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Are internal piles dangerous?
I have internal piles, it's finger like projection (only one) with bulged tip on the inner wall of anal pore. the tip of it some times comes out as i can touch it. I can see it completely out during excretion. It is not at all painful and I am not bothered about its presence. But i am scared that it may get worse some time later, causing bleeding and pain. I haven't consulted a doctor yet, because I only noticed it around a month ago. My conclusions are all based on the information (including images) i got from wikipedia and other online resources.

I read lots about this disease. Possible causes for me are:

1. Sitting long hours - I have been working late night for the past two months, even after midnights (I work in corporate).
2. irregular eating habit - I was irregular.

Please help me:
1. Are internal piles always painless?
2. Will it get worse in the future, with pain and bleeding?
3. Is operation necessary, can medicines cure it?
4. what precautions should I take, to avoid it in the future?
5. Will it disappear naturally after some time, if i dont care about it?

Waiting your advice so badly,
Thanks a lot.
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Yes, they will get worse.

And yes, they can be life-threatening.

You can lose a lot of blood over a period of time.

In one case a patient was brought into an ER where I worked with a hematocrit of seventeen from such bleeding. Normal for a male is around forty-five or six.

He was near death.

Get the problem taken care of.
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