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List 5 ways Med Help has changed your life?
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List 5 ways Med Help has changed your life?

1) Made friends here
2) Learned alot about myself
3) More educated on lots of things
4) I have helped others
5) In some weird way I have rebuilt my marriage after finding this place..

So thanks Med Help and I am very glad I have helped others here I will continue to do so..
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I have had a previous account on here. I have been on here a lot longer than this account. Anyways...

1. I met some wonderful and friendly people.
2. I got helped through tough situations.
3. It made me feel good about myself to hear people who were proud of me because my  dad never tells me when he is.
4. I have helped others by giving advice and encouraging them.
5. I gained education about certain topics.
I think it would be a good idea if MH let folks know by a friendly PM or e.mail when there is a problem with their site I recently spent 24 hours with mine down and no information from anyone I sent 3 e-mails and left 2 phone messages at the MH office in Florida date no response, I thought it was my server, so I spent many hours trying to solve it. yes I agree with the Poster thanks MH  
1) I have made the most incredible friendships.
2) I have received an unbelievable amount of compassion and caring from others.
3) I have been throughly educated and am now empowered to deal with my health issues.
4) I have a sense of belonging.
5) I have been given the feeling that I am making a difference in the world by helping others.
Yes and apart from that moan ..I have made many good friends and seen wonderful compassion by most of you ,I have learned a lot,  my hats off to the members here ..  
1) Feel I belong somewhere for the first time in my life.

2) Have gone from feeling "crazy" and the "only one" to knowing I am not alone.

3) Have support for my issues as well as able to support others which helps me feel better about myself in so many ways.

4) When I'm feeling whiny, I just surf around and read others profiles who are so much worse off than me and I feel blessed.

5) I have learned a Ton and continue to learn something new here nearly everyday.
Have made some caring friends
Have learned how to respect others ideas without getting my feelings hurt (LOL or at least working on it)
Have helped some people with some problems
Have learned a lot and still am learning.
OOOPs, forgot number 5

Have learned that I am not the only one that has certain health issues and that most folks do care.
1) I have made some wonderful friendships on here, some I hope to always have and hope to meet some day!
2) I have learned a lot about myself and feel I've grown
3) I've learned a lot about others and what they're going through and again feel I've grown
4) I feel, hope, that I've helped others along the way
5) I feel a part of a community, like I belong, here. :)
MH rescued me when I was first diagnosed bp and continues
I have met people from all over the world and made great friends
I learned about myself by reading and talking to others with my same problems
I found support, have helped support, and feel a part of a great community site
I have seen how the people on MH are so compassionate, and instantly are there to support when needed and keep in touch to be sure the person gets through that situation.
MH has helped me in so many ways!

1) I have learned how many interesting topics
2) I have gained many friends
3) I have gained a wonderful support group for my weight loss battle. Better than Weight Watchers
4) I have had wonderful advice given to me about my marriage.... Sorry if you think I dont' listen I do!!!
5) I have gotten a lot of help with my son's autism and how to better raise him and understand him.
1) friendships
2) support
3) help
4) confidence
5) appreciate life and friends and family more.
Yeah havent been here for a while, and it was good to see that you all are still here.

i too have made friends kept the friendships going through emails and facebook.
Its been good to compare similarities with illnesses and still laugh and joke on here!! Heres to the regular blokes on here that treat the women with respect onya boys!!
M/H has been good and i have learned a fair  bit too.
Seems we all have been helped here...
1. Made new friends
2. Got the courage to go through two surgeries and the one coming up in November.
3. Was able to help others that are going through similar problems
4. Place to have fun and vent when needed
5. Support
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