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birth plan
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birth plan

im 33wks pregnant and am just about to do my birth plan,i am having panik attacks as i am so worried something will go wrong,this is my first pregnancy i know its natural to worry but im so scared,any suggestions on whats the best way to give birth.i dont know weather epidural or not.

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Just remember a birth plan is just that A PLAN.    You need to be open for any changes that may need to occur.   You can always plan to not have an epidural but if things get too
intense change your mind.
Good luck!!!!!!!
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It depends on your pain tolerance I'm a whimp and I went natural without epidural with my twins b.c I felt it was better to not have any drug in their systems.
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I would just write down how you would want it to be if you were in total control, but be open to any changes.  The less you NEED the better your experience is going to be.  The one thing that I learned during and after the birth of my son is that we all have our idea of the perfect birth, but after the baby is born nomatter what happened it is "your story", "your birth" and you will love and cherish all that happened or didnt happen that day.  As long as the baby makes it here healthy you will be in good shape.  
In a nut shell here was my birth plan.
Get to the hospital early
GET AN EPIDURAL--the ONLY thing I was 100% set on
Do whatever the doctor thinks is best
Play cards
Take a nap
Have a baby
Here is what happened
Got to the hospital 45 mins before the baby is born
No epidural
Have a baby

Things change and it is much easier if you are open to anything so there is not fear or disappointment.  Good Luck and enjoy!
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ctlvsap,  have you gone to childbirth education?  It really helps a lot to know what to expect.  

The thing that I found most comforting is,  as many women as there are who will tell you horror stories,  look at everyone who goes back and does it again!  I don't think I've ever heard anyone say well labor was so awful we chose not to have another child.   Listen to the women who have done it before,  their concerns are usually how in the world will I get sleep once this next baby is born,  not how in the world will I get through labor.

You'll do it.  And then it will be over.

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i only have 7wks left either way it has to b done i just get my self so worked long as the baby arrives healthy il b happy,i start anti nat classes this week so hopefully that will help put my mind at rest:) i think its just because i dont know what to expect.

thanx for al your help
Avatar n tn
If you don't know what to expect you really can't make a plan (other than to find out what to expect some more). Have you read some birth stories online? There are sites on natural childbirth that tell how other people have dealt with the unknown and fear of pain (without drugs). I don't see too much of that on this website in which most people seem very medically oriented. You can look up any kind of birth really online and find narratives.  You can even watch a birth online although THAT is a little scarey--I actually find the drugged ones scarier because the ladies are wearing all this makeup and smiling and talking on the phone and --unbelievably, the docs are working down below delivering a baby--.  Ok, the screaming in the non-med birth is scarey too.

It is better for the baby not to have drugs but your pain tolerance may depend on factors beyond your control. My best advice would be to have the best SUPPORT around you possible and to become as familiar as you can with what will happen.  Support means knowing who is going with you and who will stay with you (no matter what you don't want to be alone), knowing your doctor well, knowing hospital requirements well (ie do they require certain things like IV?)

My first birth was a disaster, relatively speaking, in that I had back labor and ended up (somehow?) alone in the hospital room with an anesthesiologist (where did he come from?) who promised he could fix me up.  I did it (epidural) but it then caused all sorts of fetal distress, killed my contractions completely and almost a C-Section. Looking back, I realized I had been alone and had no advocate and no comfort from anyone not to mention my dang birthclass didn't really do much for me. I'd try to remember what to "do" and my brain, tired from pain, couldn't remember anything (nor could my ex-DH who apparently hadn't been paying much att'n in class!)

Next one I felt much more in control and had nothing (it was too fast for them to give me anything anyway, which can happen to anyone too so you have to be flexible). Next one, I had a great doctor, a jacuzzi, no drugs and other than screaming hysterically for drugs at 9.5 cm (which I had already told my doc to ignore), I felt very capable (except for transition, which is characterized by doubt, fear and everything you could ever want to use drugs to suppress, but only for a minute or two).

Sitting here at 28 weeks wondering how this one will go... It's so scarey but all I can remember is it's the FEAR that we're trying to avoid more than the pain (unless it's just me)...
In any case, whatever you do, yes, eventually you end up with a baby. It's just nice to be able to have a general idea, like "as little intervention as possible" or "as much comfort as possible" or "no epidural even if I beg" and then go from there.  And it's nice to remember the birth too--my poor friend had this cocktail maybe morphine (?) and she didn't even know why she was in the hospital at one point during the birth, thought maybe she had had a car accident.

GOOD LUCK whatever you choose!
Avatar f tn
I think the best advise is to educated and know what your main ideal is but then how you will keep YOUR birth plan even if certain things dont go to plan. They say that women who go into labour sure they will have a natural labour and unaware of any other options are much more likely to crack and take everything they can get. If you are educated you could set your hopes on a natural drug free birth but then decide, if the need arises what your next plan of action will be. Also rememember to prepare for how you would want a c-section delivery, if it came to that, to be (eg baby on chest before whisked away, baby with you in recovery, who will go with you and who will stay with bub).
For my birth i wanted a natural birth but i was realistic and knew that if i had a particularly long and painful labour and i was not coping i would first try gas and air and then move on to an epidural if really necessary (one that was low enough dose so i could remain active). I also wanted to be kept in the loop at all times and wanted all the answers before i would agree to c-section, forceps or ventouse delivery. Luckily for me i was able to cope with the pain and had a smoothe fast delivery but i think that could be attributed partially to being educated about myy options. The entire time i was labouring i knew what i could resort to, what alternatives i had and that gave me a real sense of control and power over my body.
Goodluck with whatever you choose and i agree that you should definitely read up on other peoples births to decide what kind of experience would best suit you. Just keep your hopes high but your expectations open and you should do fine.
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In my opinion just wing it don't worry about a plan cause it will change, i wanted to have a drug free birth but ended up having a epi due to the baby's position and i was back labor which made the difference in my decisions, so keep and open mind...
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