spotting instead of period?
by L.A. lola, May 28, 2003
Hi, got another problem, my period was supposed to start 2 days ago and instead I have a very faint beige spotting which is very light. Should this be considered a period since i've had a d&c @ 2 months ago or is this common?
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by Wendy28, May 28, 2003
Welcome Lola... it could be many things.. are you trying to get PG right now?  The last PG i had At the time AF was due i had spotting and no bleeding.  Unfortunately the PG was lost early 4-5 weeks.
Other woman have the spotting and are PG and carry on normal PG.
by Lovely2b, May 28, 2003
I hope this gets answered:) Anyhow I am 33yrs old I have four children,14,11,9,and 6 A year and half after my fourth was born I decided to get my tubes tied, about the last month and a half or so I have had mild cramping my last period,I was 9 days late and when it finally came it was light and only lasted 3 days and now again I am waiting for a monthly but have only had brownish spotting and still the minor cramping I have since gained a significant amount of weight and my small breasts have become quite enlarged and tender I have taken a HPT but it was neg My husband thinks it is just my metabolism catching up with me after being a size 3 all my life(Sz.7Now) (Shrug,I don't know) However I thought surgical sterilization was a permanent remedy of birth control I know nothing is ever 100% and if the case maybe that I am pregnant Does anyone know if pregnancy can be carried out or would the chances be greater of having an Ectopic Pregnancy and has anyone in this Forum ever conceived after having a Tubal ligation Please R.S.V.P
                     Thank You,
by ourbabydreams, May 28, 2003
Hi I just wanted to comment on having a heavier monthlies when you gain weight. Most of my life I was 104lb only fluctuating 2 or 3 pounds either way. My monthly at that time was light and only lasted 3 or 4 days. Now I am around 135lb and since then my cycles have gotten heavier and more intense, they also went from a 28 day on the nose cycle to 30 to 33 days. Just wanted to say it could just be your body adjusting to the weight. But I wish you the best.

by capermom, May 28, 2003
Hey there. It sounds like you could be preg, but on the other hand having your tubes done is quite a way to prevent it so,  you better see your doc just in case. I know years ago when they did tubes, alot of women still conceived so it is possible.
by me-2, May 28, 2003
may i ask, how old you are? It is possible with weight gain, and light periods, that maybe your starting to go through menopause. i am not a doctor, it is just a thought i had when i was reading your post. hope this did not offend you.
by Wendy28, May 28, 2003
I too have experienced the same thing with the weight gain... big difference in the flow... weight can affect alot of things including ovulation.. i need to lose about 20 lbs or so to get my cycles back to a normal 30-32 days... at this point im all over the place... never know when it will come...:)
its hard to conceive that way!
by MAMI, May 29, 2003
by Pilotzwife, Jun 19, 2003
Hello, my first time to post here, my name is Angela. Anyway, last month I had a normal period that started on May 17th. I'm never exactly on time, but I was expecting to start this week. The past couple of days I had an upset stomach, just out of curioity I took a pg test, last night, which turned out negative, but the strange part was when I wiped myself after using the bathroom, there was a slight amount of blood, so I just thought I was starting my period, I put on a panty liner and went to bed. This was around 11 pm last night, when I woke up, I expected to have the normal (normal for me that is) heavy first day period, but there was nothing, no blood. That confused me a little. Around, 1pm today, I went to the bathroom and it happend again, just a slight amount of blood, but that's it. This has never happend before, and I have 2 kids ages 7 & 1. Is this what happens during implantation bleeding? Thanks!
by bludevil, Jul 11, 2003
alright..i need some help...and please if you know anything answer this! Alright, i had sex with my boyfriend about 2 months ago...well it will be 2 months on the 15th of July....i have gotten 2 very normal periods...on time, and about 5 or 6 days long. The only thing is that i am currently, and also did last month have a problem with spotting. It is about half way through when my period ended and when i am playing to get my period again. Now it has been about 3 days on and off...and not too badly...but i dont know why!!! I have no symptoms of being preg.(no sickness, tender boobs). also, im not on the pill so i am not sure why i spot like this..please help me if you know ANYTHING!!!! ***@****