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what do u think about day care?
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what do u think about day care?

okay, im not putting my kids in anytime soon, im just considering it when i start taking a few more on campus pre-req for my nursing program or when i actually enter the program. I plan on entering the program when my oldest starts school so i know he is in school and that will be much easier. I have my mom and sisters and dh if I need to watch my kids, but I figure I will let Carmine start going around 4 years old, since he will have a late start in school it will help me him, plus give me time to go to a class or two, what is too young for day care. I just don't want to throw my kids there , when they can be with my mom or sisters. I just want my kids to play with other kids besides the family and learn things. exp. since carmine will late start school because his birthday is in November, so what is your prospective on day care or preschool whatever it is called :)
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i personally dont really prefer daycare
my son is now 2 and i've done everything possible to keep him out of it
although i start school this semester and due in dec. with another little boy
my husband is deploying in nov. and i dont have family over here
and the friends i do have are going back home with their families when their spouses deploy

so if i even wanna keep working on my degree the only choice i have is daycare
although when im due my mom is gonna come help me for a little while but she is also gonna work and attend school so i feel 2 children are gonna be too much for her to handle you know?

but from what ive seen like my friends children their constantly sick attending daycare
with all the things going around and and not only that one of my friends son who is about 2 or 3 got his front tooth knocked out due to them not watching him and he  had pushed a baby swing and it came back and hit him in the mouth.

although i was thinking  to put my oldest son in half a day just so he could interact with children his age
but imma have to check out all my options of day care and what not
to make sure i feel comfortable with him going and even then i might not send him
i rather just put my school on hold because i would feel so guilty if something happens to him
While i would love to be able to stay home with my daughter it is just not a finanicially smart move right now, so my daughter is in an at home daycare.  Her sitter only has 5 other children ad it seems to be going very well so far.  She has only been there for 7 weeks, so it is still early but i am happy with it. I am in the process of trying to pay down some of our debt so i can become a SAHM, but until then i have nothing against daycare.  I just think you really have to do your research and pick someone or someplace you are completely comfortable with.  Also, i realized shortly after i started taking her is that no one will do things as well as you do, but that is just b/c you are mom and they aren't.  So I wish you the best when you do pick one and i think it is a great idea for all children to be socialized before they head off to school!!
ok now im scared, since i read about that tooth story lol that is horrible i would of sued the teacher lol. I'm not going to my kids in daycare now lol, but i will put my son in two years when hes 4 just for a half day like 2 days out of the week. i know noone can watch them like us moms do, I guess I will take my time like I want with the pre-req for nursing so I can spend more time with them while they are not in school yet ahhh having kids is hard but worth it at the end of the day while they're asleep lol:)
You are fortunate to have a choice. In your situation, you may want to look at what your family provides Carmine with. Is he being exposed to other children? Play dates? Library? Outdoor adventures? Are they playing with him or is he spending a lot of time in front of the TV? Do they talk and sing with him? How do you feel about the discipline he receives? Do they read to him? Is he learning colors, shapes, counting, etc...? The types of interaction he receives can help you make this choice down the line.

As for kids constantly being sick, it is true that when they first start, many kids do catch a lot of bugs. These bugs are illnesses that all children will catch eventually, be it at 3 or 4 in daycare or in kindergarten. I have noticed a definite correlation- i now work with 4/5 yr olds, but it was the same when I worked with 2's and 3's- those kids who had been in daycare as young children rarely got sick by the time they were in my class. Those children who had never been in any kind of program were always missing school because they were constantly sick. So I wouldn't necessarily let that be a deterrent, especially since you're not talking about an infant.

But, Carmine isn't even 2 yet, is he? If you're holding out, then I wouldn't stress about this decision yet.

On a personal note, my little one is also with an in-home provider with very few kids. I couldn't be happier unless it was me myself taking care of her (which isn't a permanent option, although she is home with me until winter since i have summer break and maternity leave). There's only 2 or 3 other kids depending on the day. They are outside ALL year long. She takes them on walks, to the park, to the library storytime, etc... They sing, do art projects, etc... My daughter's language skills are phenomenal- at 24 months she is speaking in 4-7 word sentences. She knows all of her colors, most shapes and dozens of songs. She loves the other children like siblings. I don't think she's ever missed a day for being sick, either. I am blessed that I was able to find a caregiver that does everything that I do with my daughter at home, and I know she is thriving because of being with a sitter, not despite it.

I spent years working in large daycare center before becoming a public pre-K teacher. While I was there, I was confident that one day I would be comfortable placing my kids in a good center. There are many benefits to it, as long as you find a good place you trust. Despite this, I am sticking with in-home for a while because I am so happy with what I have found.
I don't have any problems with daycare. I was a little leery of taking Aspen to one but as a single mom who had to work I really had no other options. Plus I knew if I took her somewhere they have to follow regulations that she would be better off than at a strangers house. My sister does at home daycare and I would never trust her with my daughter considering she is always on the computer or watching tv.

I researched everywhere close to me and finally chose the school that had the best reviews. I now don't think it was a mistake at all to take her there. She has learned so many things since joining daycare. I chose not to teach her baby sign language when she was smaller because I didn't have the patience (sounds horrible but I get flustered easily). Within 2 months at daycare she can sign all sorts of words and say them as well. I love it!

I also used to do random pick up and never saw anything bad or worrisome.
If you find a GOOD preschool - you will love it!  Your child will get an opportunity to be independent - you'll feel better knowing that your child can be away from you and still be ok - in a good, quality preschool, the teachers are kind and loving - and yes, kids in preschool do get sick at first - but like tiredbuthappy said - they quickly build up immunities that will help them through not only preschool but their school years.  And let's be honest - kids will get hurt - at home, in a home care provider or at preschool.  It's the way of life.  You cannot raise your children in a bubble as much as you would like.  We were playing outside this afternoon and my daughter fell on the deck and has a nice lovely scrape on her chin - but the same thing could have happened in preschool just as easily.  The hard part is.....finding a good quality preschool!!!
My son has been in daycare since he was 3 months.. i hated his first daycare.. the teachers were dishonest and never told me the truth about anything.. I felt like they thought I was just stupid and like everytime I tried to discuss something with them they just fed me BS.. I took my son out of there at 5 months and started taking him to the YMCA and I/he loves it.  The infant teachers there are amazing and I feel so comfortable and confident about taking my new son there also.  

So basically I think it comes down to the teachers and the quality of staff they have there.  
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