Ascended testicle during orgasm
by evilseto, Jun 10, 2006
During masturbation, my right testicle sometimes ascends into the scrotum while I'm having my orgasm.  I had assumed this was because my penis bends to my left somewhat and uses my right testicle intensely more, but I realised that thought is stupid so I'm asking here what is up with it (pun not intended)
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by cd124, May 20, 2009
I believe that this is normal.  I am 55 years old and I have always noticed that my testicles ascend just before and during orgasm, whether through masturbation or sex with a woman.  About a year ago, a beautiful girl was giving me a terrific hand job after having intercourse.  About a minute before orgasm, BOTH testicles ascended dramatically (much more than normal), probably because of a combination of the fact that I had come during intercourse only a few minutes before and that I was extremely turned-on by this gorgeous girl fisting my ****!  Anyway, she noticed, and said, "Man, your balls have almost disappeared!"  (My balls were actually making bulges INSIDE my abdomen on either side of my ****).  At that point she lightly pushed her left palm against my nuts while still fisting with her right hand and I exploded, shooting *** all over.  It was a fantastic orgasm.  She said "Wow",  I think realizing that I had experienced something special.  There was no discomfort involved (quite the contrary) and my balls dropped back to normal within a few seconds after orgasm.  So, I think this is perfectly normal.