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Continuation of 'Penis hard when flaccid' thread...
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Continuation of 'Penis hard when flaccid' thread...

Hey guys. I've been suffering from a similar problem as most of you. Most days penis is smaller and hard when flaccid, lowered sex drive, can't get full erections in this state like I used to, rarely get morning wood, when erect penis it's so stiff that you cannot bend it left and right slightly, and so on. In my case however all this goes away after I don't masturbate or have sex for about 5 days. Then upon ejaculation the 'hard flaccid penis' comes back to haunt me.

For me this started 6 months ago after one night when I had done ecstacy. I've found at least 3 other people on the internet with the exact same problem that started after a night on ecstasy. I've done countless research online and went through every forum with people who report 'hard flaccid penis'. A lot of us share the same symptoms which leads me to believe that the problem derives from one source, be it poor circulation, nerve damage, or imbalanced hormones, but yet nobody has made the connection.  

I too suffer from a back injury as some others, but I definitely ruled out the theory that this is caused by spine problems. My back pains come and go, but the penis problem is uncorrelated. In my particular case I am convinced that this was brought by ecstacy becasue others have reported the exact same symptoms and timing. This could mean that E either messed up my serotonin levels, or messed up my circulation somehow. Heat does help 'soften' up my flaccid penis somewhat as others have mentioned. Also there is a possbility that I, as well as many of you, have some form of prostatitis. We need to go get that checked out. If that is the case than the good news is that it is treatable.

So I've narrowed it down to three possibilities for my case:
- Prostatitis
- Unbalanced circulation or hormone levels caused by the MDMA
- some weird STD (I've had unprotected sex numerous times, but this option is very unlikely as it started the morning after I have done mdma).

I am going to get checked out next week and I will post my findings.
In the case that this is due to some circulation problems amongst most of us, from my research I recommend you all to start taking Omega-3 fish oils and L'arginine ethyl ester (helps increase and improve blood flow) on a daily basis. Further look into Ginko Biloba, but I'm unsure about the effectiveness of this. Also wrap a hot towel around your penis once a day.
If this is due to hormonal imbalances, such as serotonin levels in my case, then the key is a balanced diet, a multi-vitamin, sunshine, physical exercise and give your penis a lot of rest. Perhaps try to go for weeks without sex if possible.

I have just started applying all of this for myself. I'm going to a doctor next week and will post my results. Whoever has valid imput or knows a thing or two around medicine and neuroscience please share! We are going to get through this with doctors or without!

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You may add an Naturopathy treatment. MEHAN SNAN- PENIS  BATH.: Stretch the foreskin of the penis and pour water on the stretched part for 15 minutes a day. Nerve endings at the tip of the foreskin will get stimulated, normalizing the nerve pathways or blood circulation. If circumsized, pat perinium with water dripping cloth for 15 minutes a day.
You may studey Kundalini yoga, Tantric sex, Taoist yoga, Kegel exercises. is quite comprehensive web site. you may find some technique useful to you. wish you best of luck.
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Hello everyone,
I have been making detailed notes, documenting and recording mine and others symptoms for about 2 months now and reading these forums, comparing everything.  Here is what I have:

Can anyone relate to all or most of these points?

1. Great variations in size, texture, feeling:

- 25-50% of the time is loose, normal size
- Sometimes light-weight sorta like it has an internal sponge cake texture or filling.  Has a basic structure and shape, almost 'normal.'
- Sometimes engorged with blood, very heavy, lead weight.  No structure, plump, very dead-like.
- Sometimes takes on a weird 'coke bottle' shape.  Like a band is restricting around the middle, while full and plump near the glans (glands).
- Sometimes after the firm-flaccid condition 'releases' for a bit, there is itching on the left and right penile shaft.  This can be a symptom of varicose vein formation.

- 50-100% of the time very firm or hard, while retracted to less than normal flaccid length.
- Varicose and/or spider veins forming.
- A 1/2" 'dimple' forming on the fatty pad of the groin, right where the shaft connects.
- A feeling of the penis being 'pulled' in.
- A 'brittle' or' shell-shocked' feeling in the penis when this has persisted for a day or two.
- Visible stress to skin, wrinkling, color spots, redness, irritation, etc.

2.  A common complaint is left-side veins 'popping' out or becoming much more prominent, also sometimes accompanied by some pain.  I've heard some complain of right-side issues, but I personally have not had much of an issue with that side.

3.  Shorter length.
- Usually nocturnal erections are normal length, and sometimes spontaneous are normal length, but many times, especially when other symptoms are present it can be difficult to get to full-length erection...and doing so usually results in some irritation and/or pain afterward.

4. Nocturnal erections variations
- Sometimes no nocturnal erections.
- Sometimes weak nocturnal erections.  Not fully rigid.
- Sometimes 'stuck' nocturnal erections that won't go down unless you get up and move around.  I am plagued with this about 30-40% of nights...having to get up every couple of hours and make it go down so a priapism doesn't occur.  Otherwise it's irritated the next day.  I take aspirin for this to prevent inflammation or scarring.

Ok, well I have seen 2 doctors so far and am going to another after Christmas (an andrologist).  I have formulated some ideas, and am looking for input or to get the message out there about this condition.  Urology doesn't seem to have any diagnosis for this, but perhaps we can change that, or perhaps the field of Andrology (erection doctor) can take up the issue.

Here are my ideas:

1.  Veins are not actually 'popping' out on left side, or growing larger (at least not without being compressed first).  They are showing up in relief of the pressure around them - of the skin being drawn up.  The veins haven't changed, the skin has been drawn tight around when you take something and put in a vacuum bag and remove the air.  It forms a surface that follows the contents exactly.

2.  Physiological influence has greatly increased it's effects on these symptoms.  Particularly the release of natural adrenaline, noradrenaline, and other psychosomatic stress hormones in the body, etc.  I don't think anyone disagrees that stress and other physical exertion has a big effect on this, but in this case only makes it worse.  It is not the cause of it.  Stress and adrenaline are normal effects in the body, but the result of whatever caused this injury shows up now, with this as its trigger in part.  Before this condition existed, it simply didn't exert change on the penis that much before, so nobody noticed it that much.  I think everyone can probably relate to stress causing an erectile issue, but it is usually short-lived...not persistent.

3.  Varicose or darkening (spider) veins appear when blood flow is reduced or their flow mechanism is interrupted.  Veins have built-in receptors that control constriction, dilation, and flow direction.

4.  Adrenaline and noradrenaline (norepinephrine) both cause smooth muscle contraction, vascular constriction, increased heart-rate, etc.  Working out, getting stressed, etc. is a major contributor to this condition.

5.  Abstaining from sexual activity generally improves my symptoms.  I had to g around and around with this one because there was some conflicting data.  Getting a full erection seems to help...especially when it has lots of time to get to that full size, like at night.  However, I have also noted with regularity that ejaculation can cause an immediate onset of the firm and flaccid condition, even when it wasn't present prior to the event.  Repeated ejaculation in a short time frame magnifies this.

6.  The ejaculation mechanism releases noradrenaline locally to trigger orgasm, and is the reason why a man goes flaccid immediately after sex.  This hormone causes smooth muscle contraction and vascular resistance.  This normally fades away in a few minute to a few hours, but with this condition it persists for even a day or several days.

So, I have come to at least one conclusion...maybe not a cure, but at least some clues as to what this is occurring.  Please don't take my word for it, I only offer as a suggestion and it could be wrong...however maybe it has some merit and somebody can get this condition noticed.

So far, my idea of this is that I tend to think at the heart of this is a circulation issue which leaves the penis abnormally exposed to what normally is the usual hormone function of the sympathetic nervous system and sexual function.
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Pinjured_Too, I have experienced an alarming number of your symptoms.  Specifically:

-Variable penis texture and weight (flaccid+firm vs. lighter-than-normal vs. almost normal, etc.).
-Occasional itching on the left and right side, near the base.
-More visible veins throughout the penis.
-Left-side vein prominence.  One left-side vein is much darker than I remember, and stands out the most amongst the aforementioned prominent veins.  In conjunction with this, I occasionally feel a sharp pain on the left-side of my penis that extends to a point left of my anus and within my body slightly.  This pain lasts only a second or two.  I have some fibrous tissue on the left side (which has been there for years), so there may be a link there.
-Penile skin texture variability.  Generally, the skin on my shaft feels looser than normal (reduced elasticity) which I attributed to the abnormally firm corpora cavernosa underneath.  The loose skin symptom did not present itself at the outset of this condition - it came maybe a month into it.  Sometimes the skin also feels cold and clammy.
-Nocturnal erection variations.

In addition, I have these symptoms:

-Reduced sensitivity on the shaft and head, especially when in the firm+flaccid state.
-Reduced libido, which may be a side-effect rather than a cause.
-Reduced energy, depression; again, possibly side-effects.
-Colder penis temperature and lighter glans (glands) color, also when in the firm+flaccid state.  When erect, or after taking a warm bath, the reddish/purple color returns to the glans (glands).
-Hemorrhoids, which may or may not have been present when the penile symptoms started.
-Back pain in the lower-left thoracic region.
-More flatulence than usual.
-Pain in the perineum - possibly related to hemorrhoids.

This all started 2 months ago when I woke up in the middle of the night with a numb, engorged, but flaccid penis.  Since then, essentially all of the symptoms have been variable, with periods where I almost felt back to normal.

Here is what I have essentially ruled out at this point, through doctor's visits and blood tests:

-Thyroid problems

I had a prostate exam that was normal, but I still haven't ruled that out as a cause.  I have an upcoming appointment with an osteopath, to discuss any potential link between my back and these problems (though both a chiropractor and physical therapist did not think a link was likely).  I'm also planning to see a neurologist asap.  I've already seen a urologist, but they didn't have a diagnosis.

I'll post as I learn more.  Let me know if you figure out anything else regarding adrenal function.
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I have experienced everything you are describing... and might have the answer:
1. Hard, smaller flaccid penis occasionally.
2. Bottle neck restriction in flaccid penis when cold, physically active, etc.
3. Mine is really uncomfortable, sometimes painful, especially after sex, but I don't know if that is a shared issue.
4.  Indent below glans (glands)
5.  Giant viens on bottom of penis, left side, and left side pain
6.  When irritated / after sex or running, mine is harder and smaller, and sometimes curves leftwards at these times.
7. Erections stiffer and not as full as usual.

I am being treated for peyronie's disease.  This is a formation of dumb scar tissue in the penis, usually over a number of weeks, that thinks it's supposed to keep forming and calcifying... when it isn't. Often happens on the left side, sometimes causes curvature, sometimes not.  That lump could very well be the scar that's causing the trouble, and reduced circulation is caused by the scarring which can explain most of these symptoms. Do some research, let me know what you find... Hope it helps.  The trouble is... it's permanent, and very difficult to fix, and very rarely goes away.  Talk about depressing.

However Dr. Levine is doing some cool stuff with it, trying out new weird techniques, and it's fixable if it is important enough to you and worth the risk.

This forum is a good place for comparison:

If anyone found out this is something else...... please say so!! thanks!

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Interesting thread. I'm 48 and had similar symptoms for as long as I can recall.

My problem is shrinkage that can go on for days for no good reason. I don't lose length so much as width, it becomes very thin and hard, looks ridiculous. Some days it's fine I get a nice loose hang. But often it's tight and small.

It's clear the problem is there's  no bloodflow,  but the question is why. I have noticed there seems to be two thing going on, not only does the internal penis shrink but the skin sometimes tightens up and I also get a sort of restriction just below the gland where it becomes even thinner. If it is in that state and I somehow manage to get an erection the tight skin remains squeezing the shaft at that point until I get a full erection and it disappears. Looks very odd. It makes me very depressed in this state. I could not possibly been seen in a locker room in this state !!

I have noticed it's much worse in the winter, so clearly cold exacerbates the problem. But even if I'm inside and the heating is up, it still happens. Also it's definitely worse morning and daytime. Just before bed is when I get a good hang and the skin loosens. That must tell us something.

I tried research but haven't discovered much. The penis like other parts of the body has alpha receptors in the smooth muscle surrounding the blood vessels. Noradenalin activates these receptors causing the blood vessels to constrict and reducing blood flow. This can be caused by anxiety. Cold and exercise also cause it, presumably by a similar mechanism ??

Like others here I thought ok lets try some alpha blockers (like Tamsulosin). Guess what , it works ! About 5 hours after taking one, I usually get a much better hang which last about 36 hours. Sometimes however it doesn't works so well, why ? I have no clue.

This is only speculation by I also wonder if by taking the alpha blockers the receptors  could up regulate, effectively making them more sensitive to noradrenaline, so if you stopped taking the meds, the problem could get worse for a while.

The cause of all this , I've no idea, My guess is it is somehow related to hormones, adrenalin and noradrenalin somehow. An over sensitivity in some people perhaps. Which may explain why some people are growers and others showers. I did read somewhere that lack of sleep can cause an increase in sympathetic nervous system activity.
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Hey guys, it's me again.

To: Pinjured_Too:

I can relate to most of the symptoms you've listed.
I've definitely noticed that a lot of us don't have the EXACT SAME issue and symtoms (symptoms), but the symtoms (symptoms) that ARE common for almost everyone reporting show that there IS some common source for this issue.

In my case:
- flaccid penis in normal state is around 4 inches in length or something like that
- Often after ejaculation, the day after, the penis shrivels, becomes hard (varying in how hard) and stiff in flaccid state.
- it can shrink to like 2 inches in flaccid state. In this state I have lowered libido and must force myself to get an erection.
- when I get an erection it is only 60-90% of normal erection size and penis is very hard/stiff. What I noticed in this state is that I have an extra ring of what appears to be cartilage or something right underneath the penis head, which I never noticed there before. This ring is not there on days when everything is fine.
- If I don't have sex or masturbate for 3-6 days, penis comes back to almost 100% normal. But like you said if you ejaculate several times in a short time span, it will make the condition worse, and I might have to wait even longer for it to return to normal.
- Often after ejaculation it makes a long time for the penis to return to flaccid. The feeling is not painful at all, but still very unnormal.
- there is no specific pattern as to when I'll have the 'hard flaccid penis' condition, or how long it will last for, which is why I kept telling myself this will go away and still haven't seen a doctor. :(
- for me personaly, weather doesn't affect my condition as much as  others have described, and applying heat to the 'hard flaccid' penis only helps a little bit. Also time of day doesn't have a significant impact on my condition.

Pinjured_Too, Vangaard, and scot007 thanks for your input. Let's keep narrowing this to the common source.

Although I haven't been to doctors yet, I do not have any pains, or extreme veins, so I am fairly certain that I don't have one of the major diseases that Pinjured_Too mentioned, unless it's Peyronie's disease. For me, I know for a fact, that this condition began the morning after I had taken ecstasy. I am 100% convinced of this because I found a forum with 3 other people from around the world that have reported the exact same symtoms (symptoms) after also taking E one night. So I know my problem was not due to physical damage to the penis. The ecstasy most likely did not cause this directly (because I've already done it before that day and after and everything was fine), but inducted this somehow.
Scot007 mentioned that lack of sleep could somehow cause (or somehow induce) this condition. I do note that I had very little sleep that week I had done E, and I'm sure many others of you chronically lack sleep as well. (This could possibly contribute to and induce hormonal imbalances or something).
Next, some people got this 'condition' by physically hurting the penis, others simply in their sleep, and yet others by taking ecstasy. If we all have very similar symptoms, then the core of the issue must be the same. It is DEFINITELY a physiological problem. It may either be Adrenaline and noradrenaline imbalances, an issue with blood circulation, or what you guys have discussed about nerves.
One poster on a different forum about the same issue said that he recommends everyone to start taking Ginkgo Balboa daily and said that it has helped him a lot.
Another poster posted: "I stopped masturbation and there is somewhat of improvement. Started taking L-arginine 3x1000 daily with Vitamin C 2x500. This helps you guys .. but the key here is to stop masturbation and lessen the sex for a year or something .. "
**** that I'm not going to quit sex for a year! Some doctor must know how to treat this! It is treatble, my penis returns to normal after several days! I don't even know where to get this Ginko Balboa and don't have money on this ****. I'm 21 years old and started seeing this cutie, and can't even bring her home because on a 'hard flaccid' day I'm not even going to want to have sex. Kinda frustrating...

Anyone else has any advice?

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I've tried many supplements, nothing helped. Only the Alpha Blockers worked, of which there are several types, Tamsulosin (Flomax), Doxazosin, Terazosin and others.

I'm not in a relationships right now, but I do also dread having to strip off in front of a woman, when I do find one. I guess I'll have to take the alpha blockers or Viagra beforehand.

Doctors don't have a clue about this. I have asked several Urologists, and they just say it's normal !

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Yea clearly its normal...

Hey scot, what happens when these alpha blockers wear off?

And you said: "This is only speculation by I also wonder if by taking the alpha blockers the receptors  could up regulate, effectively making them more sensitive to noradrenaline, so if you stopped taking the meds, the problem could get worse for a while". Did anyone on any thread mention what happeend when they stopped taking them?

I don't know much about alpha blockers, but I'm desperate to try anything..
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You can buy alpha blockers for peanuts on the net. I'm able to get them on prescription because I have a slight prostate problem. But I have bought them before on the net.

I don't use the alpha blockers all the time, I like the idea of using them when I need them. I was on them recently for a week and then 3 days ago I came off. Yesterday I was really small and tight all day long, more so than normal. I havent tested it often enough. But there might be short term extra shrinkage which will only last a day or two, then hopefully you will return to your normal state, which for me is usually half way between hanging and small and tight. But the hang I get from the pills is usually good, and you can feel your penis is warmer too with all the blood flow. If you know you have a chance with a woman take one the day before or in the morning, and avoid that embarrasing situation. May help with erections too.

There is another type of alpha blocker called Phentolamine. Google it. Not sure whether this can be bought on the net. I think it is quicker to act but has a shorter half life in the blood.

Some companies in south amercia have produced a pill for ED using this substance. Called Vasomax.
Avatar m tn
Think they may even have changed the name of Vasomax to Vigamed. I think it's quite expensive. Would be better to just get some generic Phentolamine of possible. I have never tried it.
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It might be interesting for people suffering from this to take their resting pulse rate.Taken when at rest, a normal adult's pulse can be anywhere from 60 to 100 beats per minute. Mine ranges between 80 & 100. I just took it and it was 100. Right at the top of the range. Does this give any indication of adrenalin levels I wonder ??

It's also interesting that drugs like coke and Amphetamines make your penis smaller.

Been doing a little research on alpha blockers, got this info

Doxazosin - half life 22hours - peak plasma 2-3 hours
Terazosin - half life 12 hours - peak plasma 1 hour
Tamsulosin - half life 10 hours - peak plasma 5 hours
Alfuzosin - half life 10 hours - peak plasma 8 hours
Prazosin - half life 3 hours - peak plasma 3 hours

I'm no expert but this would seem to suggest that Terazosin is the fastest acting reaching peak levels in the blood after only 1 hour. And Doxazosin stays in the body longest. I have taken prolonged release Tamsulosin which does complicate the picture a bit, but one of those lasts 36 hours for me and takes several hours to notice any effect. Might try some Terazosin, if it works within the hour could be useful.
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Thanks so much for the info.

I will probably try Tamsulosin or Terazosin after experimenting with a few supplements first. I just noticed though, that all these are targeted towards people with prostate problems. I am pretty sure I don't have prostate problems so you think it would be as safe and effective anyway?

My resting heart rate is around 60, but I do a lot of sports.
I've done Amphetamines a lot of times. Yes, while you're on them, your penis becomes significantly smaller and stiff. For most people this goes away a day or two after though, for me it's still the issue.
When I exercise heavy, my member also becomes smaller. I am guessing it is either because blood is taken up by the muscles or again there is a decrease in some hormone. Too bad I don't know physiology that well.

I don't really want to jump into alpha blockers right away, since they come with their side effects as well, and I don't really need to feel dizzy while working out. But hey if they work then so be it. You're right it is a great temporary solution if you want to get laid that night. But still not a cure :(

Lets say hypothetically we do figure out 100% that the problem with most of us lies in the hormones adrenalin and noradrenalin (or perheps any other hormone). What could doctors possibly do to cure this permanently? Invent some sort of pill that works like alpha blockers but with little side effects? Possibly. We should probably pursue towards that.

Also question for anyone that knows. When the penis starts to 'hang' again and comes back to normal, that is the parasympathetic nervous system at work, correct? It is telling the blood vessels in the penis to relax and dilate. I am guessing the hormones adrenalin and noradrenalin come into contact with the sympathetic/parasympathetic system as well. The parasympathetic nerves tell the body to release noradrenaline to 'relax' the penis. Is this correct? So would that mean that the noradrenaline is responsible for the restricting/dilating blood vessels, or is it the parasympathetic nerves directly?
I am trying to figure out whether the issue of poor blood flow and hormones are interconnected or not.
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I guess the mechanism is complex, and without making a big study of it we'll never fully understand it.

I never get dizzy at all on the alpha blockers, I don't take a large dose. Just because you don't have any prostate problem, I don't see why they would cause any harm.

For me it seems like there's some sort of rythym to this. I get several days on the trot of shrinkage, sometimes it seems even the alpha blockers cant stop it.
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I have this same "hard flaccid penis" situation. At first i had some kind of erection problems too, but they´re pretty much gone. I´ve been to 2 urologists and i had penis ultrasound done. It showed nothing unusual in my erectile tissue.

The question i want to ask is: Does anyone here experience some kind of urine retention with this? Because i do. It´s as if my penis is retracting (= hard flaccid state) and it´s affecting my urethra / spinchters too (= urine retention / not emptying completely)

The only could-be-diagnosis i´ve had is prostatitis due to the urinary problem and some tingling i´ve felt there.
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Hey man.

