MilwaukeeMeg, Dec 24, 2006
I'm curious to know as well if you can ovulate earlier than the normal 14th day... I think I conceived on the 8th day, but my Nurse pracitioner says conception is nearly impossible on that day, that it's more towards the 14th day.
by michellejune, Dec 24, 2006
Yes...I have been counting from Day One. Guess we will just start BD'ing all week and hope for the best with or without a surge.

Thanks gals!!
by Brandy167, Dec 25, 2006
Hi, I have a 21 day cycle and ovulate 8-9 days from the first day of my period. I'm pregnant now, but tried for 2 yrs, taking ovulation tests every month. It took me forever to get pregnant with my son and this time around. If you have very short cycles you can ovulate early.
by AnnieBrooke, Dec 25, 2006
My sister also ovulates on day 8.  If you are wanting to know for birth-control reasons, frankly, I'd say you should expect any day of your cycle to be fair game -- wierd things can happen in a given cycle.  But probably day 4 or 5 is the earliest that it really happens and even that would be rare.