alcohol and breastfeeding..
by emma6222, Jun 16, 2004
i was wondering if anyone could help me.
i have a 4mth old babygirl and i am still breastfeeding..i really enjoy to drink wine and recently have been having a couple glasses of white wine,iv been really worrying myself stupid that iv harmed my baby!what are your opinions on alcohol and breastfeeding..please settle my mind
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by Kassimom, Jun 16, 2004
Alcohol goes to your breast milk. If you have any doubts, smell your own milk when it's "clean" and then again after you have drank. The breast milk smells sour if it has alcohol in it. The rule of thumb according to my La Leche League consultant is to pump and dump for every drink. If you have two glasses of wine, the next two times you are supposed to nurse, pump the milk and dump it down the sink.
by Still_AndiJ, Jun 16, 2004
There is a wide variety of opinions on this topic. I personally don't drink during pregnancy or during breastfeeding as it is my responsibility to ensure my baby has the best start to his life and by doing so I agreed to stop doing things that may cause him harm, including drinking. While this is a rather bold and opinionated statement, this is how I feel. As there is no conrete evidence as to how much is actually safe, in my mind it is better to abstain. I have never been a big drinker anyway, so this isn't a tough call for me anyway : )

Here are some links to websites that may give you some info on the subject:

"A 1995 study looked at how alcohol exposure to the breastfeeding infant could be minimised. It shows that many factors influence a woman
by Kassimom, Jun 16, 2004
I wanted to add that while I was nursing my DD I researched the whole "a beer a day helps you produce more milk" and that is a myth. (Not that I needed help in that department anyway...I could have nursed 10 babies!)

Beer does not actually aid inthe production of milk according to my own research and my own consultant.

Although, my lamaze teacher did say that when labor starts, a beer, glass of wine, or tequila shot could take the egde off for awhile.

(disclaimer:That was a joke. My lamaze teacher was serious but please don't take that advice and show up to the hosp drunk and dilated to 10 ready to give brith to a baby with beer breath!)
by Kassimom, Jun 16, 2004
"While this is a rather bold and opinionated statement, this is how I feel."

I think it is more factual and to the point than opinionated! :) Good point made. I, too, rarely drink. At the occasional party or on New Years. I hate the taste of alcohol. I figure I can abstain for the duration of creating new life and the duration of nourishing that life (breastfeeding). It's a small price to pay for my baby!
by MrsVez, Oct 13, 2008
I breastfeed twins.  I do have the occasional drink, at least one a week... well maybe ya'll wouldn't call that occasional.  Anyway, I exclusively breastfeed too... all seems to go well, they are growing strong!  I only drink after they are in bed for the night and I wont be feeding for another 6 hours or so...
by GRose, Oct 13, 2008
Actually, it is not a myth that beer increases milk supply, it is a fact. However, the active ingredient in beer that ups your milk supply is also in non-alcoholic beer.
I am not sure what company makes them but there are test strips that you can dip in your milk and they tell you if it is contaminated with alcohol or not.
Every once in a while I had a glass or two of wine while breastfeeding but I always waited until Noah was sleeping and then I would pump and dump before I went to bed.
My doc said this was fine.