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Bleeding and Cramping

  On 7/27/98 I started my period and it ran 7 full days like normal.  On the 8th day I started bleeding again and this has continued all week.  I did a pregnancy test and it has showed positive results.  I have severe lower back and lower abdominal pain.  I do not have an OB/GYN at present and I am wondering if I am trying to spontaneously abort the baby.  If I go to the ER will they be able to do a hormone level blood test or a sonogram to show if the baby is trying to abort? Thank You for your help.
Dear Betty Anne:
Assuming that the bleeding that began 7/27 is your last normal menstrual period and it began at the expected time, urine and blood pregnancy tests will show a positive result, but it is too early for an ultrasound examination to demonstrate the pregnancy. Ultrasonography becomes useful two weeks beyond the missed menstrual period.
A primary care physician is often prepared to address common problems in women's healthcare, including miscarriage. Many physicians have office time for urgent situations. Many hospitals have an urgent care center. An emergency department is not oriented to the diagnosis and treatment of problems that are not an immediately threat to health/life.
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