cold water in pregnancy
by emcy2, Jul 12, 2006
As its soo hot here in the UK I have filled up my daughters ten foot paddling pool, earlier I went in it, I sat down and wallowed like a huge hippo, but now I am starting to panic, my belly still feels cold and had no baby movement, is it dangerous to go into cold water while pregnant? I presume it is the same temperature as the ocean, but I know ocean/sea swimming is not reccommended because of the risk of contracting infection, but never heard about it being dangerous because its too cold for baby.
any responses much appreciated.
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by greenpixie, Jul 12, 2006
I've only heard that you shouldn't let your temp get too hot and should avoid hot water.  Maybe you could drink some hot tea or something to see if that gets things moving.  I'm sure things are OK.
by emcy2, Jul 12, 2006
thanks for your response, funny you mention tea, my midwife told me that if the baby is not moving, a large glass of cold water will wake him up, but that does nothing for my little fella, I have noticed hot sweet decaf tea does work, I will brew one right away and see!
by mary345, Jul 12, 2006
going in cold water can't do any harm to the baby i was told that you shouldn't go in hot tubs b/c your body temp is too hot. I am sure that the reason why your little fella isn't moving is probably b/c he is sleeping drink something with sugar and it might do the trick. hope all goes well
by emcy2, Jul 12, 2006
thanx for your info, I read jenny mcarthy's book belly laughs, its full of hilarious anecdotes from her pregnancy, one of which was her swiftly jumping out of a hot tub when some lady told her she was cooking her baby!
hugs to all
by ally76, Jul 12, 2006
lay on your back and pull your knees up to your chest and hold for about a minute...nice and tight.  then stretch out and hold very me you will feel him move around!!
by JDLAWSON, Jul 12, 2006
A cold water pool is fine.  I was swimming (in a pool) while pg with my little guy as late as the last week of august--had him 1st week of sept.  Probalby because you were so relaxed that he is just relaxing also---it is good to cool off--if you are over heated and anxious just think what the little guy is.  As long as you don't raise your core body temperature the baby is just fine.
by emcy2, Jul 13, 2006
thanks for the tip ally, but at six months I dont think I can now get my knees to my chest!! I am having dificulty even shaving my legs lately!
by girlybuff, Jul 13, 2006
I would drink some orange juice.  that always jump starts my little one.  I'm 31 weeks.
I'm sure everything is fine.  They react to changes in temperature, light and sounds at that stage so he/she is probably just enjoying the feeling.
Good luck.