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Vag Dischrg w/ blood, menopause?

Please tell me I'm not alone here. I swear my body has been falling apart the last 2 months. Let me start by saying that I had gastric sleeve surgery for weight loss in 2012. I've been healthy since & I am 5 '2, weighing 132 pds.

I'm 50 yrs old, had a uterine ablation about 10 yrs ago & have not had a period since then.  Many of my friends have started going thru menopause, but as far as I know, I've not had any symptoms.

Here's a 6-8 wk history on what's been going on. Related? Coincidence it's all happening at once?  Not related? You tell me.

*  Early to mid Sept - watery mucus vaginal discharge started
*  Early mid Oct - started having discomfort in the upper middle part of my stomach AND lower left back pain  (usually at the same time). Dr thought it could be stress related & that I was developing an ulcer. Rather than take meds since I was going to be travelling for 2 1/2 weeks, internationally, we decided I would start taking Nexium. I tested positive for h pilory but was told it could be a false positive & that I'd have to have another test to confirm it.  Since I was traveling internationally, I did not have time for more tests
*  Mid to end Oct - flew to Ireland for work. End of the 1st day the white part of my left eye become totally blood shot; where I was told by a pharmacist that as long as I didn't have pain / headache, I must have had a blood vessel pop, perhaps from cabin pressure.  Mind you, I've been flying my entire life & this has never happened.
*  Early Nov - The day after I returned from my last trip, I developed a body rash out of nowhere.  Back, legs, butt, arms, every where & I had not eaten anything new or used any new soaps, perfumes, detergents, etc... Went away after 2 1/2 days
*  Week ago - my mucusy discharge started becoming more mucusy whenever I wiped. Typically, did not discharge as much on to panties but more when I wiped. No pain / no burning / no itching / don't think there's a smell
* 2 days ago - after 10 yrs of not having a period, I had blood associated w/ the mucus discharge.

The last few months I've had a stringy (not thick) clearish / white mucus discharge. It's progressively gotten thicker to the point where when I wiped the toilet paper was wet. For the first time in years, when I went to wipe, I had a very stringy discharge that had blood in it.  I've not had any pain, itching or burning sensations with this.   Also, now that I'm back on my standard timezone & sleeping once again, I'm exhausted at night. Typically the morning person, I'm having a hard time wanting to get out of bed in the morning. Is it the weather? Am I fighting something?

Am I falling apart? Am I deficient in something? Is this a sign of pre-menopause? Do I see my primary Dr again or do I see a gyno (which I haven't seen in years)?

Sorry for the long post & thanks for listening!
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