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The widow and her Doggy
The senior citizen was distraught when she came home to find her favorite companion, a bug German Shepherd, lying on the front lawn.

Tenderly she took it to the vet, six blocks away.

"It's dead", said the vet.

"It can't be dead!" she exclaimed.

"I'm certain of it" he said with a shrug.

"How can you be really sure?" she asked.

"Well - we can use the cat test. Cats are always frightened of big dogs and big dogs always chase them away and bark at them."

She thought a moment. It seemed reasonable.

With that the vet brought in his pet cat and placed it on top of the dog. For ten minutes the cat walked over the dead dog sniffing everywhere. Finally the cat pee'ed in the dog's face.

"See," said the vet. "It's dead."

"How much do I owe you?" she asked.

"Three hundred and twenty dollars" he answered.

She exploded.

"And how exactly did you come to that figure?" she bellowed.

"Well....twenty dollars for my time and three hundred dollars for the cat scan."
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