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discharge following conception
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discharge following conception

  Hi, I have a question regarding vaginal discharge from the day of conception and each day after.  How much different would it appear in comparison to the normal discharge I would expect in the approx. 2 weeks after ovulation, before my period begins.  Does it continue in the same fashion, consistency, color, etc..?  
  Also, is "Tracy Trull" a doctor in your forum who also answers questions?
  Thank you again for your information.  It has been helpful in the past.
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Dear Gina:
Before ovulation, under the influence of estrogen, cervical mucus is clear, stretchable, large in amount, easily recovered from the vagina, and it dries on a glass slide to a "fern pattern". Following ovulation muscus is cloudy, tacky, small in amount, hard to recover, and it dries on a glass slide into a "pebble beach pattern". These after-ovulation effects are due to progesterone.
There is no difference in the luteal phase mucus of women who do and do not conceive. Under the continuing influence of progesterone, pregnancy mucus is scant, thick, cellular, small in amount.
Cervical mucus is different from vaginal secretions that represent a transudate (weeping) of the vaginal walls. This white, creamy, thick, slippery secretion that dries into white particles varies with hormones, vaginal acidity, sexual interest, douching.
Tracy Trull has answered your question regarding her background. She is not a part of the Ford Health System and has been very up-front about her credentials. Check out her biography.
Keywords: cervical secretions.
This information is provided for medical education and is not a consultation. If you have specific questions, please ask your healthcare provider.

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