uterus bent backwards is this normal
by christa111, Mar 17, 2008
As you all know i had a miscariage 6/3. But something is really bothering me, when i had ultrasound it was diffacult to find the baby. I had to have a vaginal scan. The doc told me that my uterus is bending backwards. Just want to know has n e 1 else been told the same, and is this normal. thanx
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by newbie2b, Mar 18, 2008
Hi.  Yes I have the same thing. It's called a retroverted Uterus.  I had no trouble trying to conceive.  I got pregnant on the first or second try.  It's pretty common from what I hear actually.  It just means it's a little harder to reach.  As the baby grows, the weight of the baby will put the uterus back in to the proper position.   But I was told my my ob/gyn that it went back to it's retroverted state after she was born.  

Good Luck and try not to worry to much.  It's really no big deal.
by Crritter, Mar 18, 2008
I have it too.  My Dr. old me mine had a severe tilt.  Have no idea if there are different degrees to it or not.  They found my little one right away with my first, but with my second son they did have to search more.  I have no problem conceiving either- I was on the pill and still got pregnant.  I'm sorry for your loss, I had a m/c in between my boys and it is hard.  Your retro uterus does not affect whether or not you m/c, it happens and as hard as it is, you just need to try again when you are ready.  Good luck.  I m/c in June '06 and was pregnant in July '06.  Cameron will be 1 in just under 2 weeks.  Take care.
by katiebee, Mar 26, 2009
I was told that I have a retroverted uterus. Last week I had my first scan and was told that I have a blighted ovum(essentially mc) and that I am 7 weeks. I think I am alot further along and I do not think I had a miscarriage.  I had no bleeding or anything although alot of the pregnancy symptoms(nausea and tender breast) have disappeared.

I have been trying for five years to get pregnant. My doctor is in no hurry to give a d&c and suggested we do the scan again in two weeks before we make any decisions. I have read stories about other women whose babies were seen in a later scan. anyone else had my experience? I am holding out hope
by nieny, May 23, 2010
I'm 10weeks pregnant and been told I'm having a miscarriage. I have not started 2 bleed or had any symptoms
of a mc. I also been told I have a retroverted uterus, I've still got hope dat they have made a mistake as they always do a vaginal scan to find my baby and dis time they done it by my tummy which has never worked. I rang up 2 tell them and they still persist is the truth. And said I have 2 wait a week 2 be re-scanned but I do believe me and my baby will b fine.
by nieny, May 23, 2010
The worst thing was I tried 2 take a overdose it affectin me more than I realise. I try 2 tell every1 I'm fine but I aint I just wanna b left alone in a dark room 2 self dis-struck. I dnt wha 2 do and how 2 make the pain go away.
by LosingMyMindInGA, May 23, 2010
Many women have "tipped uterus'"  my moms was tipped so far back that until she was 8 months pregnant with my brother she never looked pregnant, wore the same clothes and everything, then one night he shifted and it tipped her uterus forward and she went from not looking pregnant at ALL to looking ALL of 8 months pregnant.

My uterus is tipped a little forward and to the right which makes cervical checks a bit more uncomfortable for me becuase they have to reach so far back, it also creates more pressure on my circulatory system on the right side.

I have had 5 babies and working on #6 and this has not created any problems for any of my pregnancies.