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vaginal vs c-section
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vaginal vs c-section

Any opinions on mom's who have gone both ways would be appreciated.  I had a vaginal birth 3 years ago which has caused some prolapse issues that if made worse I will probably need to have some type of surgery.

I am 36 weeks with my 2nd and she is breech.  My doctor is giving me the choise of the external version where they try to turn her, or he said he would be fine doing a c-section if she doesn't turn on her own b/c this may keep my prolapse issue from getting any worse since I wouldn't have to go through labor and delivery.  I have the version scheduled for next week, but he said I can cancel it if I don't want to do it.

I can't decide whether or not I want a c-section.  I am worried about the risks and recovery time.

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I can't talk much about the vaginal birth, but I did go through hard labor and pushing for 2 hours, she was just stuck and they had to do an emergency c-section.  I think the recovery is harder, but I was up and doing things with no problem by the time we left the hospital.  You can barley see my c-section scar.  If you are worried, I think you are fine going with the c-section, my experence was not bad and I am going to have a repeat c-section with this one.  Best of luck
C sections suck. I had a scheduled one and would not recommend. I had a hard time with mine. Wish I would have tried the aversion.
Here are some pros and cons
You have a prettier baby at birth
You save your ying yang (better for sex if you know what I mean)
You get to know when your baby is coming
Takes much less time (no labor involved)

High risk for infection
Baby doesnt get all that it needs as compared to a vaginal, something to do with the umbilical cord and pushing out
Longer recovery
Harder to Nurse
Your stomach muscles will never be the same
I still had some scar tissue discomfort yrs later

Going to try for a vbac this time.
I was so upset that I had a C-section, but, in the end it was not all that bad at all! I expected Much worse. I would have a c-next time too (not by choice) but I'm not upset about it.
I just wanted ot say that I have experienced a vaginal birth.  I was induced with pitocin.  I had it planned (not by choice) and went in to have my cerclage removed and they broke my water at that time too.  Not pleasant but anyway, one minute I was fine and about 10 minutes after they  started the pitocin, I was in agony and that continued for about 13 hours.  I got 3 rpidurals... the first one didn't work at all, the second only worked on my right side and then it wore off on my left side so I got another.  I finally fell asleep for about 3 hours and the dr came in to check to see if I had dilated any more.  I was fully dilated and he said "It's go time".  Believe me without a cup of coffe, it's not cool to wake up to hearing that you are oging to have to push a 7 pound baby out.  I was lucky in that my epi had not worn off so I felt nothing during the pushing part.  I pushed 10 times and within 15 mnutes of my starting to push, out she came.  She looked fine since she came right out.  There were no bruises or anything and she didn't have a cone head either.  I had to have a radical episiotomy which was NOT fun either as far as recovery but I didn't feel a thing because of the epi.  Thank GOD for that!
Ny point is this (I do have one), the vagina is an incredible muscle.  It bounces back to almost exactly what it was before that whole ordeal so don't worry too much about sex afterwards. It will feel the same for both you and your partner.  I had the episiotomy so I still am a little sore during sex and we're talking 9 months later but other thanthat, my girl down below is just like it was.  I also want to say that I nursed, and still do but that I'm not sure if vaginal had anything to do with how nursing went because it did NOT come easy at all for me.  And she was jaundice so I had to supplement but 9 months later and she's still sucking away.  Anyway, my point???  I am glad I had vaginal as I heard the recovery from a c-section is difficult.  I'm sure you'll be fine either way.  
If I had a chance to miss the 13 hours of exrutiating pain, I would take it in a heartbeat!
The reason it is harder to nurse with a c-section is because you are limited to how you can hold the baby. You are pretty much limited to nursing on your side because your abdomen is sore and very sensitive.
I had gotten an infection and I think it was because I wasnt careful enough in how I would hold him when I nursed. I tried to do to much.
My son also had jaundice.
As far as how the nursing comes it is different for everyone, no matter csection or vaginal. The first one I think is probably always the hardest becasue you dont know what to expect.
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