experiencing tons of cankor sores when pregnant?
by Marcus's Mommy, Oct 06, 2006
I never get cankor sores.  But this last Sunday I had one and on Monday I had about 20.  The tip of my tongue had about 15 sore little dots.  Like my taste buds exploded.  And the other sores are down the sides of my tongue. I've been rinsing with salt water and listeren and it has only slightly helped.  They are really sore.

I'm currently 9w4d.  Has anyone ever had this happen? I don't know if it relates to being pregnant or not.
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by low22, Oct 06, 2006
I have no idea, not preg, but can relate to how much it sucks because I am very prone to getting cankersores (mostly on inner cheak and inner lip -- like a big hole opens up and gets white -- OUCH!).  20???!!!!  WOW! Salt water should help and there is over the counter stuff too to buy but ask ob before using (that stuff is great because it numbs it -- but again I don't think I've ever had one on the tongue so the stuff might not taste that great).  Maybe your hormones are changing the acidity in your mounth and that's what is causing it.
by LisaDLK, Oct 06, 2006
My friend who is 12 weeks has been having the same problem!  I don't have a definite answer for you right now, but the nurse on the phone told her to avoid acidic food (citrus, tomato based products...)  

She goes to the Dr. next week for a check up and plans to talk to her Dr. about it then and maybe I can give you some kind of explanation next week.  Good luck!
by Marcus's Mommy, Oct 06, 2006
Thank you both for you help.  I will stay away from acidy and spicy foods and see if that helps.  I just find it weird since I haven't had anything like that or really new this past week.  Someone did make me homemade strawberry jam.  But I don't think that would do it.
by brentlie, Oct 06, 2006
I currently have hand, foot and Mouth, mostly children carry it but prego. ladies immune systems are lower and they get it too.  I only have one little dot on my had and lots of sores in my mouth.  It is just a virus that takes 7-10 days, no anibotics, it just has to run its course!
by DFB05, Oct 06, 2006
You know, I noticed I got a lot of canker sores while I was prego too...there must be something there!
by Marcus's Mommy, Oct 06, 2006
I've been taking a prenatals since January. We conceived in Feb, m/c in May and I never stopped taking them.  I conceived in Aug and I'm 9w5d and still taking the pills.  My folate levels in my blood work were really good. I saw the nurse practioner on Wednesday and she looked for sores on my hands to for the foot/hand/mouth thing.  Nothing on my hands or feet.  Just my tongue, not my cheeks or gums. I just can't figure this out, maybe just coincidence that I'm pregnant.

Thanks ladies for you input.
by myproblem, Oct 06, 2006
Are you taking your prenatal vitamins? How much folic acid is in the one you take? Low folic acid can cause mouth sores, so if your pnv has less than 1mg, ask your Dr. for an Rx.
by sujhz4, Dec 06, 2010
Hi, I am into my 4th month - 14w6d to be precise
I have 2 big ones of these cankor sores and boy is it painful or is it right jaw is throbbing with pain...not to mention the swollen right jaw lymph node and a blockbuster one sided headache. I wonder if it is folic acid. I have been having it for the last 5 and a half months and a vegetarian too, naturally too folic intake is good. My gut is, the hormonal change of course and my liking for bitter stuff, definitely the citrus connect seems to be the culprit and lower immune levels.
I am suffering big time with the mouth ulcers, cos in a matter of just 2 days, these sores have become big and sadly i can only feel it... it took me half hour to spot them...nicely hidden with a yellow core, red crust at the back of my last wisdom tooth in the lower jaw, where as upper sore, similarly located is invisible, probably at the back gum of the tooth.... the my tongue is hurting, the sides and the front, my tonsils seem to flaring up and i sense the fever coming too... hope it doesn't show up, considering meds are such a no no.
I am trying to brush 4 times a day with softest bristles and applying glycerin based gels...i dab the gel in a cotton swab and tuck it in...this way the med remains there and not float away with the saliva and the area also gets some air, with no contact between cheek and teeth structure... it is such a nuisance...already my sleep at tnight is screwed with frequent peeing...this added, pain is unbearable. guess have little options on hand...
hope it goes away soon! :( hate it!

by nwitt, Jul 20, 2011
Great question!!
It's funny.. I get at least one canker like twice a month.. Or as soon as one canker goes away, I get anoter one.. It never ends with me..
But, I noticed that as of a few days ago, I have three cankers on one side of my cheek, and two on the other side of my cheek, and two on my lip inside my mouth!!!
I wonder if I could be pregnant.. I know it's not a pregnancy symptom, but I find it really weird.. I've never had this many cankers in my mouth at the same time before.