Fishy smell from Penis
by DominatorPilot, Jul 12, 2007
I have noticed a foul fishy odor coming from my penis. This usually occurs after I mastrubate. I was wondering if there is something wrong. I think maybe it's due to dehydartion just not sure. I don't have the fishy smell after sex only after mastrubation.
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by savemypenis, Dec 31, 2007
oh my god dude I have exactly the same thing and I've been suffering with it for 8 years, I also noticed that even if i wash my penis after masturbation some sperm still comes out later and sits and turns into this fishy smell and totally covers the head of my penis with nasty tiny red dots that hurt like hell when you touch or put soap on, they feel like little cuts, and then it goes away after like 3 days. I don't get these symptoms if i have sex and I've been doing so much research and just can't seem to find an answer to this.
by Turk63, Dec 31, 2007
go to the doctor dude. it could possibly be a std
by nicorette, Jan 01, 2008
Go to the doctor,ASAP!!!!
by Mediman, May 12, 2009
Yeo I wouldn't worry bout it unless there are other symptoms it happens to lotsa for the other dude I am about 80% sure u have an STD red dots pain full to touch
by szorro, May 16, 2009
I have the same problem.  I smell the day after masturbating. The day after masturbation I have fishy smell and it does fill up the room as people will be like what's that smell.  Does anyone has cure for this.  I have gone to the doctor and both times he has said it is natural odor and shouldn't be worried.  So I'm changing my doctor.. but could anybody has any idea what this could be.. or somebody who had this issue fixed...
by JamesDeanJr, May 30, 2009
I have the "tuna" smell myself. I have had it for a few months and find it odd because I have only been with my wife and never had problems. But I started wondering because we have been having problems and are now getting divorced. I am going to the doctor just in case. Ive stopped eating yeast products and masturbating, I also wash myself insaciously and still cant get rid of the odor. We'll see if It clears up.
by smello, Jul 28, 2009
I'm sorry everyone, but I am laughing a little bit at the irony in all of this.

The smell everyone is referring to is TESTOSTERONE. After a particularly vigorous "romp" large amounts of testosterone are released into the body and then breaks down shortly after, giving the "manly smell". In some people it's "fishy" in others it's "musky". It depends on the person's own chemistry (and the person smelling it as well).

This is also the smell you get in the Gym, not because people are dirty or lack hygiene, but because they are EXERTING THEMSELVES physically. Exertion, fright, sex, etc... are all triggers which release various survival hormones into the body.

It's simply nature at work.

I laugh because our society is so brainwashed by feminism and a life of ease that the natural smell of a man is taken as a sign that something is wrong.

"The smell of testosterone in the air" and the "smell of fear" are not cute sayings, they are real smells triggered by a release of hormones and used to aid the survival mechanism.

Women are supposed to LIKE the smell of the male pheromones, and if your wife or girlfriend doesn't, its probably because they have too many male hormones of their own! (People who's bodies are saturated by certain chemicals cannot stand the smell of those chemicals, it's a biological process to make sure we don't overdose.)

I get the smell also, and so does everyone to varying degrees, its just that no one talks about it so you all think it's an STD. It's not. I promise.

Go smell a bull Elk. Human's are supposed to smell similar, no matter what AXE body spray commercials would have you believe!

(Source: Graduate student in Biochemistry and all-round smelly guy)

by harv2009, Jul 31, 2009
This would seem to make sense. It is a while before i do masterbate seems like a week or 2 before i masterbate since I dont have sex every week.....The smell is still a little worry sum. I have tried to wash it away and get rid of it. Why does it saty around for days after.....After i have sex the smell is gone....I thought it was cuz i urinated after masterbating....This is actually good news.....will try to do experment....see how many days it takes before the smell come in...1 day 2 days or 3 days no sex then masterbate then see if smells is there. Thanks so much smello