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milk flow won't pump
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milk flow won't pump

I broke down down and bought a popular expensive double pump to express my milk. (my second pump in 1 week)  I am having no luck getting milk. Only drips.  When I nurse my new born he seems satisfied but I nurse every 1.5 hours to make sure I am feeding him enough. I can actually squirt milk out of one of my breasts but when I pump I get dribbles of milk. Really, I get nothing. I am supplementing with formula due to a dehydration/ jaundice scare but am now only doing it at night. During the the day I give only breast milk. I am drinking and eating well but am completely stressed over the situation. Also, we have a newborn that does not like to sleep from 11pm to 4 am. All 3 of us end up so tired by 4 am that we end up sleeping through at least 1 early morning feeding. The 3 solid hours of sleep are great but the missed feedings may be messing up my flow. Also we introduced the pacifier to teach the baby how to suck. He does not use it all the time and really just uses it to fall asleep then quickly discards it. I read that a pacifier can sabotage breastfeeding and tried to not use it last night. We missed 2 feedings due to the exhaustion after a night of crying.  I could us some solid advice. Thanks.
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Gosh, you sound really tired, but don't dismay. I'd say forget the pump for now, concentrate on nursing. Keep nursing every 1.5 hours during the day and if I were you I'd try and get rid of the formula at night. Is the jaundice/dehydration thing sorted now?
My son was jaundiced for 2 weeks, it is a myth that if a baby is jaundiced they need formula, what they need is frequent feeding, my baby was only given breastmilk and his jaundice sorted itself out after being fed ever 2 hours during the day and every 3 hours at night for a couple of weeks.
Giving you baby formula feedings instead of nursing will be messing with your milk production and I'd say if you can get 3 hours sleep between feedings at night you should do it, the rest will halp your milk production. Set your alarm though, you don't want baby to go more than 3 hours at night just yet and try to go back to nursing at night rather than giving the bottle, giving a bottle can definately sabotage breastfeeding.

Once your baby is about 6 weeks old and nursing well around the clock then try the pump again.

Good luck.
I had to pump every 2 hours to get my supply to be well established.  That was feeding every 2 off hours as well.  Make sure that you always have a drink, every time the baby nurses, get a drink for yourself.  Everytime the baby nurses, get something to eat for yourself.  Sleep when the baby does, and nurse on demand every demand.  Nix the formula feeding all together.  

What breast pump did you get?  I found that my double pump doesn't work as well as my single pump.  Also, my left breast has less milk than my right, and is harder to pump with the double pump and must be single pumped.  

Instead of using a pacifier (which I do/did use), massage along the jawbone while your baby is at the breast, it will encourage him to suck and nurse better and longer.  keep him awake for feedings by tickling his feet and nursing him skin to skin.  

Hope this helps!
I agree with mum2beagain.  Pumping this soon is going to leave you disappointed.  When you first start breastfeeding, you only have a small amount which is plenty for your newborn.  Plus, the baby can get way more out of a breast than a pump can.  I wouldn't pump until you have been nursing for at least 6-8 weeks.  I would also stop the formula feeding as well.  Exclusive nursing is whats going to build up your supply.  Otherwise, everything you mentioned sounds pretty normal for a family with a newborn!  Keep up the good work, and remember that this phase will pass before you know it!  
I'd like to add that I had some suction problems with my pump after a couple of weeks.  It turns out that the hoses had worked their way loose and were leaking air.  Also make sure that you screw the cup parts to the bottles tightly.  Another useful thing to get better suction is to moisten your breasts where the cups rest: this helps me get a better draw.  I can totally sympathize with your stress: I never thought my mood would totally depend on whether or not there was breast milk in my fridge!  I was elated yesterday because I pumped 6 oz (total, not at once) then I realized she'd needed 7 supplemental oz!  I find that my supply is much higher in the morning, so I have to pump around 4AM and 7AM just to have enough to keep her full in the evening.  I pump for ten minutes even if there's nothing coming out because the suction will increase the supply.  I tell you, I'm glad no one can see me standing up, pumping both breasts while swinging the baby swing with one foot to keep her happy!

Our baby uses a pacifier, but like yours spits it out after a few minutes.  I wouldn't worry too much about it: if it helps you all sleep it's a blessing, and it sounds like he's nursing just fine.  (You may want to go to drjacknewman dot com just to make sure your latch is good... a few pointers I found there helped my lo nurse more effectively.)  If he's nursing every 1 1/2 hours that doesn't give your breasts a lot of time to refillbefore pumping.  If he's getting enough, that's the important thing, and if you consistently pump, even if you're not getting much, your body will be prompted to make more.  

Best of luck, and I hope you all get some sleep!
My double pump disappoints me! I never get much from it and I get the most when I only use one side at a time. Like the other girls said, I'd hold off on the pump for now. And I really wouldn't worry about feeding your baby ever 1.5 hours if he is not hungry. Just because you don't get alot by pumping doesn't mean that your little one isn't getting alot when nursing. I usually only get 3 oz. total when I pump, but my 12 week old will take no less than 6oz at a time (we bottle feed also), so I KNOW he's gettng more than that pump is or I'd be hearing about it!

How old is your son? Once they hit 3-4 weeks, they usually hit a huge growth spurt where you feel like you can't feed enough (and you also feel like you aren't producing a drop). Then they taper off and some only need to eat every 2-3 hours. If your little one is around that age, don't worry about him sleeping through a feeding unless it's over 3 hours. That is the advice of my pediatrician...others may have different advice. It worked ok for us baby is a piggy! lol
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