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Have you checked your Thyroid lately? It's Thyroid Awareness Month...
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Have you checked your Thyroid lately? It's Thyroid Awareness Month ....

Here's How you can Do a Thyroid Neck Self-Check:

This simple self-check may help identify if your thyroid is enlarged, one sign that you may need further examination by a doctor.  When you see your Doctor at a routine physical, they should be doing a thyroid check .. that's how they found my 2 thyroid nodules .. at a routine checkup.  

Here's a great site to do your own Neck Check .. please pass this along to your friends .. it's Nat'l Thyroid Awareness Month and Thyroid Cancer, and Thyroid Disease is not well known or talked about nearly enough, but it is a reality and can happen to anyone.


Difficulty Level: Easy      Time Required: 5 minutes

**Excellent souce of the step by step details**

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Here's a link right to our own Health Pages ...

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I encourage anyone interested to go to ChitChatNine’s second mentioned website.  That of the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists - for thyroid self-check instructions, plus so much other reputable information on thyroid disease.  It’s a valuable website from a valuable association.  Another really good website and association on thyroid disease is the American Thyroid Association.  Their website is at:

Take care.
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