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bird names??
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bird names??

ok everyone post about baby names....well i dont have babies yet just my animals!.... i have a senegal parrot named murphy and tonight im going to pick out my baby cockatiel!!.... sooo cute i think he is a male.... so i need names!!!!...HELP!!!...

any names...boy or girl... doesnt matter!....
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535822 tn?1443980380
Lovely post Turkee...I am going to put on my 'Thinking Cap' I bet you'll get some good uns ....
784382 tn?1376934640
lol.... yea hopefully dont want my lil guy to be a no name for a while!
784382 tn?1376934640
my friend just got a baby cockatiel and im going ot get the brother today !!!....she named her bambam...she is begging me to name mine pebbles, but i think he is a boy and thats just not going to work!!...

I googled bird names and these are the ones i like so far..

but i need more...none of those GRAB me yet !
684030 tn?1415615923
How about, Onan. Why?...because he'll no doubt spill his seed.
Check out, "onanism" and you'll know where I'm going with that...
I must admit to having a twisted sense of humor.
535822 tn?1443980380
Twiggy...Pookey...twinkie ..munchkin, pipsqueak, (thats the name of a boat )  claude, cherie , popsickle , sweetie, tweety (name of my cat )
784382 tn?1376934640

i had one named tweety b4 and stitches (after i had surgery).......

242912 tn?1402547092
Oh, congrats on your new baby cockatiel!  I love birds too.  Grew up with many and some names were:

Sammie (lots of Sammie's I see)
Pepper (he was yellow with black spots)
Rainbow (but she was our calico cat)

1035252 tn?1427231433
lol if only babies were as easy to pick names out for as birds..

I've got 2 female cockatiels : Sunshine (sunny) and Silverwing (Silver
a pacific parrotlet: Tinkerbell (my daughter's)
and an African grey: Ashelen (Ashe...kinda wish I had saved this name for the boy I'm going to be giving birth to in july LOL)

and I had 3 more birds over the years that my MIL adopted because they were too noisy for apartments...
quaker parrot: Squeakers (originally Screecher but we wanted him to be able to find a new home someday if he had to...he was a rescue off the street and he has hated me every day since he first laid eyes on me)
2 male 'tiels: Fizban (fizzy) and Tasslehoff (tas) from a book series..

so those are the names I'VE liked over the years:

and my first bird was a female cockatiel who loved to climb, so we named her after the sherpa guide that led Sir Edmund Hillary up Mount Everest: Tensing. We called her "Tenzie" for a nickname :).
389974 tn?1331018842
Sorry Swampy's only thoughts are joke names, like:

219241 tn?1413541365
My daughter had a cockatiel named Buddy then he died. The next one we called Buddy! Then HE died....then we got another one and I said, Darling, I think the name Buddy is she named him Buddy....guess what? He dropped dead too.
  EVENTUALLY...we got a new one and called him...Fred. He still dropped dead......I think we had bad luck with cockatiels.
784382 tn?1376934640
hahahah RED im sorry for your looss but thats pretty funny... im like that with fish ... i CANNOT keep those suckers alive for the life of me!!...not a gold fish, not a beta fish, NOTHING!!

thanks for all the names they are all great !!... i like birds too.... pffff i pretty much like all animals for the most part,,,,,i liked pepper too....

but i think i found a winner....drum roll pleasssssee... KIWI !!! and my friend that also got hers changed her birds name to

i cant get him yet because he is still on formula, hand raised bird... so another week or so till my baby comes home!!
242912 tn?1402547092
Turkee, I hope Kiwi gives you many many years of happiness :)   I've never had a cockatiel...would love to,their cool, I like them, but couldn't take the noise.   Always had parakeets.  Would love to have a parrot, but again, the noise.  

Red...I too, am sorry, but your post sent me rolling! :)
1035252 tn?1427231433
Me too might want to get your house checked for a CO2 leak though, on a serious note, or replace your teflon pans ;)!!!

Turkee that's a perfect name for a green bird, I love it, LOL. I got to hand-raise most of my birds and I loved it, but I definitely wouldn't do it again now that I have less energy to spend...hehe.

Jade59 you should get an African Grey!!! They only have one natural noise, everything else is imitated and learned....which of course means fire alarms and telephones occasionally, but my grey is surprisingly low-key with his noises. he's got a huge repertoire but none of them are TOO loud.
784382 tn?1376934640
yea everyone think he is green but he isnt... =(... does that make me a weirdo???....hahaha

i have a parrot and he is pretty noisy but not as bad as the african greys or macaws..OMG those birds have serious lungs!!!.. and as soon as the lights go off the lizard tank the bird goes right to his swing and i dont hear a peep put of him from 9 - 6 am it crazy the way he does that !!!...the cockatiel isnt THAT bad witht he noise, hopefully he learns from the other one....

my friends have a grey and that bird doesnt shut up!!!.... his previous owner didnt have the best mouth so when you walk by the bird will cuss you out... f*$&#&%K mtf!! he says....also they have a bird that says "i can talk can you fly??"...hahahahaah its HILARIOUS!!!!.

