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Progesterone Suppository & sex
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Progesterone Suppository & sex

  I had 3 prior miscarriages in last 3 years . All my pregnancies lasted
  7 weeks.
  My doctor took some test all came out normal except low Progesterone level,
  so she recommended Progesterone Suppository twice daily starting from
  13th day of my cycle.
  It has been 5 months that we are trying to get pregnent but no luck
  and i had been taking suppository since 5 months but now I feel tired
  of taking those suppository and secondly our sex life is also disruptive as
  my husband thinks its not a good idea to have sex while i am taking
  suppository ,since it is an external source of Progesteron ,our doctor
  had not given us any such instruction of not having intercourse.
  Do you think we should not have intercourse during the period when
  I am taking suppository?
  Do you think it will be o.k if I start taking Progesterone Suppository
  after I know I am pregnent.
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Dear Anni:
It is wise to follow the plan that you and your physician agree is best. It is unwise to change the plan yourself or based on suggestions from friends or even from presumed experts on bulletin boards.
Progesterone supplementation is best started at ovulation and continued through the luteal phase into pregnancy. Starting supplementation only after pregnancy has been diagnosed is less helpful.
One can have sexual relations while using progesterone suppositories. Have intercourse before you place the suppository.
Keywords: progesterone suppositories, intercourse
This information is provided for education purposes an is not a medical consultation. If you have specific questions, please ask your physician.

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