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Very Confused

Sorry for the lengthy post but I felt it necessary to give a little background information.

Two months ago in January I had developed a headache like non I had ever experienced. It was in the back of my neck and head and made me immensely tired. I shrugged it off as stress until this burning fever came on, it wasnt like a normal fever, it was only burning in my neck and spine and chest and it only happened when I laid down. Went to emerg where they gave me an occipital nerve injection to deal with the pain, they did no blood work and my temp was slightly elevated. Over the next week or so the symtoms (symptoms) changed. my headache seemed to subside but the fever stayed as well as this massive spasm that would occur in the middle of my spine, this made it impossible to sleep. Also this strange confusion set in, some times I wouldn't know where I was or what I was doing and my brain just wouldn't stop racing.  after this I went to my GP a few times, he ordered some routine blood work and gave me ativan citing anxiety. The month that followed (February) was absolute hell. along with my existing symptoms some new ones arouse, muscle twitches all over my body, shooting cold sensations in my hands and feet, along with being freezing all the time, and then one night while sleeping I shot up awake and my right arm was completely numb and I couldnt move it, my ears were ringing I didnt know where I was and my vision was doubled completely. I went to the ER where they did an EKG and more blood work which came back normal and told me I had a panic attack. A few days later I was back in the ER because I had what my GF thought was a seizure, basically collapsed on the ground convulsing, I dont remember this at all. They did a CT scan and more blood work, both of which came back fine and set up an EEG appointment for two days later, the next night I had more of these episodes and in the morning I had the exam done, the Neurologist said that there was nothing irregular to be found and told me I should see a therapist and get some exercise... to make a long story short my symptoms have gotten so bad that I dont even remember how I used to feel. my memory is so bad I couldn't tell you what I did yesterday, or this morning for that matter, I have constant twitches all over my body, I have this cold sensation shooting through my hands constantly as well as these weird shock like feelings all over my body. There is a pressure in and around my head and my neck is very stiff, my motor skills have deteriorated to the point where I have trouble holding a fork to eat and my hands and legs shake constantly, I have lost 80% of my ability to smell and my eyes are very blurry and sensitive to light I have also lost 20 ponds since this started about 2 months ago now. I am sorry for the disorganized nature of this post but I forget what Im doing and thinking so fast that its hard to complete simple tasks like this. I am 24 years old, I dont drink or do any drugs and considered myself to be pretty healthy. My GP wont do any more testing because he thinks its depression, but these symptoms are unbearable, at this point I am having a hard time recognizing my loved ones and I feel like whatever this is is eating away at my mind.

I know I mentioned many other symptoms in this post but I thought it would help to paint a complete picture of what is going on. My main issue is with the memory loss because its really effecting my day to day life.

Thank you,

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You have my sympathies, Daniel. After reading your comments, I noticed you said your doctor prescribed ativan for you, citing anxiety. I have a
reference book called The Canadian Guide to Drugs and Supplements.
It's published by Reader's Digest, copyrighted in 2008. I am looking up
the drug  " ATIVAN.  Ativan is a product name for lorazapam. ( a benzodiazepine anti-anxiety drug and sleeping drug. )  Lorazepam or
Ativan belongs to a group of drugs known as the benzodiazepines, which help to relieve anxiety and encourage sleep. The actions and adverse effects of this group of drugs are described more fullyon page 67.
* Clinically, anxiety arises when the balance of certain chemicals in the brain is disturbed. The fearful feelings increase brain activity, stimulating the sympathethic nervous system (see pg. 63), and often triggering physical
symptoms such as shaking, palpatations, and headaches.  ( * This information came from pg. 63 of the above mentioned reference drug book)
I'm going to tell you what the possible adverse effects of Lorazepam are.
A common side effect of Lorazepam are daytime drowsiness. Rare
side effects of Lorazepam or Ativan (same thing) are dizziness/unsteadiness,
headache, nausea/vomiting, amnesia, confusion/disorientation or a rash.
If your GP does not want to do any more testing because he thinks its
depression, I think maybe you need another doctor's opinion. As far as
apologizing for "this disorganized nature of this post", you don't have to.
I'm not a doctor or a medical practioner. I have , however , had a depression
twice actually. Your symptoms don't sound like a depression to me. Are
you still taking the Ativan, Daniel? My suggestion is to perhaps find another
doctor who will listen to you, listen to your symptoms. You may be taking a
high dose of Lorazepam and this may be causing these symptoms. I was
also prescribed lorazepam a number of years ago to help me sleep and to
reduce anxiety. Lorazepam had a powerful effect on me. Honestly, I didn't
like how I felt on this drug. Eventually my doctor took me off lorazepam but I had to be weaned off it gradually. Personally, if possible, I would try to find
another family doctor, if possible. If you don't think you're in a depression
and your current doctor refuses to order you any more tests, find another
doctor. I wish you the best, Daniel in your journey to feeling well again..
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Hi Daniel.

