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5-hour energy drink
I have a question, this morning around 7:50am I took a 5 hour energy drink to help me to wake up for the 5k race at 9:30am.

I know caffeine is really bad for you but I drink bottle of water before the 5k race and I was using the bathroom a lot.
I feel fine during the race but I kinda feel guilty on using 5 hour energy drink to help me out?

Is it illegal for a 5k race?
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It depends on the conditions you signed up for to do the race. Professionally, you will be in big trouble, amateur, everyone tries to out do each other.
Seriously though, having a high caffeine drink before a race is not a good thing. Your heart rate, and blood pressure will go up, giving you a feeling of energy, ( hence why they call them energy drinks) but your heart rate and blood pressure will go up in the race as well normally! You could end up having a cardiac arrest!

The body also sees the high caffeine as a diuretic, meaning it wants to excrete as much fluid as it can. This puts and enourmous pressure to your kidneys.

Those energy drinks can help someone who is on night shift and fading, or a driver who needs to push through the next few hours, but they are NOT recommended for sports people.

You would be better to drink an electrolyte drink like Gatorade or similar.
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