position of cervix
by summerofedens, Jul 14, 2004
Hi ladies, I was jsut wondering if anyone knows what your cervical position is during early pregnancy?
I'm so curious to find out,,,,,my period isn't due until July 21st....I'm having some pregnancy symptoms, but I get all these same symtoms right before my period, so it's so hard to tell for me...I jsut thought this time I will find out aobut the cervical position to see if I have anything to go on???
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by Bailee5, Jul 14, 2004
I would take an early hpt probably this Sunday night. If you are preggo it should show up.
by nurse12hr, Jul 14, 2004
Really, you can't tell anything by your cervical position and the changes of pregnancy.  I can tell you an early symptom of pregnancy is the cervix becoming very, very soft--almost buttery soft.  Unlike the way it usually feels, sort of like the end of your nose. (sorry for the description).

So the only way to tell is a pregnancy test.


Now for the hijacking!

KCK- You'll get there.  All  those contractions are doing the early work of labor.  The furthur you get with those, the less work you'll have to do when active labor kicks in!

As to fun4all--this subject ("ignoring" people) was brought up a couple of months ago.  Sounds like the same person.  She ABSOLUTELY does have some valid points.  I was accused of "only answering my favorites".  I try to comment when there is something to say.  Sometimes I miss some posts--I can't be here every minute.  I do admit that there are people I have answered more than others.  Many times I can miss their posts, too.  Lots of questions are buried and you can't see them.  

Anyway--have a good day all!

by summerofedens, Jul 15, 2004
thanks lasies for the relply......
I guess I know in my heart that af if on her way, but looking for anything to go on....
I still may test on Sunday....
My cervix is exactly like you said...the nose thing, so chances are im not!!
Oh well, better luck next time!!
babydust to all!!****************
by walkerkim, Jul 16, 2004
cp with cm and bbt will tell you when your fertile...
but i do not think cp can predict pregnancy...
the cervix changes alot during your cycle!
by Still a mom, Jul 16, 2004
Actually I read that in very early pregnancy your cervix will usually go back to the way it would if you were not pregnant. Than around the time your period is due it will move up and become soft. I can tell you when I got pregnant this last time, my cervix came down low and got firm, so I thought I was not pregnant. Then as my period got closer I noticed it moved up and got softer. Hope this helps.
by deedee317, Jul 20, 2004
I am in the same situation I am due AF either 21st or 22nd July, after ovulating my cervix droped low and firm but the last day it has started to rise higher and feel very soft. I am hoping this is a good sign. I wish you all the best.
by SheenaJarman, Jul 19, 2007
My cervix is high and feels sorta soft and it feels closed i have no morning sickness and my breasts feel full but not sore...I had period 3 weeks ago, but i am not regular at all I can go 6 months and not have one.....I also spotted a week ago and my dishcharge is milky....I dont know when I can take a test because my period is so wierd because I have Polycystic Ovarian Disease...can I be pregnant??
by babymommy, Sep 01, 2007
i am not sure if i am pregnant i had realy bad nose bleeds around the time i ovelated and i dont get nose bleeds my last nose bleed i found out i was preggy with my son  then 2 weeks ago my nose has been realy stuff and i dont have alergies, my cervix is VERY fare back  its hard to find it but feels closed and like the tip of ur nose i dont start my period till the 4th and its the 1st
by momxfour, Dec 21, 2007
It is two days before my period (I think). I usually have anywhere from 29 to 30 day cycles and today is day 28.
My cervix is:
soft and kinda low but way in the back
feels closed
has almost a feeling of extra smooshy skin around it.

I have been having a feeling of vomit in the back of my throat for 2 weeks and now I'm light headed at times, have headaches, moody, bloated, gassy at night (big time).

BUT!!!!  I took an early test and it looked neg. till I looked again and thought I may see a faint portion of a 2nd line. 2nd test, was negitive.

Is it possible to be pregnant even though we only had sex once while I was on my period?!!?