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Post partum muscle weakness problem
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Post partum muscle weakness problem

  I had my first baby 4 and a half months ago. After normal delivery, I have
  severe muscle weakness problem to my legs and my lower back. Even with
  physio therapy help, now my knees, hip and my back still hurt with daily
  activities like walking, climbing stairs in my house.
  Could breastfeeding cause my ligaments to be so soft and vulnerable while
  I'm nursing? Will stop nursing improve my problem? What else could I do to
  get back to normal? If I have another baby, will I get this problem again?
  Please help, thanks.
Dear Cathy:
Pregnancy is associated with marked "softening" of supports thoughout the body. In the postpartum interval, this laxity of supports continues and is exaggerated in breast feeding women because the ovarian hormone support does not come back as quickly. This combination of low hormone levels (the placenta has gone and the ovaries are not yet working) contributes to the muscles soreness. Muscles are working harder to take up the slack of lax ligamentous supports. The combination contributes to the symptoms you are describing.
It is appropriate to discuss these symptoms with your physician and ask if you have had any tests done to exclude collagen vascular diseases. A second common diagnosis is postpartum low thyroid function: again, a easy-to-test-for condition. Also, if you have any family history of muscle weakness problems, consultation with a rhumatologist may become logical.
There is no specific treatment and there is not predictability about what will happen in another pregnancy.
This information is provided for general purposes only and is not a medical consultation. Specific questions should be addressed to your primary physician.

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