I don't particularly share the kind of urine retention that you describe. However lately I noticed that I urinate more often than I used to. It may very well be that you have prostatitis, get it checked out.

The fact that urologists and ultrasound tell that nothing is wrong confirms even more that the problem is not physical, but rather lies in the hormones/ bloow circulation. In this condition, the smooth muscles of the penis are just more contracted then they should be for days. Experiment with supplements and meds mentioned above. I will also, and lets post our success over time.  
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I know exactly what you're talking about with the urine retention.  Other symptoms that I don't see mentioned here too much include an unusual testicle hang and a kind of indent below the glans (glands).  I've been suffering from all of these (in addition to a small, tight and hard penis) for a few months now.

I can't offer much help, as nothing has seemed to work for me.  However, it has recently come to my attention that Britbloke over on this thread has found a breakthrough:

Best of luck to you all.
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Yeah, i have been on alpha blockers for nearly a month now due to this urinary problem but i haven´t noticed it affecting this "hard flaccid" state at all.
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And i would like to add one more possible cause to this: something wrong with nerves. Pudendal nerve, for example, innervates the penis and has a big part in erectile and urinary functioning. Pudendal nerve entrapment can cause erectile dysfunction so why not this too? I´m not saying it has to be pudendal nerve entrapment but it could be Something with the nerves in the genital-pelvic-back area.

Any opinions?
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Sorry about spamming but you´ve been talking about amphetamines making penis small and stiff (the guy who started this thread had done MDMA before the symptoms occurred) and i read that amphetamines also cause urine retention. At least i have those both symptoms. I don´t know what does it mean but that´s a weird connection.
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Hey guys,

I'm from Germany so don't deal too severely with me if my words are not that clear to you ;-)

I don't want to list my symptoms because I would only repeat anything already written in here. I've read the whole thread and it was very interesting. I'm glad finding this forum - in German-speaking communities you cannot find so much about this problem. A fate which can be easily described statistically *g

Anyway....I'm not a doctor but as a natural scientist I hope I can see things in the right light. I've read so many interesting things in here. There are diets which helped person 1 perfectly but failed completely for person 2 - doctors did not find any physiological problems and so on.....

What we should concentrate on is an important fact: Our main symptoms did not evolved but appeared rapidly. This means that we can almost exclude food/lifestyle related things. In case of ED, urologists often use this information to differentiate between physical and psychological causes and I am the opinion that our problem is mostly of psychological origin. Stress and anxiety can easisly cause pelvic tension which and our symptoms are a secondary effect. Every person has got its personal psychosomatic Achilles heel and this may be ours.

Now let me explain why I think so:
In the original thread I've read things like
- "When I urinate and release the muscles it releases the retraction."
- "once i pee and is lengthens out and softens i feel fine and not panicky or worried at all"
- "Only the alpha blockers do anything for me."

I guess that 'muscle tension' is a good description for all of that.

Furthermore I will tell you my story: My physiological problems are so flamboyantly related to matters with my new girlfriend that I don't really believe that they are physiological. More exactly I have a subconcious fear of loss of her. I am convinced in that because years ago I developed a phobia which made it impossible having a relationship with a women. A psychotherapy brought my anxiety to light and the phobia was defeated.
In moments we are together and she does/says things which make me feel comfortable that I am part of her future my symptoms are better up to completely gone. This lasts the following day but come back afterwards. I hope that the symptoms will go away in a few weeks when we adapted to each other. If she would dump me, the symptoms would last 2 weeks and then they are gone I think. I know this because she did once a few months ago ;-)
Nevertheless I have an appointment at a urologist just to make sure that there is no physiological problem and to verify my hypothesis. If the problem persists I will try to learn some relaxing strategies like autogenic training, Feldenkrais of special gym to relax the pelvic base.

To condense my words, in my opinion I and some of you here suffer from chronic pelvic tension. It must not be due to psychological reasons but it may be.
That just my personal opinion. Please tell me what you think about it!

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You say you have hemorrhoids? These are also related to pelvic tension! Another evidence....
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I´m just talking about my case compared to your suggestion:

In my case there hasn´t been a single moment in which my penis would have been exactly as it used to be. And i´ve had this for over 6 months. It stays the same even when i´m not mentally anxious at all. I agree that my condition can be accompanied by pelvic tension but i´m not sure about it being completely caused psychological causes. Of course psychology and physiology go hand in hand (hormones, muscular tension) but if this is entirely a psychosomatic condition, the causes must be rooted very deep into subconscious mind, i think.

But of course there´s always a possibility.
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Hey Lemten,

Good I already suffered from a heavy phobia which completely stole 5 years of my life I am sure that it is possible, that those causes can be rooted very deep indeed. It was not my intension to define all of you to be psychopaths ;-) I just wanted to point out that to my mind the cause is most likely
1. the pelvic tension which can be heavily affected by
2. psychological issues.
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You said:"It stays the same even when i´m not mentally anxious at all."

I do not FEEL anxious at all at the moment. My symptoms began exactly the day when my ex-girlfriend and I met and we noticed that there are still strong feelings and we probably should have a second try. Three days later the symptoms were gone and we did not meet each other for some weeks. Everything was like before - no pain, no hardness when flaccid but boners to plow a frozen acre with when stimulated. The symptoms reappeared exactly that day from we were a couple again. At least in my case the situation seems to be clear......
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Yes, you´re right about that. You´re condition seems to be psyhcosomatic.
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Hey Lemten,

1) Weird to hear that alpha blockers did nothing. :S
2) The theory about something being wrong with nerves is possible but I think it is unlikely. I assume that if there was something wrong with the nerves, the penis would just stay in this 'hard flaccid' state forever or for long periods of time. In my case, as well as many others, it  comes back to its almost normal state if I don't have sex/ejaculate in about 5 days. From my knowledge of physiology this is telling me that either certain hormones get restored and everything temporarily comes back to normal, or that the smooth muscles of penis finally relax allowing blood to rush in. But then again nerves are interconnected in this, so I'll just leave it at that. We need a scientist's opinion.

To: Megalodon

Indeed it is weird that so many people share many symptoms but the problem began in different ways for many.
You mention that the problem could be psychological, but that is definitely not my case. I hardly ever feel anxiety, and lately still meet new girls (even though I have no libido), but often choose to pass up on sex because of this ******* issue. Yes, psychological and physiological issues go hand-in-hand, but I am sure that for most of us in this forum the problem is stricly physiological. And yes the problem is muscle tension.
Please inform us on how your urologist appointment went, and about these 'relaxing' strategies that you were talking about.
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"So I've narrowed it down to three possibilities for my case:
- Prostatitis ....."

Have you some hypothesis about how could prostatitis be related to this condition? I would like to know since i´m experiencing those prostatitis-like symptoms with this.
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I can't offer any comment other than to say I have a mild form of BPH or so some one urologist told me. the symptoms are there, started 9 years ago, suddenly found my urine stream had slowed significantly. Oddly it hasn't got any worse in that time. And I don't always have the problem, sort of comes and goes. Apparently it's not only enlargement of the prostate that can cause the problem but tightness of the muscle in the bladder neck and prostate, which is why alpha blockers relieve the symptoms.
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This thread interests me because I've been experiencing some of the aforementioned problems myself. These surface intermittedly, and I'd say started roughly 4-6 months ago. I'm currently 20 years old and obviously the problem induces a good amount of anxiety. At the risk of being redundant, I'll give you the low-down on my symptoms (only because there are some parallels but also some distinctions between my symptoms and the most common ones I've read here):

- Penis flaccid when hard, but upon rubbing or stimulation can often become soft again.
- Loss of girth when flaccid.
- Tougher time achieving and maintaining an erection.
- Will often have extreme reactions to cool temperatures, to the point where my penis feels very cold to the touch and also numb and hard - almost as if it isn't even a part of me.
- Occasional slight burning/stinging sensation on the bottom, along the shaft.
- Made worse by worrying/thinking about it.
- Also worse right after masturbation.
- Relatively loose skin...almost feels as though it is surrounding fibrous tissue
- Loss of sex drive, almost to the point of apathy (occasional).

Here are where my symptoms, I think, digress from most of yours:

- Extreme anxiety attacks in which I'm convinced my penis will fall off, or that I'll never be able to use it.
- General panic with an increased difficulty breathing (I have a mild case of asthma).
- Severe self esteem/confidence issues.
- Despite these, the head of my penis usually feels normal and retains its sensitivity/sponginess.

I'm trying to be as brief as possible here - no one wants to read through a whole novel's worth of material - but there are still some symptoms I'd like to discuss/elaborate on.

First of all, I don't have the "vein" problem that most people note in their posts - never will they become inflammed or discolored. Also, i have absolutely no complications with my testicles and don't have any groin/hip pain. The problem is localized to my penis and only that (other than factors psychological).

I almost want to write this all off as a psychological issue. Actually, I'd LIKE to dismiss it as such. I'll sometimes find that after giving my pure and undivided attention to some other activity - let's say reading a really good book in a warm environment - the problem will leave completely. Other times, however, this is not the case. Pretty much all of the time the problem will come back like a moth to a flame after I start thinking about it, after I allow my mind to wander. I'm aware that the brain is quite powerful and can often sort of "convince" one's body that something is wrong when it really isn't, hence my penile complications. But the physical problems are very real and frankly, scare the crap out of me.

Adding to the possibility that this is psychological, let me say that I've always had a hyperactive imagination. I'll often question the validity of every aspect of my life, frequently finding myself thinking the absolute worst of every situation. I've never really been close to another person because of this. I find that I'm very socially indifferent and emotionally closed off because connecting with other people doesn't matter to me in the broad scheme of things (due to overthinking nearly everything). I'm a habitual worry wart also. Because of this I find that I'm extremely observant - I almost never allow my brain to rest or never allow myself to become fully absorbed into one activity. I suppose this could be the root of my prior mentioned physical symptoms. Perhaps this isn't the case, also.

I find that the physiological problems are getting worse. I feel like I've forgotten what a normal penis feels like, and I sometimes wonder if when the symptoms are present but not in great magnitude that I'm actually completely normal. I'm really not sure. Uncertainty defines not only my life, but everything with respect to this problem as well.

If you've come this far, I greatly thank you for reading. I'm not sure how long this post is but I feel like I've made it lengthier than it should be. At the risk of furthering this notion and perhaps irritating some of you, let me give you a quick summary of my situation:

- Hard flaccid penis, less erections, difficulty getting erections, loss of girth and sometimes a slight loss of sensation, occasional panic attacks, occasional stinging/burning, slight decrease of libido, social indifference, difficulty breathing (I'll actually often feel as though I can never get a good breath or enough oxygen, but that might be a different problem).

I hope to hear back from someone. Already I feel slightly better getting this off my chest. Thank you for your time, again.
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Read your post. Our symptoms are pretty similar. Listen up: just relax bro.. everything will be fine. This is just some ****** up temporary issue many of us are having. It's treatable and everything will be alright. Stay current with the forums and experiment with meds.

To Lemten:

Scot007 answered your question. A lot of people on the forum, and the original forum, mentioned having prostatitis. Your local urologist can perform a test and tell you. Prostatitis is directly related to this, as scot explained, and the alpha blockers that many people take are primarily made for people with prostatitis.
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I really hope you're right. I almost don't want to come here, I actually consider it to be kind of dangerous. This because, the brain being as powerful as it is, might further some of the complications I'm experiencing. This of course would be due to my reading about them here and then cementing it into my head that I'm going to have these problems for years to come (or develop some that I don't currently have).

To all:

I would be really interested in knowing if any of the physical problems we're going through have been observed in any animal. I think that would definitively show if this is strictly psychological or if there's something more here.

Not that I'd want to toy around with a bunch of dog penises, for example, but if this pattern is seen in animals as well as humans, I think it would prove this problem to be strictly physical.
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Ok just an observation here.

Sometimes I get very hard nocturnal erections at night which seem to last all night. Last night was one such night. And today low and behold a very small and tight flaccid all the time. Is this related I wonder ? Does the penis somehow get damaged by erections which go on too long and then takes several days to repair itself ?

Just a thought.....

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Condition in which erection lasts for several hours is called priapism and it can damage penis if not treated immediately. I remember having same kind of long lasting, very hard and painful erection at night when i started taking alpha blockers. I don´t know if it was a coincidence or not.

I have even thought if this "hard flaccid thing" could be aftermath of priapism since at least my condition started after sex and i didn´t ejaculate which could have left my penis in aroused state - prolonged erection = priapism. And i think that sleeping the condom on didn´t particularly improve the blood flow out of penis. But i have no way to know since i was drunk and fell asleep immediately.

Even in one of Medhelps short "Hard Flaccid" threads some Urologist says that it sounds like an aftermath of priapism. Priapism is also known to cause problepms with erection after the incident if not treated immediately.

I´m not trying to raise fear but that´s just one of the possibilities, and i don´t want it to be true anymore than any of you.

Any opinions?
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I'm not so sure that priapism is the case, at least with me. Because from what I've noticed this problem seems to surface for weeks at a time, then it will go away roughly a week. For that week or so that I'm back to normal, I retain full function and my erections are full and strong. The only reason I've come onto this forum, though, is because this current time period of unorthodoxy I'm experiencing is the longest I've had so far.

That, and I never experienced some lasting erection...unless it was in my sleep which I suppose is a possibility. Perhaps I slept on it funny and trapped the blood in there? It's possible.

One more thing.... you said you noticed a really hard erection after taking alpha blockers... was this before or after you started experiencing other issues?

To all:

For those of you with this problem who have tried alpha blockers/ some sort of erectile dysfunction medication, do your drug induced erections usually show full improvement? In other words, are you able to attain a full, healthy erection by using these drugs?
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Read that.
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ok some more info.

Alpha blockers normally give me a nice flaccid hang. But I took an alpha blocker this morning and it failed to stop the shrinkage.So I have come to the conclusion that these meds will give more blood flow to the flaccid in normal circumstances but it may not resolve this problem.

I also have noticed prolonged nocturnal erections after alpha blockers.

And I have sometimes taken something called Melanotan (a tanning drug) which also gives long night time erections.

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Scot, I also have those nights when I have an erection all night and the entire day it is more small and tight than usual. I also cut down ejaculating to once a week and throughout the week I force myself to get erections, thinking that blood flow down there will help relax the muscles, but that is not the case. Most of the time when the erection goes away, everything still comes back to the tight flaccid state, if not even worse. I also don't know what this means.
Also, on those days when things are really tight and small, and I have no sex drive, if I force myself to get an erection, it will take a good 5 minutes for it to fade. And the shaft will be really hard (definitely not normal). This does sound awfuly similar to priapism.

Does anyone know any treatment or cures for priapism? In case that is what we might really have.
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"One more thing.... you said you noticed a really hard erection after taking alpha blockers... was this before or after you started experiencing other issues? "

Sorry i was so unclear - I started taking alpha blockers After i started to have these symptoms (which are this hard flaccid-thing and prostatitis-like symptoms) and experienced really hard and slightly painful erection one night after starting them.
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Last night was similar, woke 4 times with erections, had to walk around to get rid of them, probably the alpha blockers at work.

And not quite so small but still hard flaccid today. I'm seriously wondering if it may have something to do with these nocturnal erections. Hopefully in a day or 2 it will improve, we'll see...
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ok here's a link to dr comments to someone complaining of a hard flaccid

"This sounds to be the follow-up after priapism. If  you had a prolonged erection (usually of several hours duration), then there may have been some inflammatory changes in your penis that you feel as the persistent firmness. You might consider an antinflammatory medication such as ibuprofen (if you can tolerate the medication) and I would avoid erections until this problem resolves and ceases being uncomfortable.
If the problem persist more than a few weeks, see a urologist.
I have not heard of L-arginine being of any benefit.
S.A.Liroff "
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I got a delivery of Terazosin today. Took 1mg tab. 3 hours later still nothing, and then tonight I have a really good hang, better than I've had for a while and with good girth. If it would stay like this I'd be a happy man. Sadly I don't have that confidence. It's very hit and miss.

I don't really know how long it takes these alpha blockers to start working. With Terazosin its supposed to reach peak plasma levels in one hour. But Maybe it takes longer than that to become effective.

It's been cold here lately, and most of the time I've been embarrasingly tight & thin. I'm planning on a week in the sun, it'll be interestinng to see how it behaves in that climate.
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I'm sure this is just a concidence but I just remembered that earlier on I took some 5htp, a supplement which is supposed to increase serotonin levels. I hadn't taken any for a while. I'd be amazed if this had contributed to my normal flaccid size, but thought I'd mention it.
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To: All
After reading most all of these posts I find myself in tears.  My son is 23 yrs. old and has been experiencing most all of your same symptoms.  Started about 6 months ago, and we have been to many doctors, including a urologist, but no one can give us an answer or hope.  He is now having feelings of suicide, says the doctors can't help and he can't continue to live with this.  Was at the ER last night, again all blood work and urine came back negative.  Made another appointment this morning with another urologist, can't get in until mid March.  I don't dare tell him this yet for fear of what it will do to his mental state.  
His symptoms include:
feeling of shrinkage but at the same time feeling his penis is hard
problems in urinating
very sensitive penis head
feeling that his penis has no blood flow
numbness in his penis
not able to achieve an erection

He is having major anxiety during this and the symptoms are becoming more frequent.
It is killing me, as his mother, not to be able to help get him find the help that he needs! On top of all this, he just graduated from college, now has no job or health insurance.  I was able to purchase a short term policy for major medical, but this is now considered a "pre existing" condition - so no coverage.


Worried Mom
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Your son should get his lower back x-rayed because those symptoms (especially if they are present all the time) could be caused by pudendal (or some else) nerve entrapment. Can´t say they definately are but there´s a big chance.
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To: dnunnally

A lot of people on this thread and the original have been to urologists with no luck, however many have experimented with different medications, and it has helped. Some had reported relief of these symptoms by taking alpha blockers. Another person had taken small doses of Cialis with alpha blockers and other supplements, and it helped. Others reported some relief from only supplements. I say we experiment with every option before jumping to conclusions. Even if at best these meds and supplements help temporarily, it is still great.

To: Scot007

Hey Scot, tell us next time you take 5htp if it was really a coincidence or if that stuff really helped. Thanks
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Haven't tried the 5htp again yet but have been experimenting with Terazosin. Today I was out and about, it was cold, but I went for a pee, and I just felt depressed by the sight of it. So anyway I carry these pills around with me and immediately took one. An hour later things were much improved. God my mood is so much better when I get relief ! I find with this particular alpha blocker that the effect only lasts a day at most. Which I guess makes sense when you consider it has a half life of 10 hours. So 24 hours after taking one only about 20% of the dose would still be in your system. I'm gonna try Doxazosin next which can be bought for about 20cents a pill and lasts twice as long.

I was wondering, do the rest of you guys tend to anxious individuals, even before this problem arose ?
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"I was wondering, do the rest of you guys tend to anxious individuals, even before this problem arose ? "

A little, is my answer. But not so much that it could cause long lasting symptoms like these, in my opinion.
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I am sorry to hear about your son's trouble, and I can definitely relate to the psychological impact of this problem.  This all started for me 3 months ago, but it feels like a year.  There have been some really terrifying and depressing moments, but some hopeful moments too.  At the worst, I could not get any solid sleep because I would wake up every hour or so with a numb penis.  I became so paranoid about sleeping that I would avoid it altogether - staying awake up to 36 hours at a time.  This further exacerbated my symptoms and mood.  Subsequently, my GP prescribed Amitriptyline, and despite my initial reluctance about any taking anti-depressants, it has helped me to relax and rest sufficiently.  My symptoms persist, and I am seeking answers, but overcoming self-destructive thoughts has made a huge difference for me.

My next step is a neurology appointment at the end of this month, as I am leaning toward a neuropathic origin of this condition (such as PNE or CPPS).  I've also been sitting less at work (even assembled a standing workstation at my desk), and this has reduced some of the pain in my pelvic region.
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Yes. I am a very anxious individual naturally. I feel as though this definitely is a contributing factor to my complications. Maybe everyone else's, as well.
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i took finasteride, and have very similar sides to vangaard, the narrower and stiff erection, the wierd colored erection, less sensation, cold penis, and testicles hanging very low
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Been suffering badly last few days, even alpha blockers not helping, so today I doubled the dose. that helped, at the moment I have a nice soft, warm, hang. Went from 1mg to 2mg Doxazosin.
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I just came across this and thought it was a good read:

"You have to BOOST your prostaglandins E-1/E-3 and Nitric Oxide (cGMP) release from the adjacent healthy erectile tissues to soften the collagen scar or prevent collagen scar formation (it will also heal the damaged penile erectile, elastic tissues, nerves and blood vessels in the tunica albuginea and its sheathing spongy corpus cavernosa). A good way to do this is by using right combination of amino-acids, herbs, and vitamins & minerals."

I'm going to try a combination of a men's multivitamin, 5-htp tablets, omega-3 fish oil, l-arginine, and ginkgo or ginseng.  I'll keep you all updated.
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Also, if anyone got where they are by jelqing or stretching, I suggest they read this from the same website:
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how do u know those herbs will BOOST your prostaglandins E-1/E-3 and Nitric Oxide (cGMP) release from the adjacent healthy erectile tissues to soften the collagen scar or prevent collagen scar formation (it will also heal the damaged penile erectile, elastic tissues, nerves and blood vessels in the tunica albuginea and its sheathing spongy corpus cavernosa?
do any doctors specialize in this?
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Dear all,

I had my appointment with my urologist recently and that's what he said:
Physiologically spoken, everything is fine. It is possible that a bacterial prostatitis cause the problem initially and the self-monitoring afterwards can lead to a vicious circle of anxiety. So it begins physiologically and ends up psychologically. It is important to disrupt this circle so he prescribed suppositories with the drug diclofenac. So much for the German way of treatment.....
Apart from this I've received some results from a blood analysis. Testosterone and thyroid hormones OK so no connection.

