will my son have blue eyes?
by New Mommy 2 Be 2007, Aug 29, 2007
ok i have blueish green eyes my mom has pure blue eyes but her mom n dad doesnt my grandparents she got it from my grandfathers mom now me and my sister have blue eyes and my younger one has brown my husband has brown but his mothers mom's sisters have all green eyes
so what are the chances of my son having blue or green eyes
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by wonderme, Aug 29, 2007
I think 50/50 -- who knows.

My two have blue eyes, but my dh and I have brown.  Both grandmas have blue, though.  Can't wait to see what this one will have.

Let us know...dna is a funny thing sometimes!
by New Mommy 2 Be 2007, Aug 29, 2007
yes i know i hope he has my eyes lol
by lovefamily, Aug 29, 2007
Normally rule of thumb is "brown eyes dominate".  But that is not always the case.  Once baby is born he or she will probably have slate blue eyes.  True eye color isn't carved in stone until they are 9 to 10 months old.
by Me2mommy2b, Aug 29, 2007
I agree with lovefamily.  DD was born with green eyes (light green) and they've gotten darker and darker and now at the age of 11 months, her eyes are hazel (they're so pretty :)))  I come from a brown/very dark brown eyed family.  DH's are green, his dad's family are all green but his mom's and her family's are all very light brown.
by 1nana, Aug 29, 2007
Go to this website, it will give you the percentages of what color eyes your kids will have.
by chellybeans, Aug 29, 2007
typically darker genes are dominant, but not 100% of the time. that's what i was taught in school.

i bet he'll be gorgeous no matter what :)
by chiromom, Aug 29, 2007
Don't you remember learning the pundit square in biology?  Here's a short biology lesson . . .Brown is dominant and anything else is recessive.  You need to both (you and your hubby) have blue genes in there to have blue eyes.  You need two recessives to get a blue to expressive over the dominant brown.  One brown can override the blues.  At the most, with your hubby having brown eyes, you have a 25% chance.
On a personal note, my sister in law has blue, my brother hazel, with a family line of blues and brown, both his children have blue.
I have brown, hubby has hazel, my son has brown.
by RockRose, Aug 29, 2007
wannabenana - Hmmmm.  I took that quiz,  and my husband's family came out in error.  My husband has hazel eyes (is that considered green?  When he wears an olive shirt,  his eyes appear VERY green).  Both his parents have ice blue eyes,  very very clear blue.  

He is the absolute spit and image of his father - both unusual looking men with unusual features,  so I don't doubt at all that his parents are who they say they are.  

I wonder what the deal is.  Usually I trust genetics matrixes,  this one didn't work.  Hmm.
by luvmybabes, Aug 29, 2007
Me and My husband both have brown eyes. But his mother has blue eyes and my father has green eyes. Sure enough both our children have blue eyes. Weird huh??