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Excess Pre ejaculate & Erection Problem
I am a 30 year old guy and I have been masturbating since last 15 years. I can easily get hard erection while masturbating on my own. I have a girl friend since last 3 months and we plan to marry in near future. Since I have been talking to her, I am experiencing that too much of pre ejaculate is being released by my penis. Its so much in quantity. Whenever I am with her or I touch her I start releasing pre ejaculate. I have been with her 2 times and we have tried to do some sex. But both the times i have experienced lots of pre ejaculate but no erection. We have been nude and carassing and having oral sex but still I had no erection except for the pre ejaculate. I had so much desire to get that hard erection which I get while masturbating but I felt totally exhausted with this excess release of pre ejaculate and was not able to achieve erection. I was fully aroused but without erection. My girl friend even tried to make me masturbate but in that too it only partial erected and I had to use my hand to masturbate with partial erection. I have been seeing porn occassionally. Also I have experienced that whenever I talk to any girl for some time I start releasing pre ejaculate but I do not get erection. Please let me know if anyone of you knows the solution for this and help me out.
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