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Neurological problems mixed with heart
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Neurological problems mixed with heart

I have had many symptoms but my most recent that are really concerning me are I can not remember daily events even things I did yesterday, back pain, pain in left jaw, numbness/pain in left arm, coughing up phlegm for a month, difficulty with coordination, dizzy, cannot get in deep sleep when I wake up don't feel tired or anything feels like I never fell asleep

I have had an MRI of the brain 4 months ago and an EKG, Bloodwork, and chest X-ray one month ago (before phlegm coughing)

Symptoms for past 6 months:

Pain in back left and right side
Pain in head but not headache it's little spurts  of pain in different areas
Thoughts won't make sense
Sometimes have a very difficult time communicating my thoughts, I use to be really good at socializing  and speaking to people, now I find it hard to verbalize my opinions or thoughts... Feels like a stutter but not in speech in my thoughts
Really hard remembering daily events
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Oh all of my tests came out normal I also forget to mention its hard to breathe after any physical exertion but my chest X-ray  and MRI were fine
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Hey Em53.

I suspect an underlying infectious condition, low grade, hiding in your tissues,
not showing of couse in any standard tests.
It has progressed to a systemic condition over time and it has most likely affected your nervous system presently.
I'm not surprised with your breathing difficulty.
I will elaborate more on this nin my next post, but for now i'm including some info, pertaining to breathing rates and chronic disease.(I'm still at work)

Minute ventilation rates (chronic diseases)

  Condition        Minute                Number of  Source
                           ventilation              people
Normal breathing 6 L/min -                 Medical textbooks
Healthy Subjects 6-7 L/min >400 Results of 14 studies
Heart disease 15 (±4) L/min 22 ------ Dimopoulou et al, 2001
Heart disease 16 (±2) L/min 1             Johnson et al, 2000
Heart disease 12 (±3) L/min 132         Fanfulla et al, 1998
Heart disease 15 (±4) L/min 55          Clark et al, 1997  
Heart disease 13 (±4) L/min 15          Banning et al, 1995
Heart disease 15 (±4) L/min 88          Clark et al, 1995
Heart disease 14 (±2) L/min 30         Buller et al, 1990
Heart disease 16 (±6) L/min 20          Elborn et al, 1990
Pulm hypertension 12 (±2) L/min 11           D'Alonzo et al, 1987
Cancer                 12 (±2) L/min   40            Travers et al, 2008
Diabetes       12-17 L/min 26                 Bottini et al, 2003
Diabetes         15 (±2) L/min 45                 Tantucci et al, 2001
Diabetes         12 (±2) L/min 8                  Mancini et al, 1999
Diabetes        10-20 L/min 28                 Tantucci et al, 1997
Diabetes       13 (±2) L/min 20                  Tantucci et al, 1996
Asthma                 13 (±2) L/min 16                         Chalupa et al, 2004
Asthma                15 L/min 8                        Johnson et al, 1995
Asthma                14 (±6) L/min 39                         Bowler et al, 1998
Asthma               13 (±4) L/min 17                   Kassabian et al, 1982
Asthma               12 L/min 101                          McFadden & Lyons, 1968
COPD               14 (±2) L/min 12                  Palange et al, 2001
COPD                12 (±2) L/min 10                    Sinderby et al, 2001
COPD                14 L/min 3                           Stulbarg et al, 2001
Sleep apnea          15 (±3) L/min 20                  Radwan et al, 2001
Liver cirrhosis 11-18 L/min 24                   Epstein et al, 1998
Hyperthyroidism 15 (±1) L/min 42                     Kahaly, 1998
Cystic fibrosis 15 L/min 15                           Fauroux et al, 2006
Cystic fibrosis 10 L/min 11                       Browning et al, 1990
Cystic fibrosis* 10 L/min 10                            Ward et al, 1999
CF and diabetes* 10 L/min 7                             Ward et al, 1999
Cystic fibrosis 16 L/min 7                               Dodd et al, 2006
Cystic fibrosis 18 L/min 9                          McKone et al, 2005
Cystic fibrosis* 13 (±2) L/min 10                      Bell et al, 1996
Cystic fibrosis 11-14 L/min 6                      Tepper et al, 1983
Epilepsy                13 L/min 12                              Esquivel et al, 1991
CHV                 13 (±2) L/min 134                         Han et al, 1997
Panic disorder 12 (±5) L/min 12                      Pain et al, 1991
Bipolar disorder 11 (±2) L/min 16                       MacKinnon et al, 2007
Dystrophia myotonica 16 (±4) L/min 12              Clague et al, 1994

Avatar m tn
I have all of the symptoms you described. I spent a year having tons of tests done. I owe a fortune to the Mayo Clinic. Now, I'm thinking this is all caused from menopause. I recently started taking bioidentical hormone replacement. Some of my symptoms are better, but I still have really bad days. I feel as though I'm on a roller coaster.

All of the doctors kept telling me that my symptoms are not "typical" of menopause, but I'm here to tell you that there is nothing typical about menopause. I had hot flashes, sleepless nights, mood swings. That stuff was not a big deal to me. My nightmare started when I found it difficult to breath while exercising. This did not make sense because I've always been very active.  Then, the dizziness, forgetfulness, aches and pains, sinus pressure, chest pains, palpitations, etc. started.

Another reason the doctors did not think it was caused by menopause is because I'm 47. They all just assume it's going to happen in the early 50's. None of this may apply to you, but the symptoms you described sound just like what I have been going through. I read that it gets better. My worst has been going on about a year and a half, so I'm hoping things improve quickly soon. Best wishes to you. I hope you get your problems figured out.  
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