I accidentally bumped into your post, while I was looking for a previous post of mine.
The suggestions from evewisewoman are very interesting.

However, what puzzles me, is the fact that your symptoms changed gradually & drastically, following the occipital nerve injection, well before your GP prescribed Ativan.
Do you know or can you find out exactly what was in the injection.
Also can the injection vial used be identified by mfg,serial number,
single dose or multiple dose?
Infection risk is not just limited to bloodborne pathogens. Outbreaks from improper use of single-dose/single-use vials have resulted in life-threatening bacterial infections including bloodstream infections, meningitis, and epidural abscesses. Many of these infections have occurred following injection procedures performed in pain remediation clinics, ERs etc.

Are you still on Ativan? Ativan is counter-indicated when a patient has DEPRESSION
If you are you may want to consider getting off it , but only with the help of a qualified health practitioner, but not your current GP.
Ativan belongs to a nasty group of drugs, as evewisewoman mentioned.
I have a friend in AJAX, On., whose life has been destroyed b/c of benzodiazepines. While this is not everyone's experience, this is a drug to be taken with extreme caution.
There's a possibility of  a serious interaction with Candida, should you have that. (Candida may present drunk-like symptoms, as Candida's waste byproduct is alcohol)
Just do a YouTube search for "saliva test for candida"
Very simple and only takes a couple minutes to do.

I can see someone having a bout of anxiety or depression from the onset of such symptoms, as this would be a normal reaction.
But to be diagnosed with anxiety/panic attacks/depression and disregard everything else that is happening to you is really a huge disservice at this point.
Your memory issues may be linked to the Ativan and any possible interactions with other factors.

Please keep us posted.
Best wishes!

Avatar m tn
Thanks for the reply Nikko I really appreciate the insight.

You know I was thinking about that injection myself, prior to the injection I never had any confusion or memory problems. During the procedure I was very resistant, The very thought of needles in the base of my skull made me sick but I was assured that it would help and if it didn't it would be a process of elimination. I had two injections, I was told they were a mixture of a local anaesthetic and steroids. The doctor making the injections was a student doctor I dont know if that matters at all, he told me the only side effects would be a sore injection site.

I have stopped taking the Ativan completely because it made absolutely no difference, I am however taking effexor and seeing a psychologist which is also making no difference.

Since my original post I went back to my GP and pleaded with him to do something about this,he refferred me back to the neurologist and told me to push for an MRI, he has no idea whats wrong, but "wants to get to the bottom of it" I dont know how long its going to take to get in to see them again and my GP told me it could take months to get an MRI.

I guess I dont know what to do anymore, my symptoms persist and I have done everything everyone has suggested in terms of mental health. I have lost my job and everyone just seems frustrated with me, I dont even understand how to complete simple tasks anymore and my memory is so foggy I dont know what I have done moments after doing it, its extremely overwhelming because I dont understand what is happening to me.

Thanks again for the thoughtful and informative post it gives me some hope.

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Just wanted to give a list of what I have had done.

-6 sets of blood work all came out fine
-2 CT scan without contrast
-2 EKG's
-2 Urinalysis

In the blood work we tested thyroid, electrolytes, adrenal and CBC along with everything else.  
1530171 tn?1448133193
To my opinion these tests are good for eliminating certain things but as far as diagnosing, I think a more dynamic test like a SPECT scan might shed more light, as it will show blood flow in the brain.
I don't know if there's something in your area to fascilitate such testing, but it won't hurt to do search or make a few calls.

I don't know much about the Occipital nerve injections, but personally,
if I were being injected, I would want an experienced practitioner to perform this  I guess one cannot go back, however, it opens new possibilities, perhaps,in this medical mystery investigation.

There's another possibility of a serious reaction to either to the anaesthetic
or the steroids. Have you reported any of this to Hospital where you had this injection? It would be warranted, I think, considering the severity of your symptoms. The exact names of these meds and their formulation/dose would be very useful in researching their serious to severe side effects.

Wish you the best outcome and please keep us posted.
You may post again or PM me anytime if you have any questions or just need to chat.

Avatar m tn
Thanks again for posting, I suppose I could find out what exactly was used. I have been to the ER so many times for different reasons I think they are getting sick of me as well.

As you might imagine, I have been looking up my symptoms and have come up with a laundry list of possible diseases, I know it doesn't help anything and really has only added to my stress. There are so many possible causes out there that it becomes overwhelming, MS, lyme, cancer, encephalitis, you name it and I think I have it. At the end of the day I don't care what it is I just don't want to live with it for the rest of my life, or at the very least get it under control..

I agree with you about the SPECT scan being the next logical step, it just seems like when doctors around here (Nova Scotia, CA) are stumped they just say its depression/anxiety and throw some pills at you.

I will definitely keep you posted, thanks for the advice.

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