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frequent blinking while watching television
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frequent blinking while watching television

  My 4 year old son has been blinking frequently while watching television.  He doesn't watch a lot of tv (about 1 hour a day) but as soon as it is turned on the blinking starts..I asked him if his eyes bothered him and he said "Miss Piggy makes me dizzy." I also notice him rubbing his eyes and this morning when he awoke he told me his eyes hurt.
  Does this behavior suggest a vision problem?  WHat types of tests do they offer for young children?  How accurate are these vision tests and if it isn't his vision what else could it be?
  Thanks for your help!
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Dear Julia,
An opthalmologist can provide a very complete and accurate examination to a four year ols, but I would first start with your pediatrician or nurse practitioner.
The blinking could be caused by irritation from a local infection. Your health care provider may want to rule out a sinus, ear, or eye infection. Or, the blinking could be a habit he has developed and all the blinking hasmade the eyes hurt. A few things to observe.....How does he act when looking at picture books?, How close does he hold them to his face?, Does he complain of dizziness any other when running, swinging, or biking....what is his medical history?  alergies (allergies), seizures, head injuries?
You may try a few things at home while youre waiting to get to the doctor's office....
Sit 10-15 feet from TV
Keep other lights on in the room with the TV
Limit  TV to 1/2 hour sessions
No video games or computer play

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