Anyway, I feel very good at the moment. The problem is far in the background and I don't want to pay much attention to it. At least in my case this is the best way of treatment.
I wish you all the best.
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I suppose I don't know for sure, but I'm willing to try anything and I haven't tried this.  

Most of the people that have contributed to this thread seem to be looking for some instant relief so they can carry on with their lives, and that's totally understandable.  I am of the opinion that what is required is a healthier lifestyle and an indefinite period of sexual abstinence while trying to find the right mix of herbs, amino acids, and vitamins & minerals.  Normalcy can return once a complete recovery is made, and this could take as long as a year.

I found some useful information that I thought I'd share, but I'm far too ignorant in these matters to judge its veracity.  I don't makes sense to me though.  As for the supplements I've chosen to take, they are based on the recommendations by the doctor(?) on that website...I only made a few substitutions based on my own (limited) research.  

I don't have a specific reason for taking the men's multivitamin, I only figure that it can't hurt.  I do know that fish oil is said to promote the creation of prostaglandins, and l-arginine--I believe--is a precursor to nitric oxide.  Gingko and ginseng are always in the conversation when talking about blood circulation.  I recently picked up some vitamin E (1000IU), as it is known to reduce the formation of free radicals and influence the production of collagen.  Finally, I take 5-HTP and GABA to help with the depression and anxiety.  

Now, I have only been taking these supplements for less than a week, so I have not seen any dramatic improvements.  Here a few things that I have noticed:

1. The vein that runs along the top of my shaft has become less prominent.  After the injury, this thing bulged and was very concerning.  This is a definite improvement.

2. Warmer genitals (this is relative).

3. My testicles don't hang so strangely anymore.

4. Tingly sensations in my penis.  I will consider this a positive sign.

There haven't been any noticeable improvements when it comes to appearance (besides the vein--my penis is still small and hard most of the time), nor has my libido returned.  However, the healing process is only just beginning and I am quite hopeful.
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yes i also feel a tingle sensation in my penis from time to time, but my testicles still sag and hang low alot.  my penis is still cold alot, and im feeling when its flaccid its hard inside. this all happened after i took finasteride, im only 21 years old. so worried mom is ur son on propecia(finasteride)?  

would any of these conditions show on an ultrasound or xraY? (peyronies disease, priapsm)?

and young i also when stimulate my penis a little the hardness goes away. only when its at its normal flaccid state does it get hard inside. also when my penis is erect its much more narrow than it used to be.
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Hey Diego,

Thank you for posting those articles. I've studied human physiology to a certain degree, and that doctor definitely seems to know what he's talking about. I think his advice on eating the right vitamins and minerals and staying away from sexual activity for a while may be great advice for many of us.

I am convinced that this 'hard flaccid issue' many of us are having can be derived in two ways: either by physical damage to the penis by stretching exercises or injury, or a physiological imbalance within the body of hormones/ blood circulation.. which can be a result of over-masturbation, drug induced, poor lifestyle choices..
Even though the two ways are different, the process of how it leads to the 'hard flaccid' penis is quite similar, as the doc in the articles explain, hence many of us have similar symptoms. He mentions that in almost all cases the damage in temporary and reversible.

As for myself, I know that this started after one week of heavy partying. I drank a lot, did ecstasy, which delpeted my serotonin levels, lacked sleep, and had sex with my gf everyday, until i woke up with a shrunken numb member. I know for me this is reversible because on some days everything would return to its normal state.
Anyway, as of three weeks ago my hang returned to its normal 4 inch and everything was back to 100% for two weeks, until this week, when it's beginning to shrink again. What I did during those two weeks and prior was: started exercising 4 days a week consistantly, started taking omega-3 capsules and eating omega-rich foods. I normally eat healthy with plenty of vegetables, fruit, whole grains, eggs, nuts, oil, yogurt ect.. My sleeping pattern is still pretty messed up, and I did drink during those two weeks, which did not seem to make things worse. Before eevrything returned to normal, I was commited to masturbating only once in 5 days, and I did so for two weeks. During the two weeks that it was nomral I had sex/masturbated more than I should have.. which probably lead back to square one.
Anyway, I am thinking the exercise, healthy eating, and omega-3 certainly helped with the recovery. For the next few weeks, I will keep doing these things and will limit sexual activity to once in 5 days again, and see what happens..

Diego, keep us informed how you're doing..


While I agree that an aspect of this problem could by psychological, as lately I've became obsessed with it myself, I am still certain that the treatment lies in nutrition or meds. A restorement of hormones by nutrition should help many. I am thinking others with a form of prostatitis may benefit from alpha-blockers.

Have you tried alpha blockers? limiting sexual activity? various supplements? Cialis?

Wish everyone the best..
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Hi, I am new here.
I have all the symptoms listed here, I dont want to mention in my post.

To make the story short, I make some improvements back in April 2009 by taking omega 3-6-9 one capsule daily, Since then I have long lasting morning woods, I could get and maintain erection in standing position.  But the problem is they only come occasionally.  I can have good erection today and become impotent tomorrow, it likes a roller-coaster.  

And here is my suggestion to all of you,  get a blood test for the following:

Testosterone, Free, Bio/Total (LC/MS/MS) Code: 14966X
Estradiol, Ultrasensitive, LC/MS/MS (30289X)

also test your Thyroid function.  Post your result here to see if you have any deficiency in your hormones.  Usually, people who have ED would be low in Testosterone and High in  Estradiol  
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Hey man. It's great to hear you made some improvements.

Yea your suggestion on all of us comparing blood results is great. I've been meaning to do it for a long time, but going to clinic and getting the test seems dreadful. I'll definitely do it within a week though and post the results when they come.

I know I don't have ED because I constantly have sex drive now, but penis is 'hard flaccid' so I know I should avoid it and give it rest. This whole experience has been very weird..

Yea I am assuming I must be low on some hormone, it would be interesting to find out which one.

Best of luck, post your results when you get em..
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Day 2: Got high and masturbated. Utter Failure. Gotta start over..
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Update: The MRI results say I have a "bulge" in the disc between the T7 and T8 vertebrae, but that it is not impinging any nerves.  So, they don't think this is related to my penile symptoms.

I've been reading "A headache in the pelvis", which makes a lot of sense with regard to these types of symptoms.  Basically, it says that pelvic floor muscles become so strained that they produce numbness, pain, etc. in the genitals and surrounding area.

In general, my penile symptoms have been improving - the color and temperature have improved the most, and the flaccid hardness and sensation have also made progress.  I still have pain around my rectum and sitz bones though.  My sleep hasn't been disturbed by a numb penis in about a month.

Also, here are some of my recent blood test results, for anyone who is interested:

Vitamin B12: 515pg/mL
Folate: >20.0ng/mL
Glucose: 92mg/dL
Creatinine: 1.11mg/dL
eGFR: 77mL/min/1.73 sqm
BUN: 15mg/dL
Sodium: 142 mmol/L
Potassium: 4.2mmol/L
Chloride: 103mmol/L
Carbon Dioxide: 32mmol/L
Anion Gap: 7mEq/L
Calcium: 10.1mg/dL
PSA: 0.59ng/mL
Cholesterol: 206mg/dL
Triglyceride: 121mg/dL
HDL: 64mg/dL
LDL, Calculated: 118mg/dL
Cholesterol/ HDL Ratio: 3.2
TSH: 2.03uIU/mL
Sed Rate (ESR): 4mm/hr
Urine pH: 6.0
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Just inquiring with everyone to see how things went with those who took Vitamin C. Gingko, L-Arginine, Fish Oil, etc...Have had the talked about issues for a few years. Also had a herniated disc in C5-C6, but I think more of a jelqing issue. Have seen a Urologist and ultrasound and was told all that is normal....
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any one tried vitamin e cream?? it seems it worked for me.. it is not that hard any more.. but i think i should use it till it totally dissolves
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I've improved somewhat over the past two weeks. I take 1 (1000 mg) capsule of Omega-3 fish oil everyday. I try to eat omega-rich foods like nuts and eggs. I also take a calcium supplement daily, because I get them for free. Other then that I try to get all my vitamins and minerals from food. I've been exercising 4 days a week, which i suppose helps with blood circulation and does the job of L-Arginine. That's about it.

Still haven't gotten a blood test. At first I actually stuck to masturbating once in 5 days, which I think helped greatly. Now I don't care as much, as things are getting better, but I should still probably stick by it until everything comes back to normal.

To: emreg

You just put vitamin e cream on your privates and it made the stiffness go away??
I might try it..
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Where the hell has everyone dissapeared??
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Hi everyone.  I'm sooo glad people are talking about this as I'm really worried.  I am 34 and have been suffering the problem for about a year now and it's playing total havoc with my sex life.

Let me start by stating I have never taken amphetamines or ecstasy so you can rule those out as a direct cause (although there could be indirect causes through the metabolism of these drugs).  Furthermore, I am quite drug averse so am very hesitant to take alpha-blockers or other medication as I'm keener to address the root cause of the problem.

I find abstaining from sex or masturbation for 4-5 days makes it better, but this is obviously a wholly unsatisfactory solution for the long term.

If I 'shake' my penis gently - thereby forcing blood to enter the penis via centrifugal force - it appears to alleviate the hardness temporarily, Going hard-flaccid again within a few minutes.  This tends to rule out i) any neuropathic condition such as associated with diabetes (of which my doctor has confirmed I don't have) affecting the sympathetic/parasympathetic nervous system around the penis, and also ii) hormonal issues such as related to adrenaline/noradrenaline levels.

My testicles and my glans (glands) are also frequently cold to touch, even in a hot environment, which together with the hard inner shaft feeling as if it has been constricted, and the affects of shaking the penis as suggested above, leaves me to conclude (without any medical expertise) this is a bloodflow/arterial issue.

The only I can think of atm is possibly arteriosclerosis.
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By the way, I'm getting my blood test result soon. I'll post the results.
Avatar m tn
I saw a urologist a few weeks ago and he has me on the following:

1) Potaba- only problem is I have to take 24 pills a day (6 pills 4x in 24hrs).
2)Topical Verapamil- from PD Labs. Only problem is that it is $270 per tube.
3)Vitamin E

Let you know how it goes
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I don't know what the **** is going on with this website. I wrote a huuuge post today to all of you and for some reason it didn't get posted. I don't have the energy to write it again so I'll make it very brief.

There is one doctor that knows the exact science behind what is going on with all of us. Diego posted articles from him several posts up. His name is Dr. Richards. The website:

Recently people have started asking him about the 'hard flaccid issue', as long as every issue discussed on this page, and he wrote out detailed explanations, articles, and procedures for treatment. Go on the website and find out about your case. He wrote the specific causes and treatment for those who suffer from the 'hard flaccid' caused by inury, caused by sexual exhaustion, and caused by mdma.
In general the cure for most of us is to only ejaculate once a week, while taking L'arginine, a multi-vitamin, 5-htp, zinc, and other things like GABA. The recovery will take from a month to a year. It is most important to stay consistant with not ejaculating, exercising, eating healthy, and taking the supplements. Practically everyone should be 100% cured with enough time.  

I asked him whether alpha blockers are neccesary, and he said to avoid them, as they are dilate blood vesels in an unnatural way and will not help in the long run. He told another poster that viagra and cialis should be avoided as well.

Go to the site. Find the article with your symptoms!
Bless this Dr. Richards! Don't waste your time with urologists.

Diego, how is your progress?

And the rest of you, how are you doing?
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well the trouble never ends. Last week I met this girl, took cialis and had sex. But now I have this sort of constant semi erection. It's not especially small, but the base is engorged whilst behind the glans (glands) the skin is tight and constricts the shaft. it looks very odd. the really odd thing is it's normally ok in the evening, which leads me to believe the problem is at least influenced by body chemistry and hormones, which must change as we tend to relax in the evening.  
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Scot, I know what you're describing. You should stay away from cialis and alpha blockers.
Yea it is a hormonal thing. This Dr. Richards explained exactly how it works.

I got some blood test results:

sTSH: 3.32      normal range: (0.35 - 5.00 mIU/L)
Cortisol Random: 428.        normal range: (65 - 540 nmol/L)
DHEAS: 9.3      normal range: (5.73 - 13.4 umol/L)
Testasterone: 27.2        Normal male: (8.0 - 38.0 nmol/L)
Prolactin: 12.          Normal male:  < 18 ug/L
Free testasterone: 59.6    Normal Range: (31.0 - 94.0 pmol/L)

Generally, everything falls within normal range, but the cortisol and prolactin are on the higher side. I guess this supports Dr. Richards theory that the hard flaccid is causd by elevated levels of prolactin and prostaglandin E2.

I am trying to keep masturbation to once in 7 days for 60 days. Sex is not even an option in this period. I am buying L'arginine, a multi-vitamin, fish oil, 5-htp, and GABA as of next week. Today I am on day 7 of the 60 days, and the 'hard flaccid' still hasn't gone away after 7 days :(. Very frustrating. I am having a lot more anxiety about this issue now then before too, which is not helping. Anxiety causes increases in cortisol.
I am hoping that by going though with these 60 days I'll be able to drop prolactin and Prostaglandin E2 levels to a minimum, while boosting prostaglandins E1 and E3, which will heal the elastic tissue and fix this. I can only hope it'll stay that way after...

Anybody else has any progress?
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Can you describe your libido?
If you have high Prolactin, your libido should be low
High Prolactin=low dopamine= low libido

And there are some problems withyour blood test results:

Cortisol blood test is not accurate, you should get Salivary cortisol test for a more accurate result.   Your testosterone level is in normal range but you should test for Estradiol (specify “sensitive” assay for males). High or low estradiol will impair sexual function.  Also it is important to  test for your Thyroid function.


Have you try ZMA or magnesium?  I have morning woods almost everyday, long lasting and harder erections and higher libido since I added magnesium.  

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The doctor that took my blood test was an idiot. I went to this walk-in-clinic in the area. The doctor was wearing this shirt that my brother wears in grade 7. Obviously he had no clue what a 'hard flaccid penis' was. I tried to explain it to him, but it seems out of his reality. I gave him the list of all the hormones you wanted me to post and he said he doesn't know what a lot of them are. I said whatever take my thyroid, testasterone, cortisol, prolactin, and whatever else you can. So he only ended up taking only those 6 hormones :S. I didn't even want to stay and discuss the results when I picked them up, just went home.

I believe either the sTSH or DHEAS should be the thyroid function hormone. If it is then mine falls within normal range.

I guess I could go back for a salivary cortisol test, but what will cortisol tell me anyway? It's a stress hormone, right? I don't think stress directly affects the 'hard flaccid'. If your stress spikes up, I believe it will make the penis even more so 'firm flaccid' but only temporarily. I am more concerned about the prolactin levels, as I think it affects it directly.

When this doctor saw Estradiol on the list he told me we're not taking that one as that one only applies for females. I didn't know what estradiol was for back then, so I trusted that *******. I guess I could go back for another test and ask for estradiol.

I don't know what ZMA is. I take 1 x 1000 capsule of fish oil and 1 calcium + magnesium supplement every night. I don't know how much they help, but I am planning on buying a multi-vitamin soon and taking more fish oil. So that should be covered.

As for the libido:
Like I described before the longer I go without masturbating, generally, the better the 'hard flaccid' gets each day. Before, when I would go for 7 days without masturbating, the hard flaccid would almost entirely go away. About 3 weeks ago I started the '60 day masturbating once a week' mission. After 14 days I got my normal hang back and got my libido back. Then I smoked weed one day. For some reason weed actually gave me more libido when I was having the 'hard flaccid issue, maybe because it is a mild vasodilator, or maybe because it raises dopamine levels. Anyway I jerked off mid-week when I wasn't supposed to. And then again the following day just to see what will happen. The day after that my libido was non existant. For the following 3 days it was very low. I looked at porn and could get a weak erection but it didn't feel comfortable. Now 8 days have passed since I last jerked off, and only this morning did I get my full libido back. Hard flaccid is almost entirely gone. Today is day 8, I plan on doing this for 60 days.
I guess after I jerked off on two consecutive days, my prolactin shot up. My prolactin test result of 12 seems rather high. I am guessing it slowly drops every day I don't jerk off. And yea, I usually get my libido back a few days after I jerk off. A bit more each day, but an entire week to fully get it back. Usually less then a week. I've had morning wood for the past few days, which is a good sign.

You said "High Prolactin=low dopamine= low libido".
Could you explain to me what you know about the  prolactin, dopamine, and libido link. After hearing you say that, I believe that my libido shoots up when smoking week because it raises dopamine a bit. If that is the case, I might start smoking more weed, while still limiting masturbating to once a week.

What is your prolactin level? And the rest of your blood test results?

How is your libido lately?

Do you also limit ejaculation to once a week? How do you go about this? How has your progress been?

Avatar n tn
You must test for T3, Free T3, TSH and Free T3 to get a more conclusive results for your thyroid function, and cortisol is for your adrenal function.  When thyroid(hypothyroidism) and adrenal(adrenal fatigue) are impaired, men will experience low libido/ ED.  

After ejaculation, prolactin levels will increase sharply, it suppresses dopamine(dopamine is the main responsible for libido).  your erection will be deflated and you will not be interested in sex for a period of time,  this is called refractory period.  Normal young men have a short refractory period, they could get erections again in couple of minutes after ejaculation.  So, can you remember the interval between you last ejaculation and taking the blood?  Since your prolactin level is high, the longer the interval, the worst your problem.  
But based on your information, it is obvious that you have long refractory period, your sexual function is like a 60-70 old man. Hard flaccid is only a symptom, it occurs when there is lack of blood flow. When you are cold or doing exercises, usually you will have hard flaccid.  But I believe if men have low libido, they would also have hard flaccid, because low libido is to tell the body that it is not ready for sex, blood flows to elsewhere(organs or muscles) instead of penis.

Smoking weed, cigarette and alcohol will increase dopamine level, that is why some men find that  alcohol could give them a harder erection. Raising dopamine continuously reduces nervous system sensitivity to dopamine (by reduction in the number of dopamine receptors). This is called tolerance.  This explains why people will have pleasure in initial exposure of stimulants and loss of interest/pleasure if continuously expose to same dosage.  In theory, if you cycle smoking weed, you can maintain your libido, but weed will do more harm than good to you.

Do you addict to Porn? I think porn is like alcohol or weed, it will desensitize you(You need more stimulation to get/maintain erections.)

So, your problem is low libido, you must have a comprehensive blood test to find out what causes of your problem.  

You should continue to limit your ejaculation to once a week and take fish oil, calcium and magnesium, but not to take calcium and magnesium together, as calcium will reduce the absorption of magnesium.  Take calcium in the morning and magnesium before bed for a good sleep.  

Here are some more supplements that you should try:

Vitamin d
l-tyrosine -- a precursor of dopamine

As for my problem, I had had almost the same problem like you since I was 21(I am now 30).  But since I abstained  from masturbation and porn for 2 years and taken fish oil regularly for a year, I have more spontaneous erections, morning woods and higher libido.  But the best is magnesium, I become very horny and have a lot of erections when I take magnesium.

I am still struggle to maintain my libido(I can have a lot of erections today, and have no erections the next day.) I do not have any blood test but plan to test soon.
Avatar m tn
I think the interval between ejaculation and taking the blood test was a couple days. I can't remember exactly though. I'll make sure to remember next time I go get the test done.  

"In theory, if you cycle smoking weed, you can maintain your libido, but weed will do more harm than good to you."
- I do cycle weed, I don't smoke it all the time. When you say more harm than good, you mean in general health wise? or it will harm the libido?

Did you check out the website:
and see what Dr. Richards was saying about the 'hard flaccid'?
He explains that in cases of sexual exhaustion, as most people on this forum, it is inflammation caused by prostaglandin E2 and raised levels of prolactin. He says to abstain from masturbation for as long as needed while taking a multi-vitamin, fish oil, and other supplements.
I told him that for me this started after taking MDMA, and he posted an article about how mdma causes this. I can't remember exactly but he was saying there is an inconsistansy in some neurotrasmitters.
I think I have a minor case of sexual exhaustion + that neaurotrasmitter inconsistancy he was talking about.
Just like you, I've had days when I had high sex drive, and the next day could be low again. This is not even that bad, I'm sure it will go away for us with time and the right supplements.

To take care of the mdma/neuro inconsistancy problem I plan on buying a 5-htp supplement and a GABA supplement. They are supposed to help fix that problem.
As for the sexual exhaustion, I'll definitely be taking fish oil. I'll buy a multi-vitamin. I'll buy a zinc supplement on top of that. And perhaps get more magnesium and other things later on.
Dr. Richards says recovery for sexual exhaustion takes 1 month to 1 year. I am hoping this will go away compelely in 2 months, since for us libido already returns a few days after ejaculation.

Tell me what happened during those 2 years that you abstained from masturbation? Did you not masturbate completely?? Or once in a while? How did it help?
2 years is a pretty long time. I think just with limiting ejaculation to once a week and taking all the above supplements this should be over in a few months.

Do you think this Dr. Richards advice is useful?
You seem like you know a lot too. But if you havn't checked out his website yet, you should.

I will take your advice also though, and take a blood test with everything you mentioned. And I'll start taking magnesium.

