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Constant need to Poo and smell?
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Constant need to Poo and smell?

This is embarrassing, but here it goes.

I'm 16, and during my time at secondary school I could actually smell poo when I sat down anywhere, and the only way to solve the problem was to go to the toilet and have a poo. But I would have the sensation of needing to poo all the time in school, constantly having to clench my butt cheeks to stop myself from farting/pooing. And whenever I would have a poo, I would rarely feel it all came out, and when I wipe my bum I could almost feel a lump of poo still there. On top of that I swing between being constipated and pooing like liquid. All my friends never go to the loo at school, and never need to. But If I didn't I would smell and be extremely uncomfortable. This happened every single day, and made my life very miserable. I have been told on several occasions that I smell like poo.

It was my first day of college today, and I had to have a poo 3 times in 6 hours. I only actually had a normal poo once; the other two times was just gas and poo liquid. I always feel that I can't push out everything, which is why I always need the loo? Anyway I tried cutting out milk and dairy in general from my diet for the past few days, and it hasn't seemed to help.

I do not want to go through college with the constant worry of smelling in my classes, and just want to feel relaxed in class with no need to "keep it all in until I get to the loos" every 5 minutes...

I would greatly appreciate the help
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dont take this the wrong way,

but this sounds alot like what i go through after having anal sex. i go through the exact same thing you are tlaknig about for sometimes weeks after having anal sex
It sounds as though you have IBS Irritable bowel syndrome, something I and a lot of other people suffer from too, so you are not alone.
Diet changes can help (Stay away from sugar and refined carbohydrates like white bread, white pasta, white rice, fast foods and anything too greasy), try to eat a healthy balanced diet and take a good multi vit/mineral every day (available from any health food shop).
Stess also plays an important factor with this condition and difficult as it sounds, the more stressed you get the worse the IBS can get, causing a vicious circle. You could try taking up yoga (also helps digestive system) or meditation, just 10-15 per day, sitting with eyes shut in a relaxed comfortable warm environment listening to calming music.
You can also get tablets from your doctors for IBS which you take before each meal which I used to take but now find with the dietry changes and meditation my IBS is a lot better
Hope this helps
And remember you are not alone
Best of luck xxxxxx
a person i used to work for had a problem from birth and that was the muscles in his anus didn't function properly and therefore felt bowel movements but had no control over when he needed to go. he had it pretty under control but used to wear special underwear so there was no smell if he did have an accident, and then could just change them over so no one knew. anyway, it sounds possible that you may have this??

have you thought about getting this checked out?? Also you described how sometimes it all came out solid, then runny. To me that doesn't sound like normal bowel functioning. I think it'd be worth checking out, don't be embarrassed as it may be able to be fixed without too much fuss :)
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