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GAME: The Story Creator Game
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GAME: The Story Creator Game

Here is a game for story-tellers and/or writers. The rules of this game are very simple, all you have to do is write a short story, song, or poem. Whatever you choose to write could be funny, informative, or a mixture of both.

You can write the story on anything that you wish and after I have received at least 10 applicable posts, I will decide a winner of the game. I will then contact them via messaging either on their profile page or this post. I would then leave them know the rules for creating round 2 for this game.

I hope you enjoy this game! Let's have some fun with it. :)

Yes, it sounds like fun! I'll Play!!!! :)
Don't understand, Please Explain in more detail.
No, it don't sound like fun! I won't play!!!!
I don't like this kind of game!!! Please create a different kind of game.
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My Poem

As I look up into the sky
I see flying bowling pins
The bowling pins I see
Have wings, beaks, and eyes
They even have different colored
Feathers and make noise as they fly
Oh, see the Flying bowling pins
Fly by like rockets in the sky

There once was a girl named Grace
she lived in the most peculiar place
she lived in the woods in her tree
where no body would care to see
she uses her wings to soar the sky
hoping that no one would see her fly
she always knew when to show her face
when you or I felt out of place
she knows how to dry up the tears
that many of us have cried for years
she is a light that shines so bright
even in the middle of the night
she is an angel from heaven above
always willing to give you her love
she is always here for you or for me
All we need is to really believe
that the  world is a wonderful place
with a beautiful life filled with Grace.

I would like to be able to get at least nine more entries for this game, before I can pick a winner. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. Thanks! :)
Please listen just one last time, as my words drown out in this deathly silence
As shadows rise and fall leaving their ghostly mark upon the wall
All escapes in this time of need
Secrets locked away and long forgotten
Shared once again, with an everlasting friend
Two hearts beating as one
As we march to the beat of the drum
Nothing can express, anything I feel for you
As the stars shine brightly in the sky overhead
Please just rest your weary head
And may all your pain
Fade away
What I needed
What I wanted
There in front of me
Blindingly obvious
Yet I was blind to it

Shining star
In an ocean of grey
Be their for me
When I fall
When all of time ends for me
When the end is near

Catch me

Give me a reason
Maybe to see you smile again
To see your face light up with the light of a thousand stars
To see you joyful as it all comes to an end

And time will stand still for us
Let it become everlasting
What we have is special
I never want it to end

(sorry I just couldnt decide between these two :p)
Just a reminder, I would like to receive at least 8 more entries before I can pick a winner. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. Thanks! :)
Well, this is not a poem,but, it is a tribute to my parents, I wrote it a few Christmases ago, anyone is welcome to use it if they would like. Here it is:


God sent us His only Son to show us His great love for us.
Parents, are also sent to us from God as a gift. They
manifest the love that our heavenly Father holds for us.

Mom, dad, you both are very valuable to me, just a mere
"Thank You" does not seem enough to convey to you my deep
heartfelt admiration and love I have for you both. You have
given me memories that I will cherish all the days of my life.

There have been times in the past when I , as all of us have,
have done and said things that I am deeply ashamed and sorrowful
for. Theses can not be erased, but, a family with a bonding
love that ours posses, is understanding of these times.
Just know that I NEVER would in deep intention do or say
anything to purposely hurt or sadden you.

The year is coming to a close, and with this close, so do the
pages that fill the chapter of our lives. Some of these pages
are of happy memories, some sad, but, no matter how good
or bad, they make up our life as a family as a whole.  No one
knows what the coming year has in store for us.  It is a brand new
beginning, clean and fresh as the new fallen snow, there
are no marks to distort it.

Dearest mother and dad, I thank God and you for being there for
me. I can not begin to repay you for all the unselfish things
you have done. When I was a child, I naturally thought
and acted like a babe, expecting only "things" for Christmas.
Now that I am a mature, grown-up woman, Christmas and every
day, for that matter,, has an entirely different meaning, it is having
us and our love for one another, and no matter what the future has
in store for us, even when we are apart, you all will ALWAYS be with
me in my heart.


I love you,


Just a reminder, I would like to receive at least 7 more entries before I can pick a winner. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. Thanks! :)
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