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Why isn't this OVER yet?
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Why isn't this OVER yet?

I went through menopause 6 years ago. For nearly 4 years I got hot flashes, sleep disruption, odd aches and pains, exhaustion for no reason. I refused HRT. I took herbs whan needed, which worked a bit, took the edge off some things.

Then things seemed to get better. I now sleep ok (but have ended up with 'Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome'....which I can handle. At least I get decent sleep!) The other symptoms thinned out too. BUT...I am still occasionally getting a few days 'bad phase' here and there, when I cannot feel normal energy, get exhausted easily, get crazy hot flashes, my body aches, etc. This lasts a few days, then goes away for maybe weeks or a month or two.

Shouldn't it all be gone now? It's been six years!

Does anyone else still get these things years after the menopause?
(There is nothing wrong with my Thyroid, I eat very well ...healthy food, exercise well. I do not have any health problems, or arthritis)
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Hi Ginger!

We’re all different as far as I can tell. Some women never seem to have much of a problem at all, some “get over it” after a year or two, and some of us can suffer for decades. I’ve heard women in their 80’s complaining that they still get hot flashes and other symptoms.

My sister who is 63 had been suffering continuously with hot flashes and night sweats for 12 years. Like you, she always refused hormones, and had tried every herb in the book without success. She asked her gyn how long this might go on, and she said “probably for the rest of your life”. Yech!

I’m 49, and had a hysterectomy in January of 2008. I decided to go without hormones, and did okay until last summer, when every symptom in the book slapped me at once! Hot flashes, night sweats, horrible anxiety, paranoia. I’d raging one minute and sobbing the next. I really thought I’d gone over the falls. I couldn’t rest, let alone sleep, I was missing work - my DH was avoiding me… felt like my life was unraveling!

My doctor finally started me on HRT in August, and while it really did help with the hot flashes, it didn’t do much for my emotional issues. But in my case, the HRT was a bad match, and I started having physical side effects that were so bad that it really scared me, so I quit after only four months.

Once I quit the hot flashes and night sweats came crashing back, and I felt like I’d gone out of the frying pan and into the fire. We were visiting my husband’s family for the holidays when things were at their worst, and I was miserable. The flashes and sweats were vicious, and my emotions were all over the place - sullen, sobbing, grouchy, MEAN! I felt sorry for their having to put up with me!

Finally someone STRONGLY suggested an herbal product called Wisdom Menopause Formula, saying that it had really worked wonders for them. I was desperate, so I ordered a bottle from Amazon, and it was waiting for me when we got home. I’ve been taking it for over 5 months now, and I couldn’t be more pleased. The night sweats were the first to go, and then I noticed that the daytime flashes were getting progressively weaker and fewer, and for the past few months, I rarely get even a hint of a flash.

But for me the best part has been the difference I’ve seen in my anxiety, emotions and moods. I sleep wonderfully, I’m not freaking out or worrying over every little thing like I was, and I feel MUCH more positive, and life in general just seem a whole lot friendlier.

I told my sister about it, and she was reluctant at first, saying that she’d tried everything, so I just went ahead and sent her a bottle. It took a bit longer before she started seeing results, but now she absolutely raves at the difference it’s made for her.

As I said earlier, I know that we’re all different, and what works for some may not for others, but I personally know of four women (besides me) that are taking it now, and I haven’t heard anything but praise. You might want to consider giving it a try.

Take care!

Thank you so much Lisa! I too tried Agnus Castus and St John's Wort, which did help tremendously. They helped me sleep a little better. Now (although I sleep late) I do sleep well again and naturally. But was just wondering about the hot flashes, and when they'd disappear.
Now I've read what you've written I guess they could go on. It's not the end of the world. I'll adapt to that. It gets cold in my house, so I am just going to have to look at those hot flashes as saving me some logs on the fire!! lol!

I'm really into herbal meds. I find they work for me well. But I have stopped taking the ones I took before. Maybe I'll re-start, when I get a 'bad phase' come on.

Certainly, I think I'll check out the Wisdom Menopause Formula. Thanks Lisa.
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