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I don't think 5 htp may actually decrease sex drive. It increases serotonin levels. SSRI anti depressants do the same and are known to lower libido.
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correction - meant to say "I do think...."
Avatar m tn
Scott, I don't know what to say. At this point I'm willing to try anything. I remeber I used to have like 2 week intervals when the hard flaccid would go away completely, and then eventually come back. Lately I don't even have these intervals anymore. As far as I could remember, my diet, exercise, and sleeping patterns haven't changed since then, so I got no explanation.

Last night I ejaculated in my sleep. :S Probably for the first time in my life. I had a boner a few times throughout the day and for a long time before sleep, so that's probably why. Now I'm thinking maybe this happened some time before as well. It completely threw off my "ejaculate once a week plan". So now I'm not going to look at porn at all anymore and try not to get boners before bedtime.  Sigghh.. this just gets better and better.
Avatar m tn
Yes it's the inconsistency with this that is puzzling. A few days ago for some unknown reason my hard flaccid completely disappearred for 2 days. It was soft, spongy and hanging limply. Then the next day I was back to problems ! I don't always take the alpha blockers, only when I feel I need them. But even with those there are days when they just don't work. It's all so strange !

I am looking forward to the summer and sunshine, this should help my mood and I want to see whether it has any effect on my flaccid.

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I posted this in the other thread:

I have this problem too!  I get strong erections though.

I think everyone's similarity is that we all had some event that occurred which made our penises like this (either injury, over exertion, mental, drugs).  

Mine was after I masturbated 16 times in one day and I overdosed on amitriptyline (and I couldn't get hard for a week) and I also put myself in a coma for 2 days and was severely dehydrated.  I am doing jelqing exercises to improve blood flow and wrapping it up in a warm towel at night time and they seem to be helping.  I get horny all the time and have strong erections though unlike many on here.  Then again I am taking Wellbutrin XL which has been making me horny like crazy and I think Jelqing helps with erection strength.

The people who say they have erection problems may be having erection problems because they feel bad about their flaccid penis. and insecure.  This will affect erections and then when you see your erections less strong that just feeds into your insecurity.  Point is the size of the flaccid penis isn't the big deal.  
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You said "High Prolactin=low dopamine= low libido".
Could you explain to me what you know about the  prolactin, dopamine, and libido link. After hearing you say that, I believe that my libido shoots up when smoking week because it raises dopamine a bit. If that is the case, I might start smoking more weed, while still limiting masturbating to once a week.

I can answer this.  When there is a lot of dopamine in your brain it suppresses prolactin and other female hormones and raises testosterone.  I am taking Wellbutrin and it increases the amount of dopamine in your brain.  Women that take it automatically get very horny (increased testosterone?) and there are some women who report getting acne (testosterone) and some lose their hair (also from male hormones).  Other side effects is getting angry very quickly and things like that, but that may just be from the dopamine.  The pill is amazing for depression and horniness.  
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I to have been suffering from hard flacid among other syptoms (symptoms) including low libido,insomnia,frequent urination,weak erections,anxiety/depression,pains at top of legs and for some reason my penis feels quite rubbery and dosent have much feeling when i squeeze it.All of this is causing me a lot of stress and i'm finding it difficult to cope.I've become very isolated in my life and dont have anybody to talk to or confide in.The problem for me started a couple of months ago but at first didnt recognise it as a problem so ignored it for a couple of weeks untill i realised it wasnt going away.So i researched the problem and it seems to be sexual exhaustion caused by over masturbating as i was ejaculating between 2-5 times a day for about 5 months.I came across a site which seems to under stand the syptoms (symptoms) and its all because of a lack of hormones and other bits n bobs so ive been buying various herbs and aminos hoping its going to do some good.Ive also stopped ejaculating and im almost on my 4th week but to be honest i havent noticed much progress.The hard flacid is because of a lack of androgen hormones which is why its abit softer when sat down as when you stand up the androgen needs to go to other places.what i would like to know is does anyone know of anybody or themselves to have recovered from the hard flacid and other sexual exhaustion syptoms (symptoms) and if so how did they go about recovering what meds did they take etc.Please people reply to this as im realy struggling with it all and all i do know is im 28 years old and im just not prepared to live the rest of my life like this no way,sorry for being so depressing everyone but thats just where i am right now.
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Alright man, here's the process:

First check out:
Read up all the articles that talk about your problem. Read all comments. Ask Dr. Richards questions.
That site explains why and how the hard flaccid/ and any form of erecile dysfunction is caused.

Basically there are 3 ways to get it: by physical injury (stretching exercises), sexual exhaustion (hormonal/ neurotrasmitter imbalance) <- most common type, or by street drugs that deplete you of serotonin/dopamine.
Read up and learn the entire science in his website. Basically the hard flaccid means you have too much prolactin, and too much inflamatory hormone E2. You also most definitely have an imbalance of at least one hormone/ neurotrasmitter which is why you have low libido as well. It could either be low serotonin, high estradiol, low testasterone, low GABA, or combination of things...

Now, don't fall custom to Dr. Richards products right away because you have to know what YOUR SPECIFIC problem is before starting to pop multiple supplements.

Now, to go this website:

It's a site for people with erectile dysfunction, sexual exhaustion (90% of you people in this forum) and the hard flaccid. They've been going at it for years already so they pretty much have answers to everything and will tell you all the procedures.
Read up on causes of sexual exhaustion/ hard flaccid there, and find valuable info from posters that have recovered from it somewhat.

Basically what you'll learn there is that you'll have to take a few tests to determine your: neurotrasmitter levels, thyroid function, adrenal function, and sex hormones.
These tests are done by sending urine and saliva samples to some lab in US who will give you the results. These tests all together will cost you like $500. It's expensive but there is no other way around. When you get the results, you'll know EXACTLY what's wround with you. If your serotonin is low then you should start taking 5-htp, if estradiol is high there are some other steps, if thyroid is low start eating more egg yolk, exercise and so on...

It's kinda pointless investing hundreds in supplements thats target different things before you actually know where the problem lies, unless you have a general idea of what's wrong.
I plan on only ordering a neurotrasmitter test, which costs like $240, from one of the links in the site. I suspect my problem is an imbalance of either serotonin, dopamine, or acetylcolin, caused by the ecstasy that i took and whatever ******** it was laced with.
I'm assuming my thyroid, adrenal function, and sex hormones should all be in place since i've always lead a healthy lifestyle. However something could be off with adrenal function, since everything is interconnected, but i just got no money to buy the other tests right now. I might one day in the future.
Post your test results on the website and the experts there will tell you what's wrong/ what to do. Then you'll know exactly what steps to take and what supplements to get. You can also get a phone consultation together with the test results who will interperet everything for you and explain their theory of what is causing what, but that will cost you extra $$.

The hard flaccid in particular is caused by high prolactin and inflamaroty prostaglandins, like i've said. What you can do in the meantime is go and get a free blood test for prolactin, testasterone and cortisol. Everything else would be inaccurate through a blood test and requires the professional lab guys to do it through urine and saliva.
Theoretically you should have high prolactin and high cortisol (stress hormone). I had both high on my last test.

The obvious steps for treating the hard flaccid, regardless of what your particular imbalance is: AVOID SEX/ MASTURBATING FOR AN INDEFINITE PERIOD OF TIME. Don;t ejaculate until your penis returns to 100% the way it was before. It may take 2 weeks or it may take a month, but wait that long! If you ejaculate while you still have the hard flaccid you will be slowing down recovery. try to ejaculate as least often as possible. When you ejaculate your prolactin shoots up, and our goal is to minimize it.
So take a blood test once a week and try to see if your prolactin lowers over time  raises thyroid
Lastly, exercise. It boosts testasterone, helps with blood circulation and a lot of other good things.

So there you go. Ask around in the Sexual Exhasion forum. they are experts there. Get the hormone / neutotrasmmiter test --> then decide what suppelements you need.

In the meantime: still take a multi-vitamin, take fish oil, and take L'arginine (helps dilate everything down there and helps in hard flaccid recovery), and that's it. All other supplements are dependant on what the root of your problem is. Ejaculate only like once a month or few weeks.

Right now I'm trying to make enough money to get the neurotrasmitter test. if my serotonin is low I will experiment with 5-htp, if dopamine is low perhaps try L'tyrosine.

I can keep you posted if you'd like. You should also.

All the best..
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typo right here:

"So take a blood test once a week and try to see if your prolactin lowers over time  raises thyroid
Lastly, exercise. It boosts testasterone, helps with blood circulation and a lot of other good things."

I meant to say:

So take a blood test once a week and try to see if your prolactin lowers over time  
Cortisol -> stress hormone -> fluctuates day to day. Cortisol affects the hard flaccid directly. You want to avoid all stress. Don't have negative thoughts! Don't think about this problem. Life your life as if everything os good. Check your cortisol levels once a week as well to see if they are dropping.
Lastly, exercise. It boosts testasterone, helps with blood circulation and a lot of other good things.

I was also gonna mention that eating raw eggs helps increase thyroid function so you might wanna do that in the meantime as well just as a precaution.

I just went 2 weeks without masturbating and the hard flaccid has reduced significantly. I'm gonna try to go the a month.

Avatar n tn
Limit your masturbations is good but should not abstain for more than 6 months.  As I mentioned in my post, I had abstained for 2 years, my libido dropped significantly.  

You said you have high cortisol, did you do the saliva test? did you doctor give you any advice on this?  
Avatar m tn
Ya, I wasn't planning on abstaining for more then a month a two. It would just get ridiculously hard after as I'd probably get my sex drive back by then. My sex drive has gone up somewhat over these two weeks already, so that's good.

No, my cortisol test was a blood test. I know that saliva is a lot more accurate, but you gotta order saliva, and it'll cost you. My goal is just to keep taking the blood test once a week and watch prolactin and cortisol drop, while testasterone goes up.

I live in Toronto, Canada. Now a single doctor has helped me in any sort of way so far. I don't even think I can order a neurotrasmitter test in Canada, I'll have to do it through the US website.

Go to the sexual exhaustion forum:

A lot of valuable info there, and people that know as much as doctors.
Avatar m tn
hello frenchiman and thanks for such a detailed response.
After reading your post ive decided that i should definately get tests done to see exactly whats going on,the only problem is i live in the uk not us and so would be waiting for a very long time for the results to come back i would imagine so im going to try going to my own doctors first.What i wanted to ask you was do you know exactly what tests i need to have?.Do i need a blood,saliva and urine test and could you please tell me what i need to specifically test for in each of these.Which one tests your seratonin dopamine acetylcholine and gaba levels and which one your androgen hormones.I looked up Dr richards site and he says the hard flacid is caused by a lack of androgen hormones so i realy want to know what my levels are.I intend on going to the doctors in the week though im quite nervous about this because so much is riding on it,i just hope he agrees to doing the tests.When i get the results i'll post them all on the site.
Avatar m tn
Another quick question,i was just wondering if your hard flacid gets abit better while your in a seated position as mine normally does and theres even been a few times when its gone completely soft but then gone hard again after i stand up.Dr richards said it goes hard again because the androgen hormones need to go to the lower part of your body when you stand up so dosnt leave enough for your penis interested in if this is what you have come to believe as well.As for excercising i cant do that to much because it causes my heart to beat fast and doing calm down for days on end as i used to excercise daily before all this happened and was in the shape of my life but i cant help but think all the excercise and masturbation was just to much for my body to take and has now burnt out,so im just gonna get a lot of rest and just do very little excercise maybe some shoulders but thats it.Was planning on having a realy good summer this year as well shagging as many birds as possible looks like thats all out the window now though.gutted.
Avatar n tn
It sounds like you have excessive norepinephrine in your body.  Do you have premature ejaculation?

I had almost the same problems like you a few years ago, but I gradually getting better since I took fish oil, magnesium and B-12 and limit my ejaculations.  

High/low Estradiol, excessive norepinephrine, impaired Thyroid/adrenal or malabsorption could cause your problem.  See my previous post for what you should test for.  If possible, test for vitamins and minerals to find out if you have any deficiency.  The most important vitamins/minerals for men's health are: Vitamin A, B-6,12, C, D, magnesium, zinc, iron.
Avatar n tn
To get a more valuable results from your blood tests:
You can try to  get your blood drawn ASAP after ejaculation and abstain as long as you could and then get another one.  

Compare two results.
Avatar m tn

Ya that's what I plan on doing. Taking one before and after ejaculation. I'm sure there will be a dramatic difference in prolactin. We'll see..


The answers to your questions are all in the forum:
I've posted there a lot too so go read up.

I'll answer your questions anyway though.
As for the tests, here's the link to the page from the site where it's answered in detail:

Basically there are a few sites/labs in US where you can send them urine + saliva samples and they will tell you the results in a few days. Max, the site admin, describes which lab/clinic/site is best for which test in the link. All tests (neurotrasmitters, thyroid, adreanals, sex hormones) should run you about $500.

I don't know how medicine works in UK, but in Canada it's not working in my favor. I don't think there's a place in canada where you can get a neurotrasmitter test. But it's alright because i can just order the US ones online, and so could you. I suggest you search locally for a good doctor first. The guys at the 'sexual exhaustion' site actually have a list of doctors in different areas that know about this and could help you, by taking different saliva tests, test for adrenals in their clinic and so on. I don;t know if they know of doctors like that in the UK, but you should ask. If medicine in UK is free, I suggest you look for a doctor/urologist locally that you can TELL AND EXPLAIN how the hard flaccid/sexual exhaustion works, tell him the tests you're planning on taking, and get him to help you interperet the reults + come up with a healing strategy. It would probably be extremely difficult to find a doc like that, which is why I'm not even trying in Canada, but maybe you know one.

"Dr richards said it goes hard again because the androgen hormones need to go to the lower part of your body when you stand up so dosnt leave enough for your penis interested in if this is what you have come to believe as well."
Yea that's what I believe as well. At least that's part of the story. I figured the hard flaccid could be caused by low adrenals, high prolactin, inflamatory prostaglandins, or a combination of things. So a number of factors could be playing there. Again, just by abstaining, and dieting right, and doing everything right, the body WILL heal itself with time. But to speed up the process, best to just get the neurotrasmitter/hormonal tests and see exactly what's off.

"As for excercising i cant do that to much because it causes my heart to beat fast and doing calm down for days on end as i used to excercise daily before all this happened and was in the shape of my life but i cant help but think all the excercise and masturbation was just to much for my body to take and has now burnt out,so im just gonna get a lot of rest and just do very little excercise maybe some shoulders but thats it"

Exercise is very important in recovery. You could try doing 2-3 days a week of resistance training (going to gym, just do whatever you can, as long as you a sweat going that's all that matters) and another 2 days a week of just cardio - jogging, bike, swimming. Cardio has many benefits too. Long story short, any exercise will speed up recovery. You gotta find a way to do something.

"Was planning on having a realy good summer this year as well shagging as many birds as possible looks like thats all out the window now though.gutted."

That was my plan as well :). I gotta tell you something dude, stress (cortisol) affects your progress with the hard flaccid DIRECTLY. You don't neccesarily need to be stressing a lot to raise cortisol. NEGATIVE THINKING ALONE RAISES IT. WHEN YOU LOOK AT YOUR MEMBER REPEATEDLY AND KEEP THINKING ABOUT IT IT RAISES IT. I know because I;m speaking from experience. Relax, have a clear mind, socialize a lot, go out like you used to, still go for chicks.. hopefully this will be over for us soon.

There's a bunch more valuable info that i discovered recently, but I'm too lazy to write it. So here's the link from the other forum:
Read the latest comments between me (frenchiman) and Alex88.

To make it very brief, I decided not to take the neurotrasmitter test for now and just try to get all precursors for neurotrasmitters through diet. Details are in the link. I also summarzied everything I recommend to everyone with the hard flaccid.
I''ve abstained from masturbating for 15 days today, and the hard flaccid is almost entirely gone. Sex drive is back to like 75%. I've also been exercising, eating right, yada yada.. details are in the link. What I need TO IMPROVE STILL is my sleeping pattern (it's ****** now) and still lower my cortisol. (just like you i gotta think about this less, and live my old life and so on.. and implement the breathing/ yoga exercises that people discuss in the link)... read it.

That's it for now I guess. If you don't know anything about neurotrasmitters and hormones and the link I sent you (about which tests to take) doesn;t tell you much, just let me know, and I'll tell you specificaly which tests to take and which sites. Ask if you wanna know anything else.
Avatar n tn
"sexual exhaustion" is the term coined by Dr.Lin from ***********.com.  The members of http://*********************.org were initially the "patients" of Dr.Lin but they later found that the products which recommended by Dr.lin are completely useless, the people have the symptoms of sexual exhaustion and want to heal themselves by using natural supplements.

I have checked Dr richards site, it looks like the spin-off of to me.  His theory could be right, but it does not have much scientific evidence to support his theory on hard flaccid.  

If you want to learn more about neurotrasmitters, read all the posts by Dr. Marianco and Michael Scally MD from and Meso forum.  
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I must say the idea that androgens go to your lower body when you stand up seems ridiculous to me !
Avatar n tn
Agree with scot007

But norepinephrine will incresase when you stand up (  I think people with hard flaccid when stand up and soft when lying is due to excessive norepinephrine in their body.
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Hi, I have this problem and have had for many months and it is hell. I can't even get proper erections with viagra or cialis. Now I was wondering if anyone has had any scans like MRI scans or Penile Ultrasound and if so what there results were?

I got this condition from injury from a penis stretcher and it clearly hasn't gone on its own. I was wondering if anyone has made any progress by applying constant heat?

Those of us that have developed this condition through injury have clearly done some sort of tissue damage. Id love to hear if anyone has ever heard of a full recovery or has any ideas of exactly what we have.
Avatar m tn
I posted in late February and have had very little success. Here is what I posted originally:

1) Potaba- only problem is I have to take 24 pills a day (6 pills 4x in 24hrs).
2)Topical Verapamil- from PD Labs. Only problem is that it is $270 per tube.
3)Vitamin E

Not much success. The topical verapamil wasn't helping, so I stopped taking that. Still on the potaba and Vitamin E, but no change for the better.

Sounds like the blood test is the way to go?
Avatar m tn
I had sex last month and ever since have been experiencing similar problems. However, I do not feel numbness or inability to keep an erection, I just feel as if the penis in my muscle is very tight. I felt it was an injury that happened due to rough sex, but after a few nights of masturbation, the feeling is back.

I believe that much of this has to do with anxiety and stress. I have felt better about my penis the past few weeks but today my friend and I were talking about STDs and sure enough I am scared and the feeling came back tonight. It hasnt been to much of a problem yet, but just like everyone else I want to find out whats wrong.
Avatar m tn
Does anyone else have success like Britbloke did? I am taking the vitamins and hoping for similar results as the two urologists were of no help...
Avatar m tn
I have noticed a definite daily pattern regarding the state of my flaccid penis. Upon waking, regardless of the time, it's soft and hanging nicely. Within about 15 to 30 mins it gradually starts to shrivel up, becomes very small and feels quite firm.  It remains like this most of the day until the evening, when it starts to relax again.

I am now convinced that in my case this is driven by my daily hormone fluctuations, specifically adrenaline. I am no expert but I assume this hormone reaches higher levels in the body during the daytime.  The effectiveness of alpha blockers in relieving this supports my view.

This could possibly explain why some people are growers and others are showers. The growers perhaps have higher levels of circulating adrenaline or possibly more alpha (adrenergic) receptors in the penis, and so they tend to turtle up more. Just a theory....
Avatar m tn
Do I need a perscription to get alpha blockers?
Avatar m tn
No you can buy them easily on the web, Doxazosin is the probably the best choice. I take it every day now, and have no side effects. I can even help with erections. It comes in 4 strengths, 1mg, 2mg and 4mg. I take 2mg. Probably best to start with the lowest.

It is quite effective, although if it's very cold or I exercise I still turtle up, but maybe a higher dose would even combat that.

I started taking them originally because I apparently have a slightly enlarged prostate and I had difficulty peeing. However another doctor told me I don't have an enlarged prostate,  but that sometimes the bladder muscles suffer from increased sympathetic tone, which is basically constriction due to adrenaline. This is clearly what is happening to me and it affects my penis too. When I stop taking the alpha blockers I am aware of a tight feeling in the whole groin area. The med allows everything to relax including your penis.

I'd rather not have to rely on this, but what alternative is there.
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Guys, I ben doing research on this for te past few months and understand quite a lot about this now.

The hard flaccid can be caused either by physical injury (ex. stretching exercises) or hormonal imbalance. Both ways lead to a hormonal imbalance which produces too much inflammatory prstaglandin E2, which causes the 'had flaccid'
The process is too long to go into.

Regarding hormonal imbalance, which is most of us here, there are VARIOUS types of hormonal imbalance, which all have similar symptoms (hard faccid), so it's important to findthe root of your individul problem before you put together a healing strategy. For example, hormonal imbalances include, hypothyroid, hyperthyroid, adrenal fatigue, overactive adrenals, high estradiol, or just weak parasympathetic system (over-msturbation). You need to get tested for neurotrasmitters, adrenals, thyroid, and all sex hormones. Then you need to interperet the results and find the root of the problem.
These tests can be done through US labs. You send them a urine + saiva sample and they il give you the results. All together they will cost like $600. I'm ordering my tests next week.  

My symptoms are EXACTLY like Sctot's. I suspect that our adrenals are overproducing adrenaline + noreinephrine. The nrepinephrine triggers the release of the prostaglandin E2, which is responsible for vasocontriction, inflamation (inflammation), and the hard flaccid.
I don't know why my adrenals are overprodcing this noreinephrine for days at a time. The two things that make the symptoms worse are: ejacuating and alcohol consumption. If I don;t ejaculate for a week things pretty much return to normal for me.

