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Chronic Head Pressure/Mental Fog
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Chronic Head Pressure/Mental Fog

I'm a 51 year old male and have had fatigue, chronic forehead pressure, and mental fog for 30+ years. I'm otherwise in good health and exercise at least 6 days/week. I'm incredibly frustrated by this condition as it's cost me both personally and professionally.

I'm highly allergic to a lot of grasses, trees, molds, etc. and have been through about 6 rounds of shots and drops since 1994 to no avail. Allergy retest each time I start a round back up have shown the same allergic response so it's apparent my body isn't building up an immunity. Also have had expensive food allergy test ($1000 skin prick and a $750 ALCAT blood test). Skin prick showed allergic response to all foods except pork and chocolate whereas the ALCAT showed intolerance to less foods. My symptoms have gotten more chronic over the last few years. I've also been to 2 neurologists, tried various antidepressants, had spinal tap, MRI's, botox injections, etc. etc. all to no avail.

Note that I had sinus surgery 10 years ago and sinuses drain fine.

Had a few questions:

1. Do my symptoms sound like they are related to food intolerance (ie: sinus cavities) , facial nerve inflammation, or facial muscle tension?
2. What clinic in the US is the best at treating environmental or food type allergies/intolerances? What about clinics for chronic pressure type symptoms and/or heachache?
3. Could sinuses be the culprit even though I can breath fine and have no congestion? ie: inflamed lining that are able to drain properly.
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Hey GaMan.

This strictly my opinion. You have been wasting your time and money
on tests and treatments that haven't worked and probably will not work, nor give any useful answers.
And building an immunity with allergy shots, it's like a vaccine that you're injected with for a very large number of various strains of flu. Not happening.
First this has not been invented yet, and second, your body wouldn't be able to handle it.
Let's face it. When we go to the health care system for help, we are not patients, we are customers. It's a mainly profit industry, true health delivery
is a very distant secondary activity by chance. If it wasn't for our Inner ability to heal and our Intelligent immune system to keep everything in check, the medical system would be bankrupt, as drugs never cure anything.
My suggestion is to do the Dr. Coca's Pulse test- full version - it's a free download. It deals with a fifth group of allergies that modern medicine does not explore at all!
My other suggestion is to find yourself a NAET (Dr Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Techniques) or "Allergy Antidotes" Doctor or Practitioner.

The pressure and headaches are probably related to your intolerance or Allergies in regards to something ingested probably hidden or delayed allergies that are non- IgE reactive.
Migraine headaches are often caused or triggered by delayed food allergies or sensitivities. A few years ago a study showed that 85% of migraine sufferers experienced migraine relief after eliminating specific foods.
Please post again with your comments or questions.
Wish you well.
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