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When will i feel like myself...menopause has been so difficult
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When will i feel like myself...menopause has been so difficult

Hello Everyone!

I am new to this site, but wanted to share what has happened to me since I hit menopause.  It's been
3 years of has.  My mother never talked about menopause as she had no symptoms
whatsoever.  As for me, I have had severe hair loss since 2005 started very gradually and simply
got worse as time has passed.  January of this year has been very difficult as its becoming more
difficult to comb my hair like I used to.  I loved my hair.....and now I can't stand the way it looks
one side is always shorter then the other.  My skin has become dry and if that wasn't enough I
began having brown spots on my face here and there.  My eyelids have drooped somewhat and
my eyelashes are no longer as thick as they once were.  

I have always felt attractive and sexy too and have also been told that many times.  However, now
I don't want to date anymore as i donot like the way I look.  It's been to drastic too many changes
I don't know what to do anymore.  I am 56 years of age never ever thought something like this would
happen to me.  I have cried alot over this transition.  

I have an underactive thyroid had it before all of this happened.  I do take medication for it, seems
to be okay dr. says.  Could it be Iron deficiency......really donot know what to do anymore.  Although
I do have an apt. with an endocrinologist at the end of the month.  

Has anyone found anything that will grow back our hair?  Or possibly bioidentical hormone replacement.

Is there any hope out there?  

I have alot of compassion for women going through this.

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Hi Josee2:

I've been having the very same problems.  My hair has become so thin that I'm doing the female version of the "male combover"! LOL  If I could just get the hair that's growing on my chin to change places with the hair I'm losing from my head....I'd be all set! ;-P

As for hair regrowth....well, all of these shampoos and snake oil bottles of **** don't tend to do a lot but drain your wallet.  I have found that using milder shampoos (ask a salon about their products) as opposed to the drug store brands, helps a lot.  There's also a shampoo and conditioner called "Ecrinal" that works to fortify the hair's roots that give it a "fighting chance" so to speak in growing.  

But, more than anything it's said that hair growth and re-growth come from inside which means supplements (vitamins) taken on a regular basis.  A good healthfood store can often give us the advice that we need with special formulations.  

Your thyroid is likely part of the reason, along with stress (or, so I've been told with regards to myself).  Apparently, an estrogen dominance (meaning lower progesterone) will also cause these affects.  If you're in the U.S., natural progesterone cream, rubbed into soft tissues areas like underside of arms, belly, inner thighs etc., can also help tremendously.  

Talk to your endocrinologist about these ideas and see what he/she recommends.  Alternatively (if they give no real substantial advice), you might want to see a Naturopathic doc who often has some natural remedies, dietary advice etc..  I think that's where I'm heading next.  

Best wishes!
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By the way, don't forget that we are often our own worst critics and others don't see the changes as drastically as we do.  Also remember that what you feel on the inside, shows on the outside.  Ever see a rather plain Jane type of woman with a handsome guy by their side and wonder, "What the heck?".  Attractiveness comes from WITHIN and shines on the outside.  :)  
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Thank you Kenton!  

I'm about to have an endometrial biopsy on the 12th of August for a thickened endometrium and will ask about bio-identical progesterone therapy.  I have a real sense that I am estrogen dominant and need some progesterone to balance things out to a more even keel.  Unfortunately, these creams are considered prescriptive only up here in Canada so, they're not readily available to us and a lot of docs will go the pharmaceutical routes rather than the bio-identicals.  

I am working out....a lot of strength training and try to get some walking and swimming in as well.  I have arthritis in my knee (injury to it many years ago) and plantar fascitis so, walking isn't always easy but, I do swim and that helps.  

I've noticed that recently, my hot flushes have gone completely so, something hormonal is switching around. :)  I do have all of the symptoms listed though.  I'm very anxious about the biopsy (test itself and more importantly, the results) but, am hopeful that there are some answers that can be dealt with and I'll be feeling better eventually.  :)
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