I'm sure for most of you adrenals are not the root, however they may also be affected. For you you might have just weakened your parasympathetic system by over stimulating the symathetic system by over ejaculating. Anyway, all of this is reversible.

We must eat a helthy diet. Avoid most dairy, sugar, refined foods, caffein.. focus on whole foods, anti-inflamatory foods like olive oil, almonds, fruits.. eat ggs.. eat omega-3 rich foods.
Try to get good sleep. exercise,but nothing too intense.
Focus on breathing and relaxation exercises.
Supplements: everyone can benefit from a multi-vitamin and some fish oil, the rest depends onyour paricular issue. Right now I'm also taking vitamin C, vitmin E, cod liver oil, zinc + magnesium, and 5-htp. Most of you can also benefit from 5-htp. Too long to go into detail..
Limit ejaculation to once in 7-14 days to allow your body to recover.

AVOID alpha-blockers, viagra, cialis, and dopamine agonists. They only help temporarily but don;t adress the issue at all.

It's imporant to locate the root of your problems before you load yourself with supplements though. For example, things that show up wrong with me: high prolactin, high cortisol, high norepnephrine (hypotetically), high inflamatory prostaglandin (hypothetically), and low dopamine. Let's say that I know the root of all this is my overactive adrenals. If I just try to lower prolactin, or raise dopamine, it will only relieve symptoms temrorarily, but won;t adress the issue. the issue, really, is te high norepinephrine + cortisol. I need to lower those two with rest and supplements. The rest ae just the body's defense mechanism at work telling you not to have sex, so you don;t cause more damage to adrenals.

Site where I got most info:

Site where people talk about all this, te recommended tests to take, and people that can help you interperet the results:

When I get my results, I will work with this doctor online from that site, who's gonna help me interperet the rsults and try to explain why this exta adrenaline is being produced. Then he'll put together a healing strategy, which I'm guessing will be everything that I'm doing now, plus maybe some herbs to lower cortrisol, maybe a few other supplements for adrenals, and perhaps some other techniques.

Good luck guys..
Avatar m tn
Do you have the link for the lab that does the tests? Thanks for the great info.
Avatar m tn

"Quest Diagnostics

Testosterone, Free, Bio/Total (LC/MS/MS) Code: 14966X
Estradiol, Ultrasensitive, LC/MS/MS (30289X)
Estradiol Sensitive (4021) (range 13-54) ; either estradiol test is fine
T3, Total (859X)
T4, Total (Thyroxine)
T3, Free
T3, Reverse (967X)
TSH,3rd Generation 30163E
TPO - Antithyroid Peroxidase Antibody
TGaB - Thyroid globulin antibodie
Cortisol binding globulin
Cortisol am total and free
Aldosterone/Plasma Renin Activity Ratio, LC/MS/MS 16845 (if you do this test make sure you dont have any sodium 24hrs before testing)

ACTH, Plasma
Fasting Insulin
Free Insulin
CMP with liver panel
Iron and Iron Binding Capacity (7573X)
Iron, Total (571X)
Ferritin (457X)
Lipid profile
C-reactive protein


– FIA™ Comprehensive Profile 5000

Genova Diagnostics

Essential and Metabolic Fatty Acids Analysis

Other tests from various labs

24Hr saliva Cortisol ( genova labs or ZRT)

Rheins Labs Very effective test for only 225$ (24hr Complete Urine Hormone Panel)

FOR THOSE WHO CAN NOT FIND A DOCTOR AND WANT TO ORDER TESTS ( from this lab you can order thyroid test for 99$ which seems like a good deal) also i recommend Spectracell test.

from these labs i recommend thyroid, testosterone, e2, and the saliva adrenal function, total cost would probably be 350$, in my opinion its worth it.
you can order the Iodine loading test and they offer 24hr saliva cortisol testing."

No problem man. Forget urologists and doctors, they have no knowledge on this. The only doctors that can help you are the ones on that forum.

Get your tests results. Figure out the issue. Then start taking supplements for it.
If it' high estradiol, it can be fixed with testasterone boosters and estradiol antagonist. There is medication for thyroid, underactive adrenals.. and there are herbs and supplements that can help with less severe issues, that most of us here will benefit from.

There is a possibility that for some the problem is physical of course, such as leaky veins, or scar tissue formation (from physical injury/ stretching). So don't rule that out. That chances of that though are very very slim. But still, if you feel the need, then go to a urologist to be checked for physical injury. People with injury sould be usingsome cream as well, forgot the name. But again, for most of us its physiological, and will be reversed with the right treatment and enough time. Try not to think about this a lot too, because even subconsious stress releases cortisol and norepinephrine, which trigger more inflamation (inflammation).
Avatar m tn
Thanks for the detailed info. My doctor said there was no physical damage, so I assume that I order the tests and interpret the results. Will these labs "help" me interpret the results? Also, which is the best one for someone without a doctor?
Avatar m tn
Hi all,

I had a second MRI performed a week ago (this time, of the pelvis), and I received the results today.  Granted, these are simply the results from the radiologist, as the neurologist has yet to review them.  I'll post again when I hear from him.

First, a side-note regarding IV-administered MRI contrast dye containing gadolinium: I had a reaction to the dye immediately (vomited in the MRI machine) and for about 4 days afterward I was light-headed, nauseous, and had near constant headaches and blurred vision.  If anyone has an MRI with contrast dye, please research the complications that can arise (especially if you have kidney problems).

The MRI results are as follows:

-Thickening at the left sacral plexus: I'm assuming this means that the sacrum itself is thickening, thus impinging on the nerves coming out of S2-S4 (which feed into the pudendal nerve).  I also have the suspicion that the pirformis is inflamed where it connects to the sacrum.

-Perineural venous varix: My understanding is that this is similar to a varicose vein surrounding a nerve.  Seems reasonable that this could also lead to nerve impingement.  How it relates to the sacral thickening, I'm not sure.

-Fibrocystic tissue: Not entirely sure what this means yet.  Could be the trigger points I've been treating.

-Femoral acetabular impingement:  This tends to explain the symptom of my left hip [acetabular] joint popping more than the right one does.  How exactly it is being impinged is not known to me.  The link between this symptom and the sacral symptoms seems to be the pirformis muscle.

So, in summary, my armchair assessment leads me to believe that the impingement of the S2-S4 nerves accounts for the full range of pelvic symptoms I've experienced.

The questions that remain are: What precipitated this impingement, and what are the treatment options?  All things considered I'd rather not have surgery - but I'm open to anything.  More to come as the story unfolds.
Avatar n tn

I'm surprised these haven't been talked about since they mention "penis being flaccid" and "turtling up" and "having panic attacks" in it.

Then again, they are pretty "shameful" and weird topic titles so I wouldn't expect people who don't do penis exercises to visit those(not a penis exerciser here lmao).

This is happening to my cousin. He is having all of these symptoms and worse, he is a massage therapist and doesn't trust doctors since he's healed many people's problems, back, shoulder, leg, anything. He's done everything, give himself therapy, do all sorts of stretches. He knows how to find people's pain, and he's referenced many times when someone had shoulder pain, but the problem was somewhere else.

He's very adept at finding the origin of the pain. So when he got this, he was completely stumped for a while, until he "followed the path" or I have no clue how he does it, and he said when he started exercising his back and getting massage and stretching for his lower spine, did he find results of being pain-free.

Recently, he found out a little benign tumor compressing his lumbar spine. He said somewhere around where his last rib is connecting to his spine.

Crazy thing is... THIS IS HAPPENING TO ME TOO. I've had this problem for more than a year and a half only mine is way more harsh. If left unchecked, my penis will shrivel up completely and go inwards, that it feels like it's going to implode and hurts on a scale of 1-10 like an 11. I also sometimes can not pee because of it, and have to massage my pelvic area just to be able to pee.

The tightness also goes back down my perineum and to my anus so it hurts when I go number 2, ergh.

So right now, I am on a ton of painkillers and on some benzos to relax the areas, otherwise, I have to be catheterized. They've done all sorts of tests and can only find inflammation around my prostate when they gave me a prostate ultrasound. But my prostate is fine, the urologist was stumped and just gave me anti-inflammatorys(that didn't work).

I had an MRI of my lumber spine and all I had was a "lumbar-spine sprain" which the doctor said wasn't a big deal and sent me to therapy for(and did nothing). Now that my cousin has told me this story, and I've found that other thread(those 3 I posted), I think I can be sure I also have the same problem. So I will be looking into getting a Orthopedist to check out my back very very carefully.

If anyone wants to try something, I recommend the broccoli treatment which I have yet to try but everyone on that website(and other websites I've been to where people have urological problems) seem to love and hail as something that works great. I haven't tried it yet because I don't know, hah. :(

But yeah, hopefully I added something to this and if not, then well nothing was lost. Good luck and I will keep up with this thread if it doesn't work out.
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People, try some of these tips. they really helped

me and should greatly releave your problems.

1. Take about 800mg (2 big tablets) of Ibuprofen.

This will releave any pain and because its an anti-

inflammatory will help reduce that annoying unwanted

swelling. Slightly amusing I thought was that these

kind of paink killers work by counteracting the

"COX-Enzyme" which causes inflammation. (the fact

its a problem with our cocks, that name tickled

2. Sit in a very hot bath (not hot enough to scald

you obviously) for half hour or more, constantly

topping up the water when it start to get cold .

This makes that part of your body relax. Your

Testicles will descend or re arrange themselves,

releasing that knot (tension) in your penis which

will let the blood escape back into the rest of your

body more easily This will also release any trapped

semen or liquid (the three reasons for that hard

flaccid feeling i think).

3. Buy new underwear. Get loose fitting (a size

bigger than usual) cotton boxer shorts. Do Not wear

Tight fitting shorts, briefs, pants, y-fronts etc...

these types of underwear do not alow your parts to

breathe and they will struggle to regulate heat.

this dammages your sperm...which in turn will damage

your pipes. Bare in mind that if you wear tight

fitting jeans this will render the affect of the

boxers useless. wear loose fit jeans.

4. Try to sleep on your back. This has the same

effect as the boxer shorts helps to avoid any damage

(ie crushing) you may be doing to your self in your

sleep. This will also help with that morning

erection. Laying on your stomach or side will make

it a lot harder to get erect. Obvious really.

5. Run up and down your stairs really fast about 20

times.3 times a week .This well get the blood

flowing. and exercise is always good for you.

I hope these help. They have done wonders for me. I

only get the problem maybe once every month or so.

And its always when ive been really drunk the night

before. lol

1 and 2 really helped me with some instant releif.

The other 3 have helped in the long term.

Problems with erections during sex. If no medical

reason has been found then i can guarantee that its

all in your head. you may have had a medical reason

for it before but now its all down to the worrying.

Anxiety - Paranoia - Nerves and worrying about not

beeing able to get an erection will make it

impossible to get one. Trust me...been there too

many times to count.
Anxiety will put your body into self defence mode.

The old Fight or Flight routine. This pulls your

penis and testicle up into your body and pumps the

blood to more important parts of your body like your

arms and legs. Arms to fight, legs to run. Your

penis is not required for this. And would only get

you in trouble if it was. lol.

I found that dragging the woman into a nice hot

shower helps relax me (the magic of hot water and

soap) lol. Washing the woman all over, especially in

certain places, lol, will get her more

excited..etc...And because i havent been thinking

about it and the fact the water has helped relax

me...before i know it ive got a raging hard on.

Hope that helps some of you too.

And as for the point about extacy..I agree with you.

Some pills are cut with some dodgy stuff. On many

occasions i have taken it and been unable to *** at

all, even after 9 hours of sex (good old days. lol).

Certain chemicals and materials that they use to

make the pill (not the actual drug...if that makes

sense. lol) actually block up your pipes. Your

stomaqch cant desolve or digest this crap, and it

doest go into your blood stream. the only way out is

in your ****. This obviously block the pipes.

causing many problems. Standing at the toilet for

hours on end trying to go. i once couldnt actually

**** for 1 and a half days. that hurt. The only cure

was to eat some raw citric powder.

The acid

obviously removed the blockage. well thats what i
think. lol

And remember all stimulants have the effect of shrinking the penis while your using them. its temporary.

Anyway thats all i got to say. would like to hear

wot you think.



Avatar m tn
why did my last post look like that? strange. i didnt type it like Apparently the slang word for Urine is not allowed. so sorry for that and apologies for the typing errors..

Anyway I know that wot i said may not help most of you, but it really helped with my problem. And it may help one of you. Certainly stops my pain.

I forgot to mention that i was heavy into my illegal stimulants when i was a lot younger. this may or may not have had something to do with it. Though I was actually on legal medication (constantly changing as the doctor tried me on everyhing)  at the time that this problem first occured. I no longer take them (doctor was useless). This may also explain why it hardly ever happens to me now. Tho when it does a few Paink KIllers, a hot Bath and a Spanking of he monkey seems to sort it out within 2 hours.

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has anybody researched on Trigger Point
Avatar m tn
So I have some of the same symptoms as you all. However not as bad as some of you. I get the hardened penis, which occurs shortly after i get this weird shooting feeling of numbness down my penis. It started about a month ago, went away for a week, came back and stayed for about half a week, then it went away again for a week and now it's back once again. I just found all of this information today, I'm glad you guys were vocal about this, it's nice knowing I'm not the only one.

Although it truly is awful that I have this, I see that people have recovered from what they do have, or at least partially recovered. This gives me hope. I still have a very active libido, and my erections are fine. However I'm going to stop masturbating for at least two weeks, perhaps a month. I have the self-discipline to do so. I've scheduled an appointment with a urologist and will point all of this out to him, hopefully I can setup some tests to check for my hormonal levels. Tomorrow I'm going to pickup some fish oil, mult-vitamins, as well as L-arginine. I'll start all of that along with the no masturbation. I figure that this should help. I think after the two weeks/month is over I'll begin to masturbate again. Even if the stiffness is still there, just once a week. I'll have to ***** at that point, like I said hopefully a hormonal imbalance is found. I'd rather them be able to find something wrong with me than nothing wrong with me. I have noticed however that about 50% of this is psychological. So I think I'm also going to begin seeing a psychologist/psychiatrist of some sort to figure out how I can deal with this psychologically. It may also help to clear things up in my life. I'm also going to follow this with ceasing drinking coffee. That will be out of my diet for sure.

I messaged Dr. Richards on his website, hopefully he can give me some insight. I think the main thing here is just for me to have a positive outlook. I'm still alive, none of you describe worsening symptoms, so it won't get worst, I can still have sex, it will just be followed with uncomfortability at this point, but perhaps in the future not at all.

I'll let you all know how it goes.
Avatar n tn
Please let us know what Dr. Richards says. I sent him a message a couple weeks ago... no reply. I'm looking to buy the VE-Cream and SR-Cream he sells on his website, but I'd like him to respond first before I send the money.

By the way, there is a similar cream sold on called VIP Cream. We all know Herbal Love's reputation for selling nonsense, but I'm pretty desperate at this point, willing to try anything.
Avatar n tn
I've had the problem for about 6-7 months now, and what I'm doing to remedy it is taking ginkgo biloba & green tea extract. I'll post the results here if anything positive comes of it. If you're reading this, go check out They'll definitely help you out. Stay strong, bro.

PS: here's my personal thread over there:

Avatar m tn
bpsi1, I have researched trigger point therapy, and applied it on my own, and with the help of massage therapists trained in trigger point massage.  I would rate my condition as 90% cured.  More than that, if it do feel any degree of relapse, there is a strong correlation between massage/exercise/stretching and a reduction in symptoms.  I firmly believe that the cycle of muscular strain set up by my back injury in 2009 caused the penile symptoms.  Specifically, I blame a shortening of the psoas, abdominal and quadratus lumborum muscles on my left side.
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Has everyone here checked their spine?

I strongly recommend you guys to get a MRI of your spine. I really think that's where the problem lies. A muscle is having all sorts of spasms and contractions inside of us and is pulling the penis in.

Try drinking alot of water until you feel like you have to pee and hold it for a while and you'll notice that the hard penis while flaccid part will go away. Why? I don't know, all I know is that it goes away until you empty(pee) and then it comes back. I'm guessing a full heavy bladder stops whatever is going on inside of us from happening.

Also, try muscle relaxants or benzodiazepines. Ativan is used for people with seizures/epilepsy to get their muscles to stop spasming and contracting and Klonopin and Valium are used for people with Palsy for the tightness that causes their body to distort. Only problem is they are VERY addictive. Take them with EXTREME CAUTION. I am on them right now but under careful watch by a my doctor, a pain specialist, and a Psychologist.

Overall, I got this be waking up and stretching and having a pain in my left side. Three days later the pain got so bad and all of a sudden I felt my penis get pulled inside me.

I think the guy above me got it right. My pain doctor told me it was my psoas/iliopsoas that was messed up and in pain. I think it's shortening, or there's a knot there, or a trigger point. That is pulling on the spine and pinching some nerves causing the perineum muscles to contract and spasm. I saw some mention on here of someone saying their anus also hurt and felt tight. The entire pelvic floor is tightening up.

I'm going to keep fighting this for as long as I can until I get rid of this. If I don't ever get rid of this I don't know what I'll do but I will sure as hell make it my mission to keep trying to figure this out.
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Hi guys..

Just thought I would chime in here;

I have the same firm flaccid issues.. but I am 99.9% sure its just a pelvic floor muscular problem. Which is good news!! It can be cured. Its not permanent. There is hope!!

Why do I think this? Well for one, ive had pelvic floor problems for over a year now + prostate irritation.. preceding the development of firm flaccid problems.

Also, the first time I had it, it was really hard and firm flaccid for like 3 weeks, I totallly freaked out.. thought my life was over, total panic.. but after like 2-3 weeks, I reluctantly had sex with my girlfriend, and the first 1-2 times it didnt feel right, my **** felt like it had no sensation, like the sides were rubbery.. it felt really weird..

but I managed to calm myself somewhat .. and started thinking more positively about sex agian, I went away for a week (vacation).. came back with a positive mental attitude.. started having sex with my girl and bam, suddenly my erections were rock hard and easy to mantain, and i started having regular sex again - giving my girl lots of orgasms.. it felt great! Now, my penis still felt a bit different then before, but the main difference was the Tunica, or the outer covering still felt a bit tight.. but my erection was normal size and had no problem mantaining so I didnt really care..

Then a few months later, my girl squeezed my erection a little hard, and the firm flaccid came back for a couple days.. this time I knew to stay more calm and start having sex again after a couple days and it slowly improved again..

Now, as I mentioned my **** never went back to feeling 100% like it did before, i mean, the softness/firmness of the flaccid would alternate between feeling too soft and mushy, and too firm.. but ultimately I could have totally good erections so I really stopped caring very much..

Flash forward a few months, im doing really well.. my girl broke up with me (not because of this) which has been hard.. and I went on another vacation and stopped wacking off for like 2 weeks, and was getting lots of morning erections etc.. then when I got home I could easily get and mantain a rock hard erection without any stimulation..

So all is good.. BUT, then I got sick.. (something I ate).. and this is gross but, I went to the bathroom to pee (standing up).. and as soon as I started my stream, I started ******** too cuz I was so sick, obviously this startled me and I clenched my pelvic floor,urinary muscles to stop the flow of urine right after starting it.. this caused some pain and an uncomfortable feeling, so in the moment I relaxed and finished peeing..

BUT, right after this, the firm flaccid came back.. and has been lingering for a few days now.. ive also noticed, I woke up with some morning erection today but it felt really tight/constricted and smaller then before.. which I dont like, its one thing to have a firm flaccid, but it ***** when its actually compressing your erection too.. but I experienced this the first time I had firm flaccid, and it didnt last so im not gonna freak out about it..

Anyway, the point of the last story is that.. I did not masturbate, stretch, or even really touch my ****.. all I did was clench my pelvic floor unatturally to stop my flow of urine mid stream, and this brought back the firm flaccid with avengence. Therefore, it HAS to be a muscular problem. There is a muscle or group of muscles that is knotted up or in spasm which is causing the problem..

Luckily for me, with time it seems to relax.. but for other it may require more direct approach, like internal massage of the pelvic floor.

I am going to go see a pelvic floor therapist and have them massage my pelvic floor internally and release trigger points and tension + take lots of hot baths/jacuzzis + some herbal muscle relaxers at night + get lots of sleep, stay hydrated, eat healthy, avoid stress/anxiety, stay positive!!

This can be cured guys.. we all need to get more positive about it. I think a lot of the fear and anxiety and despair comes from not understanding what the cause is, and feeling helpless because the doctors cant tell you whats wrong despite MRI's etc.. thats because NOTHING is seriously wrong, and I doubt a contracted muscle would show up on an MRI or be noticed by a doctor as anything out of the ordinary. Urologists are not trained to deal with muscles etc. they learn about urinary surgeries and anatomy etc.. but they know little about these problems.

I think for all of us.. 99% of us anyway, its the same problem, a muscle contracting inappropriately. However, it can be caused by different things.. for some it may be cause by over-stretching the penis.. others it may be caused my injuring or straining a pelvic muscle. Stress/Anxiety make it worse because adrenaline causes muscle contraction. Which is why some guys notice it when working out, cause they are pumping up there sympathetic nervous system which causes muscles to contract.. and I would bet an already overloaded/nervous muscle is going to overreact to those signals..

