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Asthmatic Bronchitus(bronchitis)/Walking Pneumonia
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Asthmatic Bronchitus(bronchitis)/Walking Pneumonia

Posted By  HFHS.RN-AM on November 09, 1998 at 05:58:39:

In Reply to: Re: Re: Asthmatic Bronchitus (bronchitis)/Walking Pneumonia posted by HFHS.RN-AM on November 08, 1998 at 20:55:12:
  : Having been born prematurely with severe lung problems, I have been asthmatic for over 30 years, with constant bronchitis and pnuemonia (pneumonia) as a child.  I am an attorney now, but I studied medicine related topics for years (I am NOT a doctor), in hopes of solving my problems. This is a VERY complicated area that is best understood with personal experience, I think!  So, here's what I would recommend, I hope this helps:  
  : First, avoid prednisone unless your daughter is near death from asthma.  It has tremendous side effects both short and long term and is widely overprescribed because it is a "cure all" for the symptoms, although it does not address the underlying problem.  If she does have to take it, DON'T get a shot, get tablets, and take only the MINIMUM dosage, tapering off over about a week after the main treatment.  Even a little bit of prednisone goes a long way toward helping, so don't be fooled by the massive doses they want to give your daughter.
  : Second, occasional antibiotic treatments can be very helpful, especially Doxycycline, which has been shown to reduce lung inflamation (inflammation) as well as treating the underlying infection.  Watch out for pencillin related products, they could make her asthma worse even if she doesn't have a dramatic allergic reaction.
  : Third, the best day to day management I have found consists of Serevent (a long lasting inhaler that does not cause the shakiness and moodiness of Albuterol, which is very "speedy"), and a good strong corticosteroid inhaler such as Beclovent, Vanceril or Flovent.  The steroid inhaler does not get absorbed into the bloodstream like prednisone, but offers the same benefits.  It has to be taken REGULARLY at least twice a day to be effective, and helps prevent attacks.  Albuterol is a good "quick fix" for attacks if the Serevent doesn't suffice for the whole day. Inhaled Cromolyn Sodium can also be good if the cause is pollen/mold/animal allergies.
  : Finally, you need to find out what is triggering the bronchitis/asthma and try to avoid/eliminate them!  It might be difficult but it is better than having your daughter suffer her whole life.  It could be pollen, mold, or animal allergies, food allergies, sulfites (a preservative used to whiten foods like dried potatoes, dried fruit, sauerkraut, etc.), air temperature changes, dust mites, etc.  Get allergy tests, experiment, and pay attention to cause and effect.
  : I wish you the best of luck,
  : Rhonda
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One other point I would like to make; What the mother of the 11 year old describes is an isolated incident of wheezing or broncospasm in response to an infectious agent. This is not at all the same thing as asthma, which is what Rhonda describes. Another term for asthma is reactive airway disease, which reflects the nature more accurately: chronic in nature and occurs in response to any number of triggers, including exercise, stress, weather changes, and allergens.

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