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A question from a newbie....
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A question from a newbie....

I'm 45 and am going through menopause. I haven't menstruated in over 4 months (yay!). The only symptom I have is the hot flashes. I know I'm lucky that it's the only symptom, but it is really bad. I wake up regularly at night with damp hair and wet pillow, feeling like I'm smothering. I sleep with a fan blowing on me, but it doesn't seem to help. My hubby complains because my skin gets very hot (like I have a high fever) and he is a "sleeping snuggler". As soon as he goes to sleep, he throws his arm and at least one leg across me. Then he complains because he sweats from the heat coming off me. LOL  
I have the hot flashes during the day too, but it's much worse at night. Are there any tips or tricks to help with this?
Also, is it normal to be drastically "uneven" with temperature? I've noticed that many times, my arms/hands are cold at the same time that my legs are hot and sweating. Sometimes it's vice-versa. It makes it much harder to get comfortable. I am fairly thin, and have always been cold-natured. Not anymore!
Thank you for any advice you can share with me!
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Hi Tina,

I just finished reading your comments. You're not necessarily in menopause, Tina. To be officially in menopause, you have to have had no periods for
one year. This is what my doctor told me when I thought I was going through
menopause. I am now menopausal, but I'm over 50. Anyway, I sympathize
as far as the hot flashes. I've had hot flashes at night. So have two of my
best friends. You're literally drenched with perspiration. I was having quite
a few hot flashes at night for awhile last year. Lately, the hot flashes only
come during the day and not every day. I know there are some supplements you can buy from the health food store to help you with these kinds of perimenopausal symptoms. You ask if there are any tips or tricks with this.
The uneven temperature you're talking about happens for me too. I wish
I knew some tips to deal with hot flashes at night. Whatever you do though,
Tina, when you eventually do enter menopause, don't go for HRT or
hormone replacement therapy. I would also google HRT and see what comes up. I found one sebsite where HRT was linked to breast cancer which is the reason I will never take an HRT pill or any kind of HRT.
I would recommend getting a resource book about menopause. I have one
called Menopause- Self Help Book. The book is written by Dr. Susan Lark.
Copyright 1990 Celestial Arts, P.O. Box 7327. Berkeley, California 94707
ISBN 0-89087-592-8.  printed in the USA in case you want to purchase it.
The author  has a chapter called Herbs for Menopause and a special
section called Hot flashes where Dr. Lark gives many suggestions. I will add
that it is really important to discuss any supplement you're considering taking for the hot flashes with your family doctor to make sure the herbal
supplement not not conflict with any other medication you're taking.
I hope you find my comments helpful, Tina. Good luck to you. Eve :)
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Im not alone, you just described my nightly sessions. I am 47 and had ablation last Oct which stopped the periods so I been put into a type of menopause by force.Before this I had random months of night sweats, waking up on fire and saturated, usually during the first days of the period, since surgery Ive continued to have 1 or 2 nights of this, that was up until 8 days ago, now its every night about 5 times a night and all day as well.
Ive read that, VitB complex evening primrose and VitE are the big vitamins to help, also alots been said about the success of black cohosh,I am in agreeance with Eve on HRT but its getting me down right now with 8 sleepless nights and probably number 9 is on its way tonight. I am usually a constant tea drinker, decaf or cammomile but the tea being hot will set me off into a flush, so today I been sipping on water and only had 2 teas. I heard getting walks help so I been walking again today. I plan on seeing a naturapath this pay if I am no better also I might visit the dr and ask for a blood test to see what my FSH level is and estrogen etc,I am thin build, dont smoke or drink and eat real healthy mostly . If anyone has any other ideas please please help its driving me insane right now,thanks, Bet
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