Good luck to all!! :)
Avatar m tn
Ive had the same problem for years and just recently worked out what it is.
the firm flaccid is caused by the contraction of the smooth muscle in your penis .
the contraction/relaxation of smooth muscle is regulated by your hormones.
so your nervous system is constantly in an excited/stressed state thus causing your smooth muscle to contract. Its not just in your penis its all over your body.
So how do you fix it? with magnesium.
magnesium will regulate your stress hormones and relax your smooth muscle.
I take two things:
Nutrimedicine Mag 300 bio-complex  -  its a powdered drink that contains magnesium aswell as vitamins,minerals and amino acids that help with absorption. there are a few different brands so you should be able to find something similair.

Magnesium Oil - I apply magnesium oil everyday to my body.

Take the powder in the morning and use the oil in the afternoon. the oil will help you avoid getting the runs which is a common side effect of magnesium supplements
I got amazing results from taking both of these together. I had experimented for months with different things and can assure you this works. My flaccid is bigger and softer then its ever been aswell as having frequent erections.

you have to avoid any stimulants. no caffiene,smoking, alcohol or excess sugar.

At first dont masturbate for a few weeks, let the supplements kick in and then start. you should find it basically work itself loose after about a month. if your erections could be better then you could take an arginine supplement aswell
Avatar n tn
buddy9, thank you for the magnesium post. What brand of magnesium oil do you use? I'm very interested in trying this.
Avatar m tn

I get my magnesium oil from a local health food shop for $50 a litre and that lasts me 6 months. It can be expensive in some places but magnesium oil is just magnesium chloride dissolved in water so you could make your own.
the most important part is the mag300 powder. that stuff will make arginine supplements work 10x better.
so if you are going to try it make sure you get the powder and arginine aswell.
I assure you after a month of this combination you will feel a big difference.
Avatar m tn
I have posted before and now am giving an update. It seemed like the issue gets worse during the winter which is why I didn't post during the summer. My 3rd urologist gave me pentoxifylline and I have been using that with little success. I will try the magnesium with the Gingko. I had a herniated disc but think this is related to jelqing.
Avatar m tn
Good post buddy9.. I think your right.

I tihnk mine may have started after popping viagra one night.. its like the mechanism which regulates smooth muscle contraction/relaxation in the penis is messed up.

For me, the firm flaccid gets way better if I leave it alone and almost goes away, but one issue which I have yet to solve completely is, when I get an erection, its stiffer then it used to be.. which sounds good, but its like overyl stiff, like the penis is trying to expand more then it should or something. Not much of a problem, but ive noticed the shaft seems a little more sensitive, like my girlfriend squeezed it once or twice and that seemed to bring the bad firm flaccid back for a little while.. like the shaft cant handle really rough play anymore, and its so stiff at times it feels like it cant really bend, which would seemingly make it more vulnerable to injury during sex.

Anyway, I think relaxing the nervous system is key. One thing I tried recently that did seem to soften things up a lot was Castor oil.. Buy some "Cold Pressed" castor oil and rub it into the shaft, then let it sit for 20 minutes and wash off in the shower, do this every morning for a while and you will notice a softening.. dunno if its long term or if it could cause any complications or what not, but it definitely seems to soften the penis. So I recommend that if yours is really stiff and bad. You can get it on amazon, cold pressed castor oil.
Avatar m tn

In my opinion the whole thing is a magnesium deficiency.
Magnesium is essential in your body to relax smooth muscle and also plays a big part in regulating your stress hormones and reducing inflammation. which is exactly what the problem is.
I feel more relaxed and energetic then I ever have from taking the supplements I mentioned and my penis has never been happier.
It will take time to completely reverse the condition but once you start on these supplements you wont want to stop anyway.

Avatar m tn
Can I take magnesium  and l-arginine pills or do I need to get the oils? Aside from the two supplements, are there any other ones you recommend? Thanks.
Avatar m tn

I got the best results from taking all three together.
Make sure if you get magnesium you get the powder i mentioned or something similair as the other ingredients really help things along. I dont like the tablets and didnt get much results from them.

thats really all you need. if you want you could try the powder and l-arginine and if after 1-2 months you are not seeing results then add the oil once a day aswell.
but you really should see results
Avatar m tn
Do you have a link to the mag300 powder that you referenced? I can't seem to find it. Thanks for the help.
Avatar f tn
Man I sent you a message, but if you didn't get it..... um, how in the world am I supposed to obtain this Mag 300 biocomplex powder from Nutrimedicine if it is in Australia, because it doesn't seem that they ship anywhere else but within Australia. How did you go about getting it? Or did you just end up being fortunate and actually living in Australia. And I have been searching for so many hours, but there are no powders that are even remotely close to the contents held withing the Mag 300 stuff... help?
Avatar m tn

yeah sorry i didnt realise it was an australian company. I do live in Australia but I have seen at least 3 or 4 different brands of basically the same thing here. Depending on where you live you should be able to go to a health food store and buy something.
If you can buy some magnesium in powder form and then get a multi-vitamin it should in theory do the same. So maybe write down the ingredients from the nutrimedicine website and see what you can find.
Avatar m tn
it seems your right.. I cant find an overseas powder like this one which seems weird?
another brand is blackmores magnesium powder which is the same thing. It is an australian brand but will be alot easier to buy online and ship overseas if you need to.
I have taken this paragraph from the blackmores website:

"Magnesium is essential for many cellular functions, particularly those functions involved in energy production, and for the normal functioning of muscle and nerve tissue. Signs of low magnesium levels can include fatigue, mental confusion, irritability, muscle cramps, problems with nerve conduction and muscle contraction, insomnia and predisposition to stress.

If the blood is low in magnesium it takes it from the muscles and without enough magnesium in muscles they stiffen up or contract. The result may be painful cramps, irritability, twitching or even tremors. Some people may develop muscle cramps at rest, while others develop them at night, along with a difficulty sleeping. Magnesium may help to relieve night leg cramps and helps all muscles in the body to function optimally."

So you can see that it starts to make sense that the problem is a magnesium deficiency.

Avatar n tn
What were your symptoms buddy9 ?
Did you have poor erections which would die down really quickly without constant stimulation, and 'firm flaccid' which would sometimes be completely relaxed, and sometimes completely tensed and shrunken ?

Also  what gave you the idea that magnesium would help ?
Avatar m tn
my symptoms included firm flaccid, no sex drive, frequent urination, stress/anxiety/depression and lack of energy. I didnt get any spontaneous erections and although I could mantain one with my girlfriend she made the comment that it was a different size everytime even if it was rock hard.
I discovered that if I drank alcohol the night before that my flaccid would be better the next day and I would even have a sex drive for a day or two. So I started researching why. I came to the conclusion that alcohol was a smooth muscle relaxant so i kept looking into that and found magnesium. I tried tablets for a few months with not alot of success and I tried l-arginine for 2 months with no breakthrough either. So I decided to track down magnesium oil to see if that would help. I had trouble finding it and it was suggested that I try this powder, so I bought some. After three weeks on the powder I was feeling alot better and started adding the l-arginine I had left over and after just 4 days of arginine I got the biggest spontaneous erection Ive ever had!! I honestly couldnt believe it. I finally found the mag oil and started using that in the afternoon and was feeling even better. I dont need to take arginine anymore as ive had morning/night erections for months now and mostly all of my symptoms have disappeared.

My penis is bigger then its ever been. my glans (glands) had developed a pale greyish colour before I started and now it is red. So the blood flow has increased dramatically.
Avatar n tn
Ok, and where did you put the magnesium oil, in a bath or something ?
Avatar m tn

rub the oil directly on to your skin. you dont need much, about 5 ml a day.
Avatar f tn
Ok buddy9, you suggested I take a shot with the blackmores magnesium powder which is what I am certainly going to do. But I am slightly skeptical in how its effectiveness will be. Well, actually moderately skeptical, and here is why. In total, there are less ingredients in this powder, than there are in the Nutrimedicine one.

Let me match up the ones that BOTH have

Nutrimedicine                 vs                     Blackmores
Folic acid 150 mcg                               Folic acid 150 mcg
Selenomethionine 65 mcg                  Selenomethionine 62.5 mcg
Vitamin B6 50 mg                             Vitamin B6 50 mg
Vitamin B12 150 mcg                        Vitamin B12 20 mcg (big diffrenc)
Chromium Nicotinate 500 mcg          Chromium Nicotiniate 400 mcg
Taurine 600 mg                                 Taurine 500 mg
Nicotinamide 20 mg                          Nicotinamide 25 mg
Vitamin C  128 mg                            Vitamin C 100 mg
Vitamin B1 25 mg                               Vitamin B1 25 mg
Glumatine 500 mg                             Glumatine 500 mg
Elemental magnesium 303 mg           Elemental mag. 310 mg
Zinc Ascorbate 30 mg----------------------- Doesnt have any
Doesnt have any------------------------------- Vitamin B2 5 mg
Inulin 280 mg  ----------------------------------Doesnt have any
Magnesium Ascorbate 60 mg-------------Doesnt have any
Potassium Ascorbate 23 mg---------------Doesnt have any
Magnanese Chelate 50 mg-----------------Doesnt have any
Doesnt have any--------------------------------Levocarnitine 100 mg

And those are the major differences marked between these two formulas, based on if there is a dotted line from one side to another. It seems the magnesium 300 biocomplex you have is superior, which is why I still of course will be buying the Blackmores powder, but I am afraid it may not even be effective based on what is missing here. WHat do you think, what should I do?

Avatar m tn

It should be fine... I would say the nutrimedicine powder is superior but there is no reason why the blackmores wont work.
My theory is that the glutamine and taurine combined with the good absorption of magnesium from the powder form is where the results come from compared to tablets.
So in my opinion the blackmores has everything you need.
Avatar m tn
I just got Magnesium Oil from Magnesium Direct. will that work in place of the powder? Also, do you rub it on the penis or just on your skin?
Avatar m tn
it should work fine. I dont apply it to my penis I just rub it on my forearm and chest. It can be harsh on your skin so I dont recommend applying it to your groin or any sensitive areas. it will work its way into your blood stream and go all around your body anyway.
As i said in my last post I suspect the amino acids in the powder contributed to my good results. So maybe try an essential amino acid supplement aswell if you want.
you should feel the difference after only a few weeks with the oil so let me know how it goes.
Avatar f tn
Let me see if I can sum up possible remedies we have come up with:

- (the least common one being scar tissue on the inside of the penis, and checking for it)

- Getting an MRI to see if there is any nerve entrapment

- alpha blockers

- castro oil for some degree of relief (only really brings back a bit of softness to flaccid and erections so that erections are not ridiculously rigid and unbendable aka "super stiff state"

- magnesium oil plus magnesium powder (either blackmores magnesium powder or nutrimedicine's 300 mag biocomplex powder)

- epsom salt baths (an inferior way to get magnesium in comparison to magnesdium oil, although stillllllll better than magnesium being absorbed through the digestive tract)

- pelvic floor therapy (as there are many symptoms we are having of Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

- "shock therapy" (3 times a day, get in the shower and flush hot water on the pernieum for 3-5 minutes, followed by cold water for the same amount of time. Afterwards, repeat those steps then to end,, flush with luke warm water for a few minutes

- stretching all muscles below the waist such as quadricepts, etc may slightly help as these being nice and flexible promote blood flow to the pelvic region

I know there are probably a few other suggestions here, can anyone chime in as to what they are. And has ANYONE succeeded yet?

(also, I am abstaining for the next 2 months and will NOT be inducing any erections)
Avatar m tn
Good summary. I am going down the path of Magnesium Oil (on arms and legs) along with Magnesium Pills. I also have doc perscriptions for Potaba (which is supposed to cut down on fibrous tissue) and Pentixifylline (which is supposed to increase blood flow). I have had this issue for about 7 years so I am hoping to see some results. I doubt I would be able to find a doctor to approve an MRI. I did have the ultra-sound and they said there was no issue. Hopefully, someone has some success.
Avatar m tn

do a search for "chronic inflammation magnesium" and you will find some literature on exactly what the problem is. Which is smooth muscle contraction caused by chronic low-grade inflammation. Inflammation causes scar tissue so once it is resolved the scar tissue will break down as was the case with me. Enzymes breakdown scar tissue and magnesium is responsible for the activation of over 400 enzymes.

I also had this for a long time and I know this because my penis looks completely different now.

Its also important to look into why you might have a magnesium deficiency and change your lifestyle accordingly. Although I originally said alcohol temporarily relieved my symptoms it was actually making it worse in the long run.
If you smoke tobacco or marijuana then you need to stop as this will cause inflammation. Recreational drugs are probably the best way to get a magnesium deficiency.
Soda drinks will also cause inflammation by depleting magnesium so they need to be stopped aswell, especially the artificially sweetened ones. Or it could be that you have malabsorption problems, so you could look into that too.

I have been on the powder and oil for 4 months continously and I consider myself cured now. However I dont know what would happen if I stopped and i have read it can take up to a year to reverse magnesium related problems. So I will probably keep doing it until I reach a year and see if I can work my way off them.
Avatar m tn

I dont recommend abstaining for 2 months.
once you start on the magnesium then 1 month should be plenty.
When the blood is rich in magnesium then it needs to be worked into the tissue through masturbation/sex to reverse the condition.
prior to doing this I never had the urge to ejaculate and could literally go weeks without doing it.
after a month you should start to feel your libido pick up and when it does, ejaculate and then wait for the sensation to build up again and repeat the process. At first it may take a week for the sensation to come back but it will get more frequent and thats when you will see the best results.
even if the urge doesnt come back after a month start doing it anyway once a week as it will help the process along.
Avatar f tn
Well nocturnal erections would totally reverse this theory. I don't neeeeed to ejaculate, the magnesium will get into those tissues through sponatneous erections and nocturnal ones. Doesnt that make perfect sense
Avatar n tn
Were you having any erection problems prior to curing yourself with the magnesium powder ? If so, what problems were you having.
Avatar f tn
Yes they would not stay up on their own they would need stimulation to stay up, they would also go down significantly quickly if I stood up. My erections also would have around lets say 1/5 an inch of girth less almost every erection. Very rarely VERYYYYY rarely do I get a natural feeling erection. It has been so long I don't know what a healthy erection is anymore. But I do know now that the erections I am having are not normal. As a man, you can tell.
Avatar m tn
I have been on a program of Potaba/Magnesium Pills (1000MG)/ and Magnesium Oil for about two weeks. Not really seeing much improvement though I do see how alcohol makes you feel better on a short-term basis. Anyways, wondering if it will take longer doing it the way I have or if I should be utilizng the powder? Thanks.
Avatar m tn
Just to add, I have undertaken more exercising and eating better (less sugar).
Avatar n tn
Any updates, guys? We can't let this thread die...

I've been using 5mL of magnesium oil, once a day, on my chest, arms and back, for about 2 weeks. I'm noticing some improvement, even without abstaining from sex. I'm going to order Blackmores Magnesium Powder later this month to push the recovery process faster.

By the way, if you can tolerate the stinging of magnesium oil on your penis, it really really helps the hard flaccid to soften up. Like, when the oil is on my penis, it shrinks up very small (due to the stinging sensation) but within a few minutes of rinsing with a wet washcloth, my flaccid does a complete 180. Tiny and hard to big and mushy.

Just apply it to the shaft and NOT the head.

buddy9, are you still around? I'm eager for more advise on all this magnesium supplementation.
Avatar m tn
My firm flaccids been really good lately.. no firm flaccid at all for weeks.. it only occasionaly re-appers breifly if i have a ton of adrenaline pumping through my body or my pelvic floor is tense..

You guys need to investigate relaxing/massaging the pelvic floor.. and toning down the nervous system.. also I really reccomend trying not to worry about it so much, I know its almost impossible, ive been there, but it WILL help you.. this is not permanent and causes no permanent damage to the penis.. so dont freak out. Stay positive!!
Avatar m tn
sorry for the late reply ive been on holiday.
Its hard for me to say how long it will take individual people to see significant results as it depends on how far along the problem is. at least give it 2 months as you will see results at some stage.
my erection quality was only really affected by this in the last year. But my flaccid was definately firm and to put it into perspective I am 1/2 inch thicker and 3/4 inch longer now. I would say it is just genetics as to why it didnt effect my abilty to get an erection as I would of had a firm flaccid for 5-6 years, so if it is effecting your ability then it may take a bit longer.
As I said earlier l-arginine works alot better with magnesium so that will definately help things along if your erection quality is lacking.

I dont know why the powder is so effective? the only thing I can think of is the amino acids that are added to it. I know taurine is a smooth muscle relaxant so it certainly helps.  Initially its good to get as much as you can as long as you are not having side effects.

Your skin might react to the oil at the start but just put some aloe vera or similair on until your skin gets used to it. Foot baths are supposed to be quite good to get your magnesium levels up so you can try putting some oil in a hot foot bath too if you want.
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hey guys

So as you probably know I've been posting at the other forum all these months. At the 'sexual exhaustion' forum. Link is in one of my posts above if you're interested.

I learned a ton about hormones and neurotransmitters over the months. I finally got a blood and saliva test that I needed for hormones and a urine test for all vitamins, minerals and amino acids (neurotransmitters). Got the first test results. Urine is on the way.


Cortisol Morning: 2.7 range: 3.7-9.5 *
Cortisol Noon: 2.7 range: 1.2-3.0
Cortisol Evening: 4.5 range: 0.6-1.9 *
Cortisol Night: 1.5 range: 0.4-1.0 *

Estradiol: 48 range: 12-56
Testosterone: 721 range: 400-1200 (age dependent)
SHBG: 50 range: 15-50
Ratio: T/SHBG: 0.5 range: 0.7-1.0 *
DHEAS: 231 range: 70-325

PSA: 1.9 range: <0.5-4 (optimal 0.5-2)
Free T4: 1.8 range: 0.7-2.5
Free T3: 3.1 range: 2.5-6.5
TSH: 5.5 range: 0.5-3.0 * <--- think the range was supposed to be 0.5-5
TPO: 16 range: 0-150 (70-150 borderline)

* = out of range
PSA = Prostate Specific Antigen)
TPO = thyroid peroxidase antibodies

I don't expect many of you to be able to interpret the results. So here's what's happening:
Btw my symptoms are still the same they had been since this started: hard flaccid comes and goes, sex drive comes and goes, brain fog morning after ejaculation and so on...

Results - as you can see everything is messed up, as expected.
Cortisol - is a stress hormone that adrenal release. My morning cortisol is below range meaning my adrenals have ran out of their morning cortisol supply (early adrenal fatigue) and then high later at night meaning adrenals and working hard to catch up, and my natural rhythm is off. So my adrenals are in pretty bad shape, but not horrible.
The T3, T4, and TSH is thyroid function. Adrenals, thyroid, sex hormones and neurotransmitters are all connected and work as a system. Since cortisol is low, thyroid function went down over time. Since I left this untreated for a year and a half (had this for year and a half), I am now also pretty much hypothyroid as well. High TSH is bad, and low T3 is bad. Being hypothyroid means body temperature is lower than should be, tireness...

My total testosterone seems OK, could be worse. However free testosterone (which is not on the list) is very low. This is because SHBG is very high. SHBG keeps eating up free testosterone and because of that I also have very high Estradiol. High estradiol in the liver causes liver to under perform and causes inflammation 24/7. Inflammation is in the form of Prostaglandin E2, which causes the hard flaccid. So the hard flaccid is basically caused by a bunch of things mainly being high estradiol, low free testosterone, and high norepinephrine (sympathetic dominance) due to low cortisol (adrenal fatigue).

So things are pretty MESSED UP... but all that is 100% fixable.

Ok before I forget:


Next, since Prostaglandin E2 is the final product of all the imbalances we can mask symptoms by inhibiting prostaglandin E2.
At the other forum we found out that Tylenol extra strength does this very well. The ingredients of tylenol should be: 500 mg acetaminophen and 10 mg dextromethorphan. These goal of these two ingredients is to reduce prostaglandin E2! Together they do it very well.
The first time I took 2 tylenol pills, within 30 mins my hard flaccid completely subsuded! Mood was elevated, and later when I jerked off I noticed that premature ejaculation is GONE. (The guy that originally started taking it, started taking it because it made his PE gone for good).
So I was taking it for a week and then it started loosing its effectiveness. Long story short right now if I take it the effects are very minimal. And considering how bad my hormones are that explains it. I need to fix hormones first (the root) and tylenol will be the last step to combat premature ejaculation.
For anyone willing to experiment, go for it. BUT: tylenol is hard on the liver. If you are gonna be committed to taking it long term (I know I am, probably for life every other day. I know someone doing it already), then you need to take supplements to cleanse the liver and prevent problems.
Those supplements: milk thristle, NAC, and if you can afford SAMe.
Those will ensure that liver methylation pathways stay working properly without buildup/clog. A possible reason why tylenol stopped working for is because liver is not working well. I started taking those 3 products 2 weeks ago, we'll see what happens.

Next, we found a NATURAL product that's powerful enough to inhibit prostaglandin E-2 without the hard of tylenol but its not as effective. It's called Tumeric Curcumin.
It alleviates my symptoms by up to 50% an hour after taking. But again this is not a SOLUTION, it just masks the symptoms. But still I keep taking it everyday for now until I can fix the root. it makes flaccid hang better, but I still feel tension in pelvic region. Tylenol gets rid of that pelvic tension right away. (used to). So try this too.

Avatar m tn
Now that I got my results there are a lot of things I need to fix. Now its up to me to decide whether I wanna work with a doctor or do this on my own. there are only 2 doctors in the world that can help you guys: Dr. Mariano and Dr. Crisler.
They both specialize in hormones and anti-aging and have dealt with a million complicated cases like these and 'sexual exhaustion'. I'm not from the states... so its a whole hassle flying there to see one of them + pay for consultations + tests + I don't know if the prescriptions are valid in Canada. So for now I'm gonna start out on my own with the help of my buddy on the other forum who's telling me what to do step by step.

