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high fever that comes and goes
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high fever that comes and goes

  I have five children, ages ranging from 8 years to 2 months. My middle child, 5
  years old, woke up with a fever one morning. Her temp was 103. For 5 or 6 days,
  she had a fever up to 105.4, which was easily managed with tylenol and/or
  ibuprofin. During this time, one of her siblings came up sick, but his fever only
  went up to about 103 at the highest, and he was well within 12 hours or so. After
  the original 5-6 day period, my five year old was fever free for 2-3 days, after
  which time she once again suffered from high fevers, usually between 103-105.4.
  This lasted 2-3 more days. Then the fever went away again. Her younger sister
  became ill also, but like the older brother's, was fairly mild and quite short in
  duration. After three days of no fever, it came back. Her temp has gotten as high as
  106.4(that was the highest my thermometer went, so it could have been higher).
  She has no other symptoms, no pain anywhere, nausea and vomiting only in
  original episode of fever, and only when the fever was highest. Her appetite is
  normal, her activity only decreases when her temp is high. She has been to see
  several doctors, but we are on a military installation, we rarely get to see the same
  doctor twice, and for some reason they don't seem to talk to each other there. Is
  there any way this could be viral? It's been two and a half weeks of this illness.
  And how much of this high fever can a child her age take?
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Sounds like a viral illness is going through the family! Viruses can produce very high fevers, but not all childfen will have the same temperature with the same infection. Some kids get fevers, and some dont. With the lack of any other symptoms, the lik3elihood of something more severe is unlikely. What about exposure? Any other kids on the base ill? Where is the base? If it's in a tropical region it may be something we don't see in the States. Viral infections usually run their course in 7-14 days. Fevers that persist beyond that need to be seen again. Any any development of sym,ptoms necessitates at least a call to your doctor. It is frustrating to see a different doctor each time you go, perhaps try talking with one you particularily feel compoftable with and find out his/her schedule. You could make appointments when that doctor is there. Unless it's an emergency of course! Good luck....I hope you stay well to take care of your brood!

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