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Hardship grants from healthcare providers
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It's hard enough trying to FIGHT an ILLNESS. When you get hit with OUTRAGEOUS medical bills on top of it...it can be MORE than DEVASTATING. My husband and I have LOST and STARTED OVER more times than I care to admit because of my medical bills. This group is for YOU to be able to VENT about the effects of medical bills on YOUR LIFE. I also hope that information can be shared about programs out there for THOSE who do NOT have medical insurance OR could use help with some kind of SUPPLEMENTAL insurance. There are also PRESCRIPTION programs out there I intend to DISCUSS in the near future. Feel free to post any programs that you are aware of, that can help with PRESCRIPTION and or MEDICAL ASSISTANCE. :) I hope that this forum allows people to meet OTHER individuals in SIMILAR circumstances. Times are getting even tougher and it HELPS to be able to TALK about it to somebody. PLEASE keep POLITICAL debates or HEATED discussion for GROUPS that have been ESTABLISH for such CONTENT. This FORUM was NOT set up for POLITCAL debate, nor to be USED as a POLITICAL platform, BUT for MORALE support. This site does NOT allow PROFANITY(unless in use of describing an emotion)NOR does it allow BASHING, MEAN, RUDE OR HARMFUL comments toward another individual. Any comments of such nature will be REPORTED and REMOVED.

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Hardship grants from healthcare providers

  I was asked by Terese to come and share my story but did'nt really know what I could contribute until now. Now I have something to share that just might help many others, I pray. The cost of healthcare these days is bad enough for all of us, but when you have chronic conditions as well, the Co-pays can kill your budget as well. I have to pay out alot of money in $10.00 & $20.00 co-pays at the pharmacy (though little compared to some!) Then there is the doctors visits and hospital costs. Recently my doctor asked me why I was'nt schuduling regular maintenace things like mammagrams & pap smears, follow-up visits, etc. I explained to him that I just plain didn't have the money for them and then I asked if there was anything he could do to help me. Well lo & behold I got a phone call from a healthcare social worker the next day asking me to give the last three paycheck gross amounts. I did and she said that I qualify for a special program and because of that I was going to recieve for the period of one year FREE CO_PAYS- for a whole year! You could have knocked me over with a feather! Now this is the thing, the general public isn't made aware of these programs or I would have asked a long time ago! So good people, ASK  Not what you can do for your healthcare....ask what your healthcare can do for you!  Good Luck and God Bless, I know there are alot of people out there in the same boat!
This is a number that Mary the social worker happen to give me during our phone conversation. I'm not sure what the requirements are to meet the criteria but it is a number to get free meds or very low cost meds, so its worth a try here is the toll free number

I hope someone can benefit from this good luck and God Bless!
Thank you so much Hun for sharing this very important and helpful information.   I so agree that with the rising costs of Health Care, so many people not having Medical Insurance at all or Insurance that is practically useless on paying that the people of America Need Help.  It is terrible that so many are forced to decide whether they are going to go to their Dr.'s visit and get their necessary medications this week or if they are going to eat. It Really Breaks My Heart that so many good people are stuck in such a bad spot in their lives. Good Luck &
May God Bless You All Brenda
Thank you for sharing your story! You are right many of the doctor's offices don't share the information with you unless you asked.

I was getting a sonogram follow-up from an abnormal mammo last week and the tech told me there were a couple of programs that my doctor's office can sign me up for and that they should have the moment I told them that I no longer have insurance.

Next week...I will start the process.

Thanks again for the awesome news!

Love and Light, Therese
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