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MSK and antibiotics
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MSK and antibiotics

I have asked the MSK forum different questions and I am very thankful for the information received.
I will appreciate very much - if possible - to receive more information about 3 main questions posted.

About MSK and antibiotics.
a) what is the name of the antibiotic and the dose, please
b) have you experienced a substantial relief of pain - or how will you describe it
c) do you also need to take painkillers, if so what type

Thank you.
Mogens Weihrauch (Denmark)
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Any time I've had a UTI and ended up on course of antibiotics, I usually pass a stone within a month.  This time was no different .. passed something small on 2/2 and last week a 1.5mm.

Usually, for me, the Cipro or Levaquin antibiotics helps pass the stone for some reason.  I wonder about being on an anti inflammatory (Mobic) whether that helps pass the stones, too if the inflammation comes down, they can pass ?? We'll never really know, though.

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a)12/9/08 I began Bactrim (SULFAMETH/TRIMETHOPRIM 800/160 TABS) 1 per day.
b) Yes, Substantial relief. I rarely need any pain medicine since 2 days after starting the Bactrim. My GFR has improved too.)
c) I have taken demerol a few times in the past 3 months, I was taking dilauded and demerol frequently prior to the bactrim.
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I have been on just about ever Oral antibiotic out there, but as I mentioned my
case is extreme, each change gave me a period free of kidney pain followed by
are reoccurring of the infection symptoms so we had to up it.

1. Macbid 100 2 x daily, helped A LOT but did not take care of all the pain, I was on it for about 3mos.

2.Cipro, 7mos, totally relieved my kidney pain but caused my IC to flare severely

3. One year off antibiotics, totally kidney painfree one Silverbiotics from American biotech Labs.

4. Back on Cipro for about 8mos same experience as above, stay on Silverbiotics got worse when I tried to go off.

5. Septra(SULFAMETH/TRIMETHOPRIM 800/160 TABS)  also called Bactrim
1 2x a day, complete kidney pain relief for about 4-5mos.  IC better then on Cipro but still had IC bladder pain. Stayed on Silverbiotics and got worse if I went off,

6. Septra above 1 2x a day, 100mg Minocylcine 2 x a day complete kidney pain relief
and actually with IC treatments and pain management my pain was controlled 2years..  I took Silverbiotics too then tried to go off, thinking it was doing anything,
I began to literally pee blood.

10 days of IV Gentamiacin, and back on the Silverbiotics

Then back on oral regime above, with in two weeks had blood in urine again etc,
Added D-Mannose with a slight improvement

Aug. 08 Dr Wolf's procedure
came home and did 2weeks of Tobermycin, IV's, and Silverbiotics, afterward went back on my orals and was peeing blood again in about 2-3 weeks.  Upped my Silverbiotics dose to 3Tbl 3-4 x a day.  all kidney pain left for 6mos.

Now some right kidney pain had returned.  We tried to go off the Minocycline and
crashed with unbearable pain, nausea and weakness. Starting Doxycylcine with the Septra, 2 mos ago. I am better, no blood etc' what so ever, UNLESS I try to go down on the Silverbiotics but have the mild kidney pain.

Making decisions on the next steps since in my case they are extreme.  

I will e-mail you my pain management program later... I prefer not to post that openly on the web.  As I mentioned my case is very extreme with hospital resistant bacteria
after a surgery mishap.

Hope this helps though!

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