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VBAC after cesarean

  I am 29 years old and 26 weeks pregnant with my second child.
  This pregnancy has been uneventful so far.  
  However, with my first child, I had an emergency
  c-section (due to preeclampsia) in December of 1997.  The baby
  was born about three weeks early, had been diagnosed with IUGR,
  and was a frank breech.  I was also put on bedrest at 28 weeks
  due to low amniotic fluid, which resumed a normal level almost
  I am wondering how likely each of these elements is likely to
  repeat with this second baby (i.e. preeclampsia, breech position,
  IUGR, low fluid), and whether or not such a likelihood will reduce my
  chances for VBAC, which I'd like to try.
  Thanks for your help!    
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Dear Kristen:
Preeclampsia is most common during the first pregnancy and uncommon in subsequent pregnancies. IUGR can recur in subsequent pregnancies: with a history of past IUGR, patients are monitored for this using growth by clinical measurement and by ultrasound measures.
Breech lie is recurrent in a minority of patients. It is more common the earlier in pregnancy that one delivers.
Cesarean section is performed for the best interests of the baby. If there are no problems, VBAC is a logical choice.
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