red hope your not upset by the laughter caused by your was just priceless!
1035252 tn?1427231433
haha I thought you said senegal for some reason and then I remembered that you had said cockatiel...I still like Kiwi, LOL. this pregnancy has turned my brain to mush (like that nice excuse, eh?)

yeah my grey talks a lot, but the volume isn't too bad....he loves to say "birds don't talk!" and when my dog whines he yells at her....oh boy i could list his antics all day, but I've got to head to the doctor.
242912 tn?1402547092
My husband FOUND an African Grey a few years ago.  He was driving down our main road and saw some crows, I think they were, that had cornered a bird.  When he got to the bird, saw it was a grey.  Came home, got a, our cat carrier, and brought it home.  It was real sweet and didn't bite.  Like an idiot, I carefully put my hand out to it just hoping it woundn't bite.  We could tell someone had lost their bird so called animal control to come get it as well as put up signs.  That was years ago and I sure hope someone was reunited with their sweet pet grey.  

We have a cat so no bird :(  
1035252 tn?1427231433
awww lost birds always break my quaker parakeet rescue was clearly abused in his old home, and we found him pretty much featherless right before the first frost happened a couple years ago.

VERY sweet of you to rescue him!!!

i always wonder when they do those ASPCA commercials why they don't include birds? I know they're not as popular, but truthfully I think there's an even bigger problem with neglectful/abusive bird owners simply because birds are so cheap and if they're locked in a closet or disappear no one really notices....

i mean, I'm biased because I belong to a bird rescue group and we've seen some horrific stories (as well as a story I saw online where a grey's owner got irritated with him and threw him onto a hot stove and burned his little birdy feet off....bird survived even tho it took hours for a neighbor to call about his agonizing screaming. okay deep breaths getting teary-eyed just recalling the story, know i'm pregnant, right?)

but anyway back to is a great name, and I think it's fantastic that you rescued that grey Jade I really believe his owners found him :D
Avatar f tn
Here Kitty Kitty.... Then teach him to say it.
Avatar f tn
how about            wally
daisy                           spotty
Robin                  astor
twinkles               junior
jade                         or there is the ole commom name spot
Avatar f tn
Hi ball
1123266 tn?1279425287
I have a green & yellow parolette named Sprite.
242912 tn?1402547092
Aww...thanks.  My husband couldn't just leave that poor bird being attacked.  He was a small bird.  I'm not familiar with parrots much at all so have no idea if he was a baby or what.  I too, hope he was reunited with his owners.  

I got my own parakeet when I was 22 and she lived to be 11y.o.  I was 33 when she died from being eggbound.  I think she would have lived longer had this problem not occurred.  I was SO brokenhearted to lose her.  All my childhood parakeets lived only 5 or so years, but I took my baby to the vet once a year whether she needed it or not and often her white count was high so antibiotics were needed.  We even had to go so far as inject her many times.  That freaked us out, let me tell you, but you do what you gotta do, don't you :)  

She roamed free, pretty much, and would shower with my husband, eat with us and basically, just hang out.  She was really cool.  

Oh, I just hate to read abuse stories :(  People can be evil...
483733 tn?1326802046
I think you should go with a name that could be either sex just in case or something non-identifiable:

Sue (Johnny Cash)
219241 tn?1413541365
Yeah it was back at my old address and they were mainly kept outdoors. I figured it out years later, they were dropping dead from fright from seeing my cat! Oh well, live and learn. At least the budgies (parakeets) we had never minded the cat.
BTW TrudieC. My new cat is named Oscar!
784382 tn?1376934640
awww sprite is cute!! so i found out that my bird is a boy so i dont think KIWI is going to work so well.... maybe once i get him he going to be a john doe until i figure out his

i also have senegal that where u got that from!...dont worry the pregnancy didnt make it that mushy! my senegal's name is Murphy.....

here kitty kitty kitttttty.....that would be great!!.... and i want him to tell the dog "SHUT UP" when they bark!
Avatar f tn
i have the best dog in the world
He looks like a terrier
he or she is white with pretty brown s plashes of color through it
he is laying on its tummy with his paws in front when it looks at you it seems he or she is sraring straight at you saying dont you wish you were half as smart as me
one thing about him he wears gold rimmed glasses, so i know he must like to read as i do, it does not eat or sleep or go outside it is a picture i have had for 25 years and i call the dog proffesor now that is what you call a great dog   he is quite contentd to hang on the wall and just watch i have wrapped a small blanket around the drams and it just showed the dog i used to mail it to my sis or what kin i had and they said what a pretty dog you have why does he have to wear glasses they thought he was real   jo
549511 tn?1271779530
tiki  lulu rufi  mitty niki floki  tobius noof onkie beatie tibbles buddy nokki
458072 tn?1291418786
How about Twitter? Cockatiels do a lot of twittering.
404138 tn?1308945256
I got a cockatiel for my 11th birthday, his name is Jazmin (I know, its girly but I would sometimes call him Jas-man) lol i know weird.........

Anyway.....i think tweety is cute, chirpy, beaker, nibby...

Have you named him yet??
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