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Yikes! bleeding after not having period for 3 years.
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Yikes! bleeding after not having period for 3 years.

Hi everyone...I am almost 54, have not had a period in about 2 1/2 years.  Last month I noticed a very slight spotting, just for one day.  Then 24 days later it happened again, a little more this time, but still very slight, this light spotting lasted 2 days.  About a week before this last spotting, my nipples were very sore and tender.  Also had some occasional pain happening at random intervals  about an inch below my belly button and to the lower left.  The pain didn't feel like cramps.
I have made an appointment to see my gyn...he will do a pelvic and pap test, along with vaginal ultra sound and will take it for there as to what to do next.   Also I have had 6 pregnancies, 4 full term.
I have a dropped uterus that is also tilted...I can actually feel it not from from the vagina opening....this puts a ton of pressure on my rectum...causing a mega hemorrhoid and trouble making a bowel movement....sometimes I actually have to insert a finger into my vagina to help push out the stool...because I don't make large movements..I feel the need to go often.  
Anyway, has anyone else had problems like this???? Feel like I am the only person in the world (although I know I'm not) going through this crazy time.
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A. It is good you are going to see your gyn. It sounds like you have uterine prolapse, the name given to the uterus when it starts to drop out of the vagina.  Your symptoms are very common for a person who has this problem. Uterine prolapse is not uncommon after having 4 full term babies. Sometimes the problem can be helped with a pessary, a small rubber device that goes into the vagina like a diaphragm and holds the uterus up. Sometimes it takes surgery (either tacking the uterus up to keep it elevated in its normal position or removing it with a hysterectormy) to correct things.
Getting the exam and the ultrasound and pap test are good things to have done.  It should be possible to find out whether or not there is anything to worry about after those tests are done, though sometimes additional testing is needed.
Machelle M. Seibel, MD
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Thank you for the information about my uterus prolapse....
however, what about the  light spotting along with the sore nipples I had a week before the spotting.  Would a prolapsed uterus cause the spotting after not having a period in such a long time.  I am almost 54 and thought I was well into menopause, since it had been at least  2 1/2 years since my last period.  Could hormones be causing the spotting and sore nipples???
I am going to have a thyroid test done too.
Not stressing too much about this...but of course i am a little concerned.

thanks again!
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