Basically the general guideline is this:
1. order tests. If you're with a doctor have him order them with insurance. If no, liek me, order them on your own from independant labs in states, I can post links.
2. Assess results and find deficies
3. Start out as natural as possible - with vitamins and powerful supplements for adrenals, thyroid, estradiol and so on.. hopefully things are not too bad, and this is enough to start helping.
4. If things are pretty bad, the vitamins and supps will not be enough and then you need to switch to hormones. So for adrenals, you can start taking transdermal prengenolone.. which raises cortisol levels. Normal cortisol levels should auto-correct thyroid deficincies.. and so on.. will correct testosterone, estradiol...
5. If this one hormones is not enough (pregnenolone was just an example) then add in the next hormone for thyroid function (example is Arrmour grains)..
6. If those two are not enough then add in third to lower estradiol.
- Mind you every 4-8 weeks you (and me) will need to get RETESTED to look for improvement in results. If no improvement then this strategy is not working and move to more powerful one. If working, keep going.
7. If all taht is not enough then you need TRT. Testosterone Replacement Therapy. Means you'll inject testosterone with a needle twice a week. And do other things that go with it. This is the last resort because this is for life. It's not a big deal really... I mean if nothing else works and this does then hell sign me up. The issue is that you'll have to monitor your testosterone and other other hormone levels and readjust doosing every month or so or based on feel.. so the inconvenience is the only issue really. BUT TRT helps in almost every case. As soon as your body has a sufficient amount of testosterone in it, it will dramatically help repair adrenals and thyroid. And then you take w/e is needed to keep Estradiol down and you're good to go.

Based on my results looks like I will NOT need TRT. Because things would be a lot worse. My total testosterone could be lower, and adrenals could be worse. So seems I got a chance at recovery from only vitamins and supplements, if no then I'm hoping hormones will do the job.

You should NOT mess around with hormones unless you know what you're doing. And I don't know everything well enough to be doing that on my own. So if the somewhat natural route doesn't work I will go and see Dr. Crisler after all no matter how much it'll cost. Working with a doctor from the start will ensure you're in good hands and will recover 100% sooner or later. Same path, he'll start you off natural, retest every 2 months, and tweak around and introduct new supplements/hormones until you find what works. May take a year or two but what can you do... at least recovery WILL be 100% for all of us. This is nothing that can't be fixed.

I forgot to mention taht once I get amino acids results back I will see which ones I;m low in. That will tell which neurotrasmitters are low because of low hormones and then I can start supplementing with amino acids for those neurotrasmitters to ensure faster recovery. I'm almost positive we all have low serotonin and gaba (actually all inhibitory neurtrasmitters) which is why we have premature ejaculation. And our dopamine could either be low or high. Will be interesting to see. I'm guessing low. Just last week I started supplementing with l'tyrosine. Which raises dopamine in the body. I've taken 2 grams a day for 3 days... to early to tell yet but I def think it helps... right away more social mood, more energy, balls hang nice and loose..
I'm not saying you guys should start taking it blindly or any other supplement. Follow the process. Get tested first, then you'll know what needs to be supplemented. Each person could have different results.

But generally I would assume all of you here will have VERY SIMILAR results to mine. For sure cortisol pattern will be off, most likely TSH will be high, while T3 low, and most likely estradiol will be elevated and SHBG high.
I've seen results of 2 others with hard flaccid and same symptoms as me, and results are very similar.

Avatar m tn
My plan for the next 8 weeks:
- start taking supplement called Activate Xtreme. It helps raise free testosterone and lower SHBG - should help with hard flaccid.
- Take a supplement called DIM to lower Estradiol. Only a few brands are legit. Havent found them yet.
- Take herbs and supplements for adrenals like: relora, megadose vit C, magnesium, B5.. and so... hopefully adrenals start to recover.
- once get back urine test... will add vitamins for thyroid function.
- on top of that currently everyday I'm taking: multi-vitamin, vit C, vit D, fish oil sometimes, primrose oil (anti-inflammatory) sometimes, Vit E (sometimes), milk thristle, NAC, SAMe, zinc sometimes, and magnesium before bed. And just added Tyrosine in the mornings. And 750 mg gaba powder under the tounge before bed (inhibitory)... will also add in sublingual 5-htp before bed when I recieve it to boost serotonin once I get back urine test.

In 8 weeks will get retested, if improvement, keep going. If no, cut out the new supps and switch to more powerful hormones for adrenals / thyroid. This I will most likely not do on my own because it gets complicated here... so I'll probably book an appointment with Dr. Crisler. However if you read up on it it can be done on your own. You just need to know what it would mean if the hormone doesnt work.. what to do next.. which hormone to try next.. what dose.... alota reading...
all the info can be found here:
It's Dr. Crisler's forum. The 101 threads explain everything.

So I think that's it for now.

Next: there are two kinds of hard flaccid. One caused by hormone imbalance, the other caused by injury (stretching/jelquing). I DON'T know much about injury one. Hormonal should follow all the steps I listed.
Injury is still similar in some ways... like inflammation (prostaglandin E2) is still there. From some forums on hard flaccid injury, basically I noticed people abstained for weeks, if not months, to help let it recover. Take vitamins and everything. Use vitamin E oil/gel directly on the penis + take vitamin E + other antioxidants. And perhaps applying magnesium oil helps? not sure. There are plenty of forums on injury kind though.. alota people recovered.. i'm sure you can find it. Those with injury should still get hormones tested anyway to see what's up. If anything needs to be supplements, then it needs to be done.

Buddy9, that's really interesting that magnesium helped you that much.

Do you think you got it by injury or just randomly like most people (hormonal imbalance). If injury then perhaps magnesium has a healing effect on the soft tissues and allows for quicker recovery. which is great.
If hormonal imbalance, then I would guess that what is happening is that the magnesium is healing your adrenals. Better adrenal function --> better cortisol rhythm which auto-correct everything else that went downhill from there. Perhaps if your case was not severe and your adrenals were only beginning to burn out, the magnesium helped them combat and recover. If not then, then I don't know what could be responsible. But I will definitely try magnesium power.
You should get tested for hormones to see what's happening. Perhaps you have other underlying issues like high estradiol that need to be addressed.
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Hello Frenchiman  :)

Firstly i'd just like to thank you for such an informative post, iv'e been studying and researching all the info all day and am finding it very helpful.
I've had my symptoms including firm flaccid for around 11 months now and my life is gone.
I'm basically just existing from day to day like a hermit trying to get better,but anyway i won' t get into that right now lol.
I just have a couple of quick questions for you Frenchiman

1.i've been looking to try tylenol extra strength as you mentioned but the ingredients seem to vary and i can't seem to find one that contains 500 mg acetaminophen and 10 mg dextromethorphan. Tylenol cold multi syptom (symptom) daytime contains 325mg of acetaminophen and 10 mg dextromethorphan but also 5mg of phenylephrine which is a vasoconstrictor and would'nt have thought that would be to helpful for us.
Alot of the other tylenol formula's which do contain 500mg of acetaminophen dont contain dextromethorphan but diphenhydramine.
So please could you tell me exactly which one you use and what the packaging looks like (colour.text) or even better a link to the right one :)
2.I also have the same problem with Zyflamend so please could you give me a link to the right one please.

Also thanks for the all things male link, I didn't know that site existed and its another great source of info.

I'd already sussed so called Dr Richards site as a scam because i copy and pasted the ingredients of his formula's and creams and found they were products nothing to do with him and were not realy called what he calls them at all.
For instance his sr cream which he sells for $42 is actually quantum scar reducing cream and is for sale on hundreds of different sites usually for around $6-$7.
Same goes for all the others.
So yes frenchiman he's a f****** scam and should be lined up against a wall imo.

I did actually get my hormones tested around 8 months ago but the doctor was so dismissive and arrogant of everything i had to say that i didn't go back for the results.
He even laughed when i told him i had low androgens and said i'm 26 and my hair isn't falling out so i'm fine.
I think after reading your post and stuff from all things male i'm going to get the results and then also have another one so i can compare the difference from 8 months ago because i think i have got a little better since then.
I already take quite a lot of the supps you recommend such as sublingual gaba formula, tryptophan,fish oil,mens multi,vit c, vit e, ginkgo biloba,amino acids formula, zinc picolinate,magnesium oil on penis perineum and forearms twice daily.
I also take epsom salt baths around 3-7 times a week and i soak for around an hour each time, i highly recommend this actually i feel my stress levels are much lower since doing this and am starting to feel like i'm coming back to life again. i think my pelvic floor is not as tight now as well.
I use 2 cups/500g epsom salt and 1 cup/200g bicarbonate of soda.

Also i haven't been tested by a doc but think i have a swollen prostate although i checked myself a couple of weeks ago and its def gone down a little.
because of this i'm gonna concentrate in getting it down completely so i'm about to start taking saw palmetto pumpkin seed stinging nettle and also beta sitosterol as these are said to be very effective when taken together throughout the day so i'll let you know how that goes.dude :)
You speak alot about adrenal fatigue and im wondering if thats what i have as i sometimes take a sudden gasp for air every now and then(about once per day) and also yawn alot and get the feeling like i need to yawn but when i open my mouth to nothing happens.Not sure if there signs of adrenal fatigue though.
Do you know what i need to test for at docs for adrenal fatigue frenchiman?

Do you also know how you get tested for pge2 and do you think i should ask my doc to test me or just take it that i do have high pge2?
I'm also gonna try using curcumin pills aswell so i'll let you know how that goes.

Well iv'e just realised how much i've typed so i'll leave it there and hope you get back to me as its very much appreciated.
You seem to have gathered alot of knowledge about all this and i think your very close to getting sorted out.

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hey lee

glad to help. Ya my life has also turned uoside down.. but its ok.. now you know everyone can healed 100%.. this is nothing irreversible :).. so everything will be alright sooner or later.. hopefully sooner.

1 Tylenol - if you're from the states I heard you guys can just buy Acetaminophen separately and dextromethorphan separately. That would be ideal. We dont have that here, but anyway if no then... just go for the product that has the best ratio. I buy Tylenol Day Cold Extra strength - yellow tablets. Cough syrups have same ingredients. I bought a Cold, Mucus and Plegm one by brand Benylin and had same results as with tylenol. It had 500 mg acetaminophen, 15 dex and 2 other random ingredients. Either get the one with 325 mg, 10 mg dex, and 5 mg random... or get a cough syrup with 500:15 ratio.

2. I actually never considered buying zyflamend. Did a search once and realized its expensive so I can't afford it right now. But there's only 1 kind of zyflamend so just find it through google. If you end up taking it let me know how it works!
Here's a link for the curcumin I got:
Try 1 capsule a day first, then 2 if you want.

Here's a curcumin that claims to be 3 times stronger:
I'll try it next see what happens.

Grasp as much info as you can from the All Things Male forum. Everything you need to know is there. Also check out my thread on tylenol. People got into detail in that discussion.

Regular doctors and urologists are absolutely useless so it doesnt surprise me that he brushed you off. That's why I said right off the bat if you're considering a doctor that will take you seriously and be able to help you then consider Dr. Romeo Mariano or Dr. John Crisler.
UNLESS you're read ALL the 101 threads over at all things male.. and then you can go to your local endocrinologist with your results and tell him I need this and this... Like prescribe me T3 for thyroid. That's probably what I;m gonna end up doing because I don't wanna go to the states for that.

Post your results from 8 months ago and post new ones when you get them. All the supplements you're taking and baths are great. But the key to full recovery is obviously to address the root  - which is adrenals and perhaps thyroid. Supplements are for extra help.

palmetto pumpkin seed and nettle root are great stuff.

Yes yawns, hard to wake up in the morning, and crashing in afternoon or evening are signs of adrenal fatigue. the ONLY reliable test to test adrenals is: saliva 4x cortisol test.
You basically put saliva in a tube 4 times throughout the day, send it, and they send you back results. Its important that its saliva, not blood, because blood is not accurate for cortisol. And very important that its 4 times (4x) and not one or two... because 4x will show complete picture and your cortisol rhythm. Any other test is useless. I ordered my saliva and blood tests from ZRT labs. I got the Comprehensive Male Combination package for $380. It basically covers everything neccesary.
You should to go your local endocrinologist and see what tests he can run on you. It should include most things like Total testosterone, free testosterone, estradiol and so on... but most likely wont include 4x cortisol. So you can order just 4x cortisol from ZRT labs for $138. That's what I'll be doing in 8 weeks when I retest.

Once you have all your results post them on the sexual exhaustion forum or all things male and people will help you interpret.
Here's a thread of someone with typical low cortisol (probably most people here):

The reply by Chilln is a complete guide on what is happening and what steps to take - after trying natural remedies, herbs, and vitamins and if they dont work.

Very few labs do testing for prostaglandin E2. The only ones that do are ones they only allow you to order tests through a practinioner - not on your own. So its not an option for me. But I think LabCorp is one of them. It's not necessary to have PGE2 tested. Save your money. Either way PGE2 levels will subside as soon as cortisol + thyroid + everything else is addressed. That's for sure.

By the way, a week ago I added in l'Tyrosine (dopamine booster). I take 2 grams every afternoon. It helps a lot! Mood and mental clarity are better within an hour... hard flaccid and scrotum restriction subside to a certain extent! And this is from 2 grams... I know people that take up to 10.
What could be happening is a dopamine boost directly boosts up testosterone a bit.. and supresses prolactin (our enemy).. so that could be helping. Also it could be helping stop dopamine-> norepinephrine conversion. But I'm not sure if my dopamine (tyrosine) is low or not. Will know as soon as I get amino acid results back. For now I;m gonna keep taking it.

So I strongly advice:
- tyrosine. (You should counter it with tryptophan/5-htp and gaba in evening)
- curcumin - can't recommend a dose
- tylenol time to time. It makes premature ejaculation gone.
- large dose magnesium.

The above is just a just a remedy for now, as we are treating the real problem.

Lee, hows applying magnesium oil on the penis working out?? Helps with hard flaccid at all?
Can you link me the magnesium oil you're using. I'm pretty curious.
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Hey frenchiman,

Thanks for the info on tylenol i'm gonna order some of that stuff in the next few days so i'll let you know how that goes.

I've been doing a lot of reading up the past few days mostly on all things male
and it seems saw palmetto might not be such a good idea as its thought to be estogenic also the same with the beta-sitoserol with can also have a very negative impact on your libido and erections.

After hours and hours of reading i've decided to try the broccoli protocol which is were Dim is derived from along with a chinese prostate supplement called Qian Lie Kang Pian which is known in the west as conprosta or The Pulean Formula.
Ive only read good stuff about this combo so think it's def worth a try along with all the other supplements i'm already taking, so i'll let you know how that goes as well.

Heres a couple of links reguarding the broccoli protocol and Qian Lie Kang Pian-  (the one i'm buying)

I think this will take care of my prostate as its just enlarged because of ejaculating to often its not naturally enlarged due to the ageing (aging) process and since ive been using magnesium chloride (mag oil) i've noticed it's gone down a little from that.
Thanks for the curcumin links aswell i'm gonna get some of of them along with the other stuff within the next week.

Magnesium oil is as you probably already know just magnesium chloride mixed with water.
When i first started using this stuff i noticed the difference within a couple of days as it got rid of my heart palpitations which i've been having since all this started and also digestive problems which will be caused by the inflammatory process in my body effecting various organs.
Also my firm flaccid felt somewhat improved and my penis felt abit spongier and mushy like it should.
I also felt more alive and awake all of a sudden, I went to my dads and he told me i seemed in a good mood which must have been the mag oil.

The sudden effects of the mag oil have diminished a little but i'm still much improved to were i was before taking it so continue to use it daily.
Mag oil is supposed to be taken long term anyway as it can be months to build up your levels back to normal.
I suspect i probably do have low levels as when my body f****d up on me i was weight training 5-7 days a week ejaculating between 1-5 times a day and taking a weight loss pill that quickens your heartbeat.

All those things deplete magnesium and on top of that my diet consisted of micro meals and bread and not alot else and i was only getting around 5 hours sleep.
WOW no wonder my body collapsed ....

The mag oil i'm using is called betteryou magnesium oil.
Here's a link to there site-

What i did was bought a 100ml spray bottle then when that had run out bought a 1 litre bottle and just fill up the spay bottle every time it needs refilling.
The 1 litre bottle will last 6 months at least.
Heres a link to the exact ones i bought-

There from the uk though but i'm sure you can get it canada aswell as its a popular brand.

So basically my plan now is just take all the supps we've mentioned get my hormone results and checked keep to my diet of fruit veg, potatoes chicken,tuna,eggs,spinach,nuts, rolled oats(highly recommended before bed) and plenty of water.light cardio positive optimistic attitude, abstinance
and thats pretty much it.
Apart from that its just a matter of time.

keep me up to date on any breakthroughs or progress you make frenchiman and i'll do the same.

All the best
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Thanks for the links.

Look if you're tight on cash, like me, than forget the broccoli protocol and the nettle root in general. The only reason I'm taking the tyrosine and curcumin and everything else is just to have enough mental clarity to make it through the day and so that adrenals don't get even worse over time. So its kinda like a maintenance protocol for the time being as I get back all results and get the supplements/herbs that I actually need to fix cortisol, thyroid, E2 and so on..

The broccoli may give you a 20% improvement in symptoms. But is it worth it for what it costs? It's up to you. If you got $ got for it and let me know. If no, then just wait until you have all results gathered and then if your E2 (estradiol) is pretty bad like mine then for sure the broccoli protocol will not be enough. What we need is a very powerful form of DIM. (equivalent to like 100 broccolis in a pill. And even DIM is not enough to lower E2 sufficiently for many people, so they must resort to Arimidex grains. Which is very powerful and you can only get it by prescription. That's my last resort though.. hope DIM works.

Seems the magnesium has noticeable effect on you kinda like tyrosine has on me. So def keep taking it. I'll order it when I get a chance.
Are you taking magnesium powder as well like buddy9? or just the oil?

Your plan for now is very solid. Make sure you get tested for everything possible though: blood - testosterone, free test, E2, TSH, t3, t4, dhea, if possible progesterone/pregnenolone, SHBG, and so on... saliva - 4x cortisol test.  Urine - all vitamins, minerals, amino acids (precursors to neurotransmitters).

Come register at
I post there like daily.
You'll learn alot there too.

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Great info. Really appreciate it. I am convinced my injury is from jelqing so I am doing the Blackmores, magnesium oil, and l-arginine along with Potaba. I hope I am not doing too much magnesium! In the above posts, there is an emphasis on the hormone imbalance, which I probably also have as it seems I am taking a ton of meds now. For those with trauma issues, what have both of you found as a good daily regiment? I want to get a strict program in place and do it and record the results. I don't think I will be able to do the hormone testing, but I am willing to get the necessary supplements. Thanks for the assistance as I have had this affliction for about 7 years and it weighs on my mind 24 hours a day...
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I have been doing a lot of research into this. I am convinced that for many of us here the problem is hormonal. But it's complex and maybe nobody fully understands it.

I know for me the problem is definitely much worse in cold weather. Also if I need to pee it happens. Many people suffer this to some extent but I and a lot of others here are affected by it to an abnormal degree.

I won't go into everything here it would take too long. But basically the problem is we have very limited blood flow to the flaccid penis and it shrinks excessively. Vasoconstricting agents in the body do this, such as epinephrine (adrenaline). Alpha blockers counteract this.

But I've also been reading about something called Endothelin which a powerful vasoconstrictor located in the bladder and penis. Supposedly nitric oxide acts against this.

The answer in my opinion is to find ways to improve blood flow. Magnesium has been mentioned. This may help as it supposedly acts like a calcium channel blocker to open up blood vessels. Hawthorn may do a similiar thing:

I'll post anything interesting I discover.

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Does anyone have any results to post? I have been doing the Potaba and Magnesium along with L-Arginine, but with no success. I am going to see my fifth urologist on Monday. I no longer feel embarrassed about telling them about the situation because I just want it fixed.
Avatar m tn
Okay- Just got back from my 6th Urologist and he found nothing wrong. Kept saying that he is in the business of making sure guys can get erections. He believes there is plaque on the core fibers and that is causing the hardness. He recommended 300mg of Vitamin E. Oh well, more dough down the drain. He did give me the name of another doc- so will give that a shot.
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Hello and good day all,

I have been looking at this thread for the past 6 months or so, as all of you i have pretty much the same problem. Same symptoms, same depression, same struggle everyday...

For me it all started about 6 months ago, when i went to the bathroom to (crap) my penis would shrink dramatically and become very hard and rigid, then it would pass in the next minutes. Gradually it became hard and small all the time, and my penis is often cold and glans (glands) is bluish color. There is not 1 minute, second i don't think about this because; i canno't sit anymore, i didn't sit on a chair or a sofa for over 3 months. If i sit my penis get so hard and so cold and i cannot have erections for days after and my penis just feel like dead, very depressive. Just to let you know i am young (under eighteen), because of this i cannot go to school anymore (can't sit on a chair all day long). I also can't work because the least muscular or cardio exercise i do make my penis shrink and go hard as a rock, and very cold.

Like all of you, i went to the doctor, they said i had nothing. Also humiliation because one of the doctor that checked me asked me if it was my real penis size and i told him no it was not because its extremely shrunk and hard. And he looked like he didn't beleive me. In the past 5 months i never had my normal penis back once. Its been so long that i almost don't remember how it was before when i had a relaxed, normal flaccid penis.

Anyways, i am gonna go to another urologist soon but i am not so positive about it because he checked me quickly at the hospital and said i had nothing, but i will pass test and scans...

Actually i take magnesium and it worked for like a month or two ("worked" means that i feeled a slight improvement, my penis does not get cold as much). But right now i have the impression that its not working as well as before.

Also i wanted to try other supplements and alpha blockers but i have no money to buy them and my mother don't have the money for it, she doesn't beleive me too much either. She assumes that if the doctor told me that i have nothing, its true.

If the urologists i will see soon give some results, be sure i will post it here because i know all the pain all you guys suffer like me everyday. By the way i am from Canada and the health care is free so there is no money limitation for me to see new doctors or to have scans, test etc.

I wish everyone good luck and will be coming back soon. bye.
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Hi every body, Sorry, my english is not good enough to explain my situation or to tell my story since the 29/07/1998, Yeah... I have to deal with it
since 1998, it's a daily nightmare. If some of you can speak French, It would be a pleasure to talk about it in MP or Email in a basic english or in french.

My story in French for those of you who can read this langage ::

Pendant l'été 1998, c'était le mercredi 29 juillet, Je suis allé au toilette, rien d'anormal jusque là, sauf que j'ai vu que ma peau etait devenuet plus sombre
en faite c'était un changement hormonal normale, étant de type latino, la peau de mon pénis devenait mature et donc devenait plus brune qu'avant.

Cependant, j'ai été pris d'une terrible angoisse , une peur qui vous fige (freeze) que ce changement de couleur était du à une maladie ou quelque chose que j'avais fait de mal.
Le choque à été très intense, j'ai presque failli m'écrouler à l'idée d'avoir une maladie au pénis, symbole de la virilité. Je pensais avoir fait quelque chose de mal à cause de mes multiples masturbations.

Le jeudi 30 juillet et le vendredi 31, je n'ai pas dormi de la nuit, je suis allé pisser dans le noir pour ne pas voir mon pénis car son changement de
couleur me faisais peur (changement de couleur qui était totalement normal mais à l'époque je ne le comprenais pas).

J'ai commencé à me retenir d'aller uriner de plus en plus et le 1er Août 1998 quand je suis aller aux toilettes, le pénis dont j'étais si fière, était devenu rigide, rétracté et de couleur bleuté.

J'ai fini aux urgences avec mon père qui se foutait de moi car ils pensait que les médecins ne me prendrait pas au sérieux..

arrivé à L'hôpital, le médecin a cru que j'avais pris de la cocaïne ou du speed vu la rigidité et la rétraction de mon pénis et mon père me fusillait du regard pour savoir si j’avais pris de la drogue.

Alors ne sachant plus quoi dire, ne plus quoi faire, j'ai dit que je ne savais plus uriner pour ne pas me faire gueuler dessus par mon père car je n'avais jamais pris de drogue.

Quelle erreur j’ai faite, Ils m'ont sondé la vessie, par le pénis pour vider ma vessie et mon drogué  sous une forte dose d’anxiolitique toute la nuit.

Après cela j’ai gardé cela pour moi et n’en n’ai jamais plus parlé avec la famille. Mes érections etaient normale, sauf que peu à peu, mois apres mois l’élasticité de mon pénis a diminué. Je n’ai plus eu d’aussi grosses érections qu’avant et c’est cet fièrtée perdu qui est le plus dur à endurer.

Avoir un petit pénis est une chôse que j’aurais admi s avec le temps si cela avait toujours été le cas. Mais perdre en largeur un pénis dont j’étais si fière ma ruiné ma vie privée et social..

J'ai consulté pendant les années 1998-1999, des spécialistes urologues, dermatologues, rien, rien, rien. C'était d'après eux tout dans ma tête, ou neurologique.

J'ai appris à vivre avec,  je sais que le stress déclenche la rétraction du pénis, mais ici le moindre conflit le fait aussi, la moindre colère, la moindre peur. J'ai perdu en élasticité, surtout en diamètre. Bien que mes érections soient toujours bonnes après 13 ans de calvaire (18 cm de longueur en érection, pour une circonférence de + ou -  16cm mais ca dépends de mes nerfs, j’ai parfois moins parfois plus et au repos (flaccid state) ) quand je suis détendu elle tourne autour de 11 cm et quand elle se rétracte 9 cm au repos (shrink state)

C'est très perturbant de voir que son pénis ne reviendra jamais à son diamètre d'origine.

Pour moi c'est une histoire de traumatisme emotionnel car il est impossible de séparer les fonctions psychologiques de niveau supérieures à la neuro-physiologie qui la sous-tende.

Cette peur que j'ai eu le 29 juillet et le 1 août ont probablement surchargé mes centres limbiques et le tronc cérébral ce qui se traduit par un déséquilibre systémique dans l'ensemble de l'organisme par des spasmes vasculaires des muscles lisses. D'ailleurs cette rigidité ne concerne pas que le pénis, elle concerne toute la région du périné, les cuisses, le bas du dos.

C'est systémique, le pénis n'est qu'une partie du symptôme.

Voilà Ca a commencé quand j'allais avoir 19 ans et aujourd'hui j'en n'ai 31 !

Je vis avec et essais de limiter au mieux tout type de stress, les médicaments ne marchent pas.
Sauf, les anxiolitiques, les beta blockants.

Les Alpha blockers ne sont que des béquilles qui provoquent chez moi directement une éjaculation rétrograde donc je ne les utilisent pas.

L'arginine ne donne pas plus de résultat.

Seul le calme, la sérénité détends le pénis. Et je suis comme vous tous :

- Perte d'élasticité
- veines sombres (spider veins)
- rigidité du pénis au repos
- et tout ce que vous savez déjà.

Good luck for all of you guys, Don't have a doubt about what you feel, your problem is REAL, the doctors just dont know and they don't give a... about it because a lot of guys would have a larger, bigger one. But our problem is not a bigger one, it's juste about recovering our initial normal state.

Sorry for my English, I don't pratice this langage enough.

Avatar m tn
Gentlemen -

I tried to keep this brief, but it turned out to be long. In an effort to keep it short, I am not mentioning specifics about my "hard flaccid" nightmare. Just let me say that I am 17 months into it, and I have experienced all of the same things you have. My heart goes out to each and every one of you because I know how difficult this is.

I have been watching this thread (and other threads) for 17 months. I decided I would not add any posts until I have solved the problem and come up with a cure. Unfortunately, I have not found a cure, despite extensive efforts. Like many of you, I have seen many urologists. I have undergone many tests and have tried a variety of "treatments," without success. But today I had an idea and thought I would share it with you. This is not a "medical idea" about some kind of treatment (I can share those with you another time). Rather, it is a proposed plan that we can put into action to try and find a cure.

Here's the background. Many of you have written about being frustrated by your doctors' indifference - which I have experienced first hand. At first I was resentful of the doctor(s), but then I realized that if the doctor knew what was going on and thought he or she could help, he or she would probably help. Because the doctor(s) have not been able to provide a cure, that must mean that 1) the doctors are most likely perplexed because this is an odd situation and they simply don't know what to do, 2) the doctor has probably tried their best and is unable to help, and 3) the doctor is unwilling to perform hours of research into the problem to try and find the cure, most likely because this is such a "rare" condition and the doctor figures they will probably never see this condition again (i.e., there is no money in it for the doctor, and they otherwise have no motivation to go the extra mile to help us). We can't change #1, #2 or #3 about our present doctors. But I think that if we band together, we can find a doctor where #3 won't be a problem.

I am hopeful that somewhere out there, there is a doctor or a facility that has the time, money, and motivation to tackle this problem. Sorry to use the lame comparison to a t.v. show, but I am thinking there is a "House" out there somewhere - we just haven't found them yet. This probably will not happen in private practice, as we are a "money loser" for any doctor who is trying to treat just one of us. But, consider an academic setting, such as medical school campuses (Johns Hopkins) - where doctors are actively performing research and who have medical students at their disposal. Or something like the world-famous Mayo Clinic, that boasts it has thousands of researchers. In addition, there are many urological journals out there, filled with the names and email addresses of doctors who are interested in performing research and publishing their findings, performing cutting edge medicine, etc. In researching this problem, I have spent many, many hours reading abstracts from medical journals, reading medical texts on-line, etc. The names and email addresses of these doctors are out there. But, if we approach the doctors individually, we are unlikely to get anywhere (as above, the doctors will not be motiviated, and may think it is just in our heads).

So here's my plan, which will require efforts by all of us. Step 1 is that we create a spreadsheet of our conditions. This would include our "code names" (i.e., absolutely no real names used), ages, duration of problem, any suspected trigger of the problem, current endocrinology findings (if any), tests performed, etc. We will have to come up with the spreadsheet categories, as a group. Then, the more of us that are willing to contribute to be included on the list, the better.

Step 2 is that we write an email/letter to be sent to the doctors. It will be much more detailed, but would be along the lines of:

Dear Dr. [X], I am writing to you on behalf of a large number of men who are all suffering from the same medical condition, as discussed in more detail below. Despite our individual efforts, we have been unable to find a cure for our problem. I have read your [book/article/etc.] and thought that you might be able to provide some help or some insight regarding this consition. It is my hope, and the hope of the men I am writing for, that you will consider our condition and will let us know if you are able to provide any assistance. We are willing to make appointments to see you and to perform necessary tests. If you are unable to help, it would be greatly appreciated if you could pass this on to your colleagues.

While there are some minor differences in our symptoms, we all suffer from a hypertonic penis in the flaccid state. This is commonly referred to as a "firm flaccid penis" or a "hard flaccid penis." The best way to describe it is that even during the flaccid state (i.e., no form of sexual stimulation whatsoever), our penises are abnormally firm. The condition does relax intermittently, such as during rest, or during urination, so we do not believe that there is a permanent thickening of the tunica or any other structures. Also, most of us do have normal erections, so we do not believe this is a typical Peyronies condition. Despite very brief periods where the penis "relaxes" and is in a normal flaccid state, the penis is almost always in the hypertonic or "hard flaccid" state. It is our belief that because the penis can occasionally relax, there must be a way to return it to its normal flaccid state. We do not know whether this condition is a blood flow issue, a nerve issue, an endocrinological response, a muscle spasm, or some other cause. For many of us, this hypertonic state brings with it pain (such as pain caused by a firm flaccid penis rubbing against clothing), excessive wrinkling of the skin, very pronounced veins which have become visible on the exterior of the shaft, and for some of us, the glans (glands) has become cold and light colored (and the glans (glands) does not fill during erection). Attached to this email is a PDF of a spreadsheet which shows more detail about the condition we are suffering from. In addition to the men listed on the attached PDF, a great number of other men are suffering. You can read more about the experiences of these other men on the following website blogs: [insert links]

Thank you in advance for taking the time to read this email If you believe you can help, we would very much love to hear from you. If you do not think you can help but you know someone who can, we would very much appreciate it if you could forward this email to them. We suspect that because of the similarity of our symptoms, there is a specific medical condition that we are all suffering from, but unfortunately we have not been able to find relief separately. We are hopeful that by providing the attached spreadsheet of data, and perhaps by examining some of us, the right doctor or doctors will be able to come up with some kind of diagnosis and cure. We belive that a cross-disciplinary approach will be needed (including urologists, endocrinologists, erectile physiologists, neurologists, and radiologists), and again we invite you to share this email with your colleagues.

Thank you once again for your consideration. You can email me at [insert email address] and I would also be happy to speak with you over the phone.

[end of sample letter]

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Had to break my last post into two parts... here's the rest.

This letter to the doctors is just a draft - we would have to revise the email before we send it out. I haven't even spell-checked it... just wrote it on the fly.

Step 3 would be for all of us to scour the internet and find email addresses of doctors we think could be of help. The names would come from abstracts, books, on-line research for urology departments, medical schools, research hospitals, etc. We would come up with a list/spreadsheet of all of these doctors.

Step 4 would be for me to email each of the doctors, and include the spreadsheet of our group. I would then follow up with the doctors, and report back to all of you.

Step 5 (hopefully) would be for some or all of us to go and be seen by the doctors who respond that they are willing to help.

That's it for now. Let me know what you all think. I am willing to share email addresses if anyone would like to start working on this. Peace to all of you. I know this is a horrific, unbelievable torture, which is made worse by the fact that we have to suffer in silence. Please let's all try to stay positive and hope that we can find some relief.   FYI I have posted this on another thread as well.
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Hi guys. I'm currently doing some PE exercises and I've got scared, really scared. I've been doing them for a month and a half and I've been getting good errections etc, but I'm thinking to decrease them to a minimum.
I'm really compassionate about all of you and I support your research. Couple of years ago, when I was feeling exhausted from a lot of mastrubation (5 times a day) I wasn't getting good errections and a doctor prescribed me some pils, that most of you won't be able to get (I live in Eastern Europe). Those pills have me extremely good erections ! I swear I just fel amazing. And they were a food suppliment, not something for temporary effect like cialis or viagra. Here's what they contained. I think you guys should try combining those in the same quantities, if may have a positive effect : 250mg L-Arginine, 50mg (10% extract) Yohimbe, Ginseng powder 150mg and 150mg Tribulus terrestris.
You should try it, it's all natural substances and maybe combine it with vitamin E, at least that's what my doctor said.
I REPEAT - I didn't have the same problem, but it helped me with my libido drop and improved blood circulation and erection quality.

Good luck to all you guys and please post results if you have improvement or not !
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- go to data and input all of your symptoms and information.
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- go to data and input all of your symptoms and information.
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Hey everybody, I'm really new to this, actually, this started happening yesterday afternoon. I will give all the details, and please people tell me what you think about my case and how I can help it. I am 19 years old.

I just recently moved to a new state and I came here on a 8 day road trip. During that time I came down with a urinary tract infection, once I got here, I immediately saw a doctor and received antibiotics. The infection was cured, but I had some leftover pain for several days. During this entire process I had not been able to have any sexual thoughts or really have an erection, so yesterday I tried masturbating to maybe "fix" the problem I was having and immediately took a hot bath, while I was in there I noticed my penis got quite hard but limp and flaccid at the same time, and my scrotum/testicles seemed to tighten and retract and everything became hard and quite cold for the remainder of the day and had lasted all yesterday until today and it's now been almost 24 hours. I haven't been sleeping well in weeks due to my UTI and have had a loss of appetite and I already have had SEVERE OCD since I was about 4 years old, I have a long standing history of anxiety attacks and mental breakdowns. I have not been myself and It's been like a living hell, and now since yesterday THIS started happening. I try going for walks but it makes my scrotum retract so badly and I feel the nerves in my thighs cramping up and my penis just stays "hard flaccid". I used to practice frequent masturbation(sometimes 3 times a day) for most of my youth up until the past month since I started this move to a new state, where I basically just stopped cold-turkey. While on antibiotics for my UTI, I had taken an anxiety medication called *Atarax, I'm not sure if it's an amphetamine, but it did not help anything, I had also taken Saw Palmetto on my road trip because at the time I was convinced I had prostatis, because I had not yet seen a doctor. Anyway, I have not been sleeping well, I have been losing my appetite for like a week now, constant anxiety. I need to know NOW if there is something I can do that can make it so I can survive because at the moment I am homeless and staying with a relative and I can't stay here much longer. I need to be able to work, but how can I function and support myself when I feel like s**t? I also experience my heart pounding hard and It seems like I get hot/overheated for no reason just sitting there doing nothing. I understand that some of this is psychological, but I HAVE to know if there is something I can with a doctor that can fix me up otherwise I don't know how I can live my life with something like this...Please help me
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you guys just keep mentioning the same crap.. its not that difficult









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I have read all your comments and basically have very similar, or exact, issues.  I have had a tuf few years, and experienced everything from extreme stress and anxiety from my job, to bad eating habits, to unprotected sex, to no exercise. Therefore, the reason for this issue could be many.  Instead of relisting my issues, I will do the opposite and rule out possible reasons for the case and why. 1/ Stress - may have been adding to the issue, but now left that job and have been 'relaxing' for past 4 months with no true additional benefit. So don't think stress/anxiety is the reason. 2/ Sex, no as I have taken the tests and antibiotics to rule this out. 3/Exercise/eating - jury still out here, as I just started a week ago to give up alcohol and sugary foods, etc... but no true benefit yet.
Here is atleast one thing it could be - YEAST INFECTION.  It may cause all the issues you guys mention from inflammation affecting the hard flaccid penis to depression to hemorrhoid related issues. Also, any drugs drs put you on would only make this worse. I am going to move forward with that approach as drs have been no help and see what it does. This will be a long approach because unlike the "yeast infections disappear within a week" claims of meds, this does not work if you have had yeast issues for many, many years. Also, to see if this is true for you, when you first get up in the morning spit twice in a glass of water, wait 15mins and see the formation, if it is stringy, spiderweb-like, you prob have a YI. Would love to hear your opinions.
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Had similar type of symptoms when I had taken herbal viagra but things seem to be somewhat fine now.
I also was doing penis stretching exercises at that time.
Problem started almost a year ago and I had been to andrologist who was not of any help but told me
that taking herbal viagra could have  caused the spasm of the smooth muscles.
He however told me that at the time when I went for checkup penis was relaxed as he could stretch the
facid penis.
The next time I went he told me that I was just waisting his time as he does not thing anything is wrong.
I did not make any post at this time since everyone mentions different symptoms and everyone have there own experiments with different medication and health supplements.
Lot of us have made MRI and various hormone and other test but have no expert review on it and make
there own conclusions.
This is not working.
Can we e-mail each other pictures of our problem to start with as just describing the symptoms in text itself if causing confusion.

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if stress, anxiety or physical exercise brings this on you may want to ask  your doctor about alpha blockers.  Alpha blockers allow the arteries to relax.  Good to get a full workup then make an informed decision.  Most docs will not listen to you so be adamant that under stress you have a brisk retraction.  Not good to use alpha blockers off and on, steady is better for the body if you have any proclivity towards labile hypertension - but work with a doctor.  If you research, Yohimbe has a side effect of sudden death, severe hypertension, etc, despite it's "natural" labeling...  Be careful what you read on these forums, this is a very sensitive subject and people will try anything.  Get a workup and get well.  

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my apologies, the above post was meant for the shrinkage under stress page.
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Sorry to be responding so late to all of this, over a year I know, but I just recently started having the very same symptoms as you had, everything down to the waking up in the middle of the night with my penis going numb. When I went to the ER for this the doctor told me I must have just hit or sat on a nerve behind my scrotum, despite that I had to told him for a fact that I had not done anything or had anything even so much as touch that area in a way that would've caused a pinch nerve. After that I went to the Urologist who didn't tell me anything and just collected some urine from me, never even called me about the results so im assuming nothing was wrong there. After that I went and saw an Internist, who luckily seems like he genuinely wants to help. He did a full physical and everything was completely normal except for some constipation and hemorrhoids (the hemroids being from a hernia surgery I had last summer from bad constipation back then, and have been having some troubles in that way ever since). He then told me I needed to get some blood tests just to make sure, I got tested for a bunch of different things including STDs and diabetes, all of which were normal, the only not normal blood tests were that my cholesterol and vitamin D levels are low, not sure if that has anything to do with it. However I experience the exact same symptoms as Vangaard and many of the other that have been described here. I know that I am well off date for this forum but I have been having this problem and this has been the most similar and helpful information I have found so far. Im almost 19 years old and am not currently having sex, but very likely soon will be with a girl I care alot about. If anyone has found any information on this it would be extremely helpful to me right now, thanks.
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My thoughts after seeing a doctor:

There is still a blood flow to the penis right? Both when it flaccid and if you get sexually existed (I am still getting spontaneous blood flows even if HF, sometimes when I come into contact with thoughts of that). However, it seems to me that this HF is due to the Tunica albuginea contracting or something. So it is not any Corpora Cavernosa that is out of order. Tunica albuginea, being the fibre tissue that binds the penis togheter.

And it feels contracted, like it has been damaged, over used, or got an inflammatory contraction going on, just like a muscle would do. I don’t know if this tissue actually can do that (contract). But that is how it feels. Like something holding a tight grip of it, even if I don't touch my penis, both when flaccid and when the bloodstream tries to fill my poor penis (a full-scale erection only happens with the morning wood, then it reaches about 60-90% in erect size else it’s just hard rubbery that does not get anywhere).

It might be an obvious observation... but doesn't that give the whole case a very easy resolution?

Get that tissue to relax!!!

How can that be rocket science??? Like it has turned out to be for some of us? While doctors say’s its normal???? (my experience).
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Ok wtf!, Sry for the confusion in my previous post, I had the latin wrong...

Tunica albuginea  means (penis)

What I meant to describe was the Fibrous tissue...

Now I shall go and hide somewhere...
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ik this is an old thread. But man is it what i was looking for. Everything you described, sounds like a poor circulation, or clotting problem right at the penile area. The one blood driven limb us men have.  lack of hormones can cause blood disorders clotting problems ect ect. Sounds more like this- The poor circulation could be from damaged viens. Like when you stand and have poor circulation in your legs, the viens are damaged, start popping out ect. normally found in heart patients. Cant remember what thats called. Im 18 years old, and i have alot of what you guys have posted, except not that extreme. One day, i was checking my shaft when it was slightly hard for no reason in the shower, felt like there was a hard small bump like a clot was there. I have viens that pop out, really normal so i was checking to see if things were alright cause i was experiencing the left side shaft to anal pain. Just reall sharp pain. Discovered that bump and i thought cancer??? No it couldnt be.  penis stays erect for a good 15 minutes after sex. After Ejaculation it immediatly drops. Shaft color is tinted green on the bottom (viens), head is deep purple when erect. The colder the more excited things get. (also colder weather can also help thicken blood)
i might have a small problem, compared to yours. You could look at me and say healthy. but i say this would help alot of men out with some things, and would make more aware to this problem. Might you suggest that i try omega 3 before any Big problems develope?
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