Help!!! Going through Menopause and am having severe constipation
by blnewsome, Nov 25, 2006
I am a 52 year old woman going through menopause with my hormones all out of wack. I also have Hypothyroidism. I am having severe problems with constipation. All the stuff that I read about this says that laxitives, enemas, and taking fiber (stuff that you normally would use for this) doesn't work. I am wondering what else could be used or what else could be done to help me with this problem, or is it something that I will always have to deal with?  I am worried that something else may be wrong.
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by horse1, Dec 14, 2006
i take 2 tbs of flax & 4 prunes soaked in a cup of water overnight every AM & try to chew some of the flax...(i'm 50 yo). it may not taste great, but it is a healthy alternative to OTC laxatives etc. it has phytoestrogens & anti-viral, anti-fungal properties to name a few, and has the EFAs that are so important..may take a few days for it to "kick in", but give it a has helped my skin & hair a lot too.
by waitandsee, Mar 31, 2008
I am in peri and have the same problem
2 years ago I missed my first period, but suffered severe constipation for 9 months. I was tested for ovarian cancer with vag. ultra sound, had barium enema, and ct. all showed nothing and it resolved on its own.Nothing I did worked.

I am having the probems again, missed 2 periods, last being Jan. and am having severe constipation. Am on motility drugs, lots of benefibre, magnesium and flax, veggies etc.Taking senna but the only thing that brings me back to soft tummy and normal weight is castor oil, which  I resort to when I have the time to stay home and go all day. It feels like I go by gravity alone once I am so full, small amounts and soft.No urgency,have to strain.

I do not want to suffer 9 months like last time, (so bad it causes urinary incontinence if I run,back aches etc)and hope I solve it once and for all. I am sick of people telling me to take more fibre. I am thin and pretty active.

If you sound similiar, let me know as no site talks about hormones causing this bad constipation. I am going to repeat some of the tests , but am not hopeful for an answer. I don't want to become a bowel obsessed old lady.(I.m 48). I want to get a prescription for natural prednisone cream, as this is probable what I am lowest in.

I'll share what  I learn, and it won't be drink more water, excercise and fibre. No one asks for help without trying those things first.
by jdtm, Apr 01, 2008
The thing that worked best for me was to take a 30-45 minute walk in the morning.  Usually, I had to hurry back in order to reach the bathroom on time.  By the way, I ate my "fibre" cereal before venturing outside.
by hope_for_more, Apr 15, 2008
I guess everyone is different.  I am perimenopausal and have been for several years.  I do walk daily and eat well but the thing that helps me the most with constipation is a magnesium supplement.  It helps my muscle cramps and aches as well.  (of course I'm taking other supplements too.)
by drmaegan, May 01, 2008
There are such a multitude of symptoms that go on with imbalanced hormones, including menopause symptoms and hypothyroid because all the glands - gonads, thyroid, adrenal, pituitary, hypothalamus work together as the Endrocrine System.  In order to achieve the best of health, it's important to find out where the imbalance lies and correct it at cellular level.  I do saliva testing and hair analysis, which you can do at home, to determine all the hormone levels in the Endocrine System, find out where the imbalance is and correct it with the use of whole food supplements, herbs and bioidentical hormones.  Check out my website for more information:  www.****.com  Yours in Health, Dr. Maegan
by petitejayna, May 01, 2008
Hi: Have you ever tried to add more saturated fat to your diet?  I realize this is not the standard medical norm being preached today but it's something to consider looking into with a naturopathic practitioner. Drinking lots of water and adding more fiber doesn't always help.  In fact, more fiber can sometimes make the problem worse.  Try adding more essential fatty acids to your diet.  Buy a can of regular, full fat (not the light variety) coconut milk. You can find 14oz cans of coconut milk in the grocery store or in a natural food market.  Try to get the highest saturated fat content you can find. Mix the contents of the can of coconut milk with 1-1/4 cups of filtered water, a little sea salt (about 1/4 tsp or so -- maybe a 1/2 tsp for taste), one tablespoon of raw honey or maple syrup.  Blend this mixture in a blender.  This makes about a quart.  The mixture will store in the refrigerator about 3 days.  I make a smoothie with this in the morning adding a piece of fresh orange and some pineapple.  The orange contains potassium which is good for constipation.  I use about 4 oz. to about 6 oz. of this blended milk for my smoothie.  You can drink less in case you are not used to the taste. I also use this mixture as a coffee creamer, too, and add it to my cereal. I drink coconut milk drinks twice a day regularly -- but that's just for me and I'm not recommending it to everyone.  All bodies react differently and we are all not made the same!

A word about fiber....eating lots of fiber or taking fiber supplements at the same time as you would eat your fats like flax seed oil, fish oils or coconut milk is not advisable.  The fiber will absorb the fat and your intestines won't get the essential fatty acids.  Oatmeal and other high fiber foods act like a sponge and soak up fats from the body and remove them.  It will also absorb the fat from your good fats like fish oils, etc.  

You can also cook some greens in a little bit of coconut milk and eat them.  As we age our bodies sometimes can't handle the same foods we ate when we were younger.  Dairy products always bind me up.  Calcium supplements do the same for me as well.  The coconut milk helped me when I had a bit of constipation.  Even though the current diet mantra is low fat or no fat, when we enter the menopause phase we need more natural saturated fats. No trans fats or man-made vegetable oils like cottonseed or soybean. Our bodies don't digest these fake fats. Women need natural saturated fat from animals that are traditionally pasture-fed and raised on grass.

Constipation that goes on and on is miserable.  I know how it feels.  I hope you get some relief soon.  Take care of yourself.

by hotrodgirl, May 02, 2008
There is a product that you can buy at wal-mart that works very well.  When I had a colonoscopy I asked my gastro doc about it and he said it was safe to use everyday if need be.

For the life of me I can't remember the name.  I have some in my pantry at home, I'll look tonight and come back and tell you what it is.

It is mild, but does work.

by pinklady01, Jun 16, 2008
Its wonderful to read these comments.  I didnt know if I was beginning of change but have had some sweats off and on for years.  Suddenly periods every 2 weeks and then nothing for 2 months.  Dont normally have toilet problems but now constipation.  Prune Juice however it is vile, holding nose helps, this did help to start.  My doctor started to worry me as I have to go for tests.  But listening to the above comments hopefully it will be the same.  So thanks for the above comments, I now feel I am not alone!!  
by Pinklady
by Sanderdoe, Oct 09, 2008
I am post menopausal and have been having problems with constipation on and off for a couple of years. I too have been for tests and nothing has turned up. It's worrisome to me as I have never had a severe problem like this. It's often triggered by stress but once started is really difficult to resolve. Even perscription drugs the doctor has given me don't always work. The thing that works best is consistency in my diet and exercise and stress level. Not easy to control! I too am tired of hearing more fiber, water, etc. Magnesium helps sometimes for me too.