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Enlarged Penis Vein
For 2 weeks now one of my Penis veins on side of shaft seems very enlarged, this is coupled with a few more symptions, My penis head seems very very hard and enlarged bigger than usual when errect almost as though too much blood is coming into it, This has resulted in my foreskin seeming very tight,   There is some pain present when errect only and to *** is painful each time the penis contracts,  It can have the same feeling when errect and tensing penis muscles, My penis does bend slightly to the left and has possibly been bending slightly more when semi hard although fully errect it is straight up,   This has been going on for about 3 weeks now and form memory didnt follow any hard sex,  I have looked at Lymphangiosclerosis and Peyronies but it doesnt seem to really fit either fully. any advise
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