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41 yo, missed 2 periods, 2 neg hpt's, could it be PERI-menopause a...
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41 yo, missed 2 periods, 2 neg hpt's, could it be PERI-menopause at my age perhaps??

I'm 41 years old (recently turned).  I don't have any children.  I missed my Dec period and now am late for the Jan period.  I've take 2 hpt's and they came out negative.  I am just not sure what's going on with me.  I've never been late or missed a cycle before.  I am always every 28 or 29 days.  Last month I just didn't get my period and I got kinda concerned so I took some hpt's.  They turned out negative so I don't think that's what is wrong.  I am wondering what it could be and if it could be symptoms of peri-menopause at my age (41).  If anyone has expericed this or has any suggestions...please make a post to the website.  I'd greatly appreciate any ideas or suggestions/advice from others who may have experienced this too.  Thanks!!
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I am having the same symptoms as your are now and I am 44 years old.  Taken the menopause test and it came back negative.  I am getting concerned also.  Let me know what you find out and I will let you know what I find out.  
You may very well be starting peri-menopause. I started going through it when I turned 40. I also used to be like clock work..every 28 days..then I missed a period, then would have one or two, then skip one or two months. Have a few, skip a few. Also my periods became much lighter. Didnt really have any other symptoms other than that. Also not pregnant or suffering from infections, etc.

Gradually my periods starting becoming farther and farther apart, and just when I thought I wasnt going to have anymore I would have one. That then turned into maybe having a period 2-3 times a year. I would also start feeling like I was about to start and then nothing would happen. I am now 45 and havent had a period since April'08. Going into my dr in 3 weeks for my annual and I am going to request hormonal testing because I'm now having minor hot flashes, trouble sleeping over the last couple of years more & more, etc.

I would suggest that you start tracking when you have your periods. I did this for several years so I can go back to exactly when it started. It also helps your dr know a pattern.  You arent going crazy. Hope this helps!
I have had recently 3 periods within less than 2 months.....some light days some HEAVY days, I have NEVER had any problems with my periods at all...i just turned 41 Jan. 10th 2010.....Its scaring me and i have a docs appt for Feb. 23rd.....I started my period at a YOUNG age 10 yrs old when i first started...i have not experienced cramps hardly at all during my years of periods.....and even with the 3 periods within 2 months im still not cramping of hurting in very puzzled by the whole situation.....any suggestions??
I am almost 42, and since I hit 40 my periods have been all over the place, sometimes 2 weeks, as long as 7 weeks between each one. Well I have now broken a record 12 weeks, and NO period, three pregnancy test (negative).  I have the tell tale signs around the time I was due, but no period. I have also started to get very light headed when I lie down, whether this is related I dont know, but feeling really fed up with this, and was quite worried. So glad other people have the same problems, makes me feel normal.
I have quite normal thick/thin discharges at different times of the month but today I had a greenish discharge, which worried me a little. My husband says it is because of my age, and a lot of people tell me they went through similiar.
Should I worry or just go with the flow. Getting to see my doctor is a nightmare, so I have left it a while hoping it would settle down ?
Help, advice would be appreciated !
I am having the same worry here. I am 41 years old, having had normal 28 day cycle all my life until now that I am quite a few days late for my period. I am having lots of cramps in the 2 sides of the stomach and am feeling the musuals in that area twisting, like someone is kicking or hitting from inside.

It really worries me because I am actually in the preparation of having an IUI, waiting for do all the FSH etc. tests on the 2rd or 3rd day of my period and my period still not comes!

Please if any one has experienced this share some info. with us.

I am 43 and started trying to conceive my first about 6 months ago.  I know my periods have become somewhat irregular, anywhere from 15 day cycle to 55 day cycle.  Since trying to conceive I started charting basal body temp and have found it to be very interesting.  The reality, is ther are many months that I am not at all ovulating.  You would think that you wouldn't get a period, but that's just not the case.  I bet if all of you start charting your temps, you will find that the inconsistent months are months that you did not ovulate.  Unfortunately us over 40 women will continue to get periods, but